JVR Out With Broken Foot

Awful news for the Flyers.

Here's the statement from Paul Holmgren: "Van Riemsdyk has a broken bone in his left foot and will not return. He will see Dr. Raikin tomorrow for further evaluation."


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  1. What a mole face pussy who is a bust. He should have with that alien E Turner

  2. @Bart, stop it.
    @3 Finger, need I remind you of a few things, JVR has (insert dumb stat here) and he also did (insert stupid thing here).
    Bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla.
    And, Bryz doesn’t suck, and (insert really stupid comment here).

  3. Much like Jeff Carter a few years ago, the “organ-I-zation” will rush him back from the injury. They will play him regular minutes in the playoffs, despite not being 100%. He will be a defensive liability, and that will cost us a series.
    Same story for 37 years….

  4. He sucks anyway. What a big pussy. Can’t take a puck to the foot? Should have dealt him and is terrible contract for a 3rd round pick in 2015.

  5. Seriously… Should’ve traded this dude. Ed Snider is a cheap skate. Why not trade for Nash, Webber, and Suter. Those three would’ve put the flyers over the top. JVR for Nash is what I would’ve offered. Then throw a package of Carle, Sestito, Voracheck and either Rinaldo or Shelley for Webber and Suter. They would have taken that. Some young guys, a d-man and a good fighter.
    All of a sudden, since Snider sunk money into that xfinity bar, he is cheap. He needs to buck up a get back to the 90s when he would buy players.

  6. The game has passed that pussy Eddie Snider. All he cares about his getting his beak wet in $$ making projects like xfinity live & hanging with that tool Pete the crab.

  7. Barry Melrose’s Hair…you’re an idiot. They were asking for the farm for all of those guys. You obviously are out of touch with realitiy and should go back to dying yourself over and over again.

  8. Only that mole face killa showed up was the 2011 playoffs. Why couldn’t we get Kane that year. Fucking lottery

  9. Good Points by Barry above. Snider has gotten extremely cheap over the last few years. Which is amazing b/c my season tickets go up every year. They have to be towards the bottom of the league now in spending

  10. I am appalled that no one is on here talkng about the lack of player safety out there. The equipment is not up to snuff. I was at tonight’s game and could not believe that they allow players to skate on hard ice without helmets during warmups. I am writing a letter to upper management about this

  11. Why are they not calling this a lower body injury? Now everyone will be going after his week feet when he returns. Disgraceful!

  12. Can’t take a puck to the foot? Are you kidding me? I want to put in words how stupid that sounded, but I can’t so I typed this instead.

  13. Thanks for the support everyone..smh. Typical Philly fans…love ya one day, hate ya the next. Don’t worry I’ll be back for the playoffs and when I return and play like I played in the playoffs last year, you are more then welcome to hop back on my dick.

  14. What a bust. A little run in the playoffs doesn’t cancel out the search warrant needed during the regular season. He is far behind (point wise) the dudes who were drafted in deeper rounds in 07…Couture, Benn.

  15. JVR has no hurt to suceed in this game. I’m sure if he ever gets traded he will blame the media, kyle, Lavy & the fans

  16. Why Bart?
    JVR’s first blocked shot of his career. Nice work dude maybe next time you can lay down with your back to the shooter…
    Better show up for the playoffs or hes going to be gone this off season…
    @Barry Melrose…I think they should have offered Jody Shelley and Rinaldo for Nash I mean CBJ would be stupid not to do that. Shelley and Rinaldo probably have so many more goals then Nash…
    dumber…and dumber every day I swear…

  17. I love how these testosterone fueled keyboard all-stars, most of whom probably have never done anything even remotely athletic in their pathetic lives have the nerve to denigrate real life athletes when they get hurt. Let’s see how you losers would react after taking a rock hard puck off your feet from a blistering slap shot, I suspect you’d scream like little girls.

  18. I’m pretty sure the first 25 comments on here were all from the same person. And yet they say Chirp and myself have nothing better to do.
    And “J.T.”… stop sullying the name. Prick.

  19. @ThePhillyFlash- bunch of keyboard sh*t talking gangsters on here brother.

  20. Out of Whack Jacks: Obviously. That’s why this site is so much damn goofy fun.

  21. thephillyflash- eat a dick ..you had to be that guy and address that you more intelligent then all of us and we know nothing about sports and were all nerds. go take your preaching ass down to nationals park and be with all of those fags who think there shit dont stink for some reason.

  22. Your rolling into 5 million dollars and you still have a cat turd on your face JVR…wtf.

  23. All you guys ripping JVR are all LOSERS. You are all Kyle’s buddies that give him his hits on the site. You all drooled over him up until Kyle told you all JVR has a Vagina and lost his balls. LOSERS like you are the reason this city gets TRASHED by ME and the rest of the National Media. Some of you FRAUDS crack me up, you are the true meaning of FRONT RUNNERS, the poster boys of BANDWAGON.
    In other news, Here’s the statement from Paul Holmgren: “Van Riemsdyk has a broken bone on his LOWER BODY and will not return. He will see Dr. Raikin tomorrow for further evaluation.”

  24. moak: My, my! Sounds like I touched a nerve! I never said I was more intelligent than anyone here, never said that anyone else knows less about sports than me, nor was I preaching either. If you got so worked up over what I said, then I must’ve gotten closer to an uncomfortable truth than I realized. Heh!

  25. 1. There is a cap..if Abuser were cheap there would be more cap salve and perhaps he would have been able to go after more..like Mash, etc
    2. CBJ traded Voracek for the Flyers. Why would they want him back so soon?
    3. Why would the Flyers want to send Voracek back so soon? He’s been a consistent team player this year.
    4. Why would any team accept a trade with Shelley? He plays 8 minutrs every 10 games.

  26. @JVR’s MOLE
    You are 100% right, they will be right back on his jock when he’s taking games over AGAIN.
    They all do it with the Sixers this year, then Bloggers act like they’ve been playing “1,2,3,4,5,SIXERS” since they were 3 years old. And they all are gonna do the same thing with the Eagles this year when we are headed to the SuperBowl…..they hopped on that wagon too fast last year before giving them time to gel, if they had a CLUE about Sports, you don’t win Championships overnight, you gotta give the team time to make it all work (ESPECIALLY the Eagles last year)……I GUARANTEE Kyle is all over Big Red’s (and Juan Castillo’s) JOCK next year when they run away with the NFC East and get to the SB……they will pad their comments so as if they had the confidence all along. But Snider and Holmgren are the man, because we have 2 Cups…..the guys that hopped on the ’09 WAGON probably just learned that we won 2 Cups in the Mid 70’s.
    They are ALL THE SAME, they TRASH each Organization when they struggle but when shit’s going good, they talk about “all the times the stuck with them no matter what”……and start justifying their LIES.
    Don’t get me wrong, this is a GREAT Sports City AND MOST do know WTF they are talking about, usually they are the ones that are not justifying their BULLSHIT on blogs and such, they don’t have to do that…..so when you see all these MORONS/DOPES/NITWITS ripping players because they don’t have their OWN OPINION, they just follow Writers and Bloggers, ride their dicks and whatever their Opinion is…..is what they roll with, because they do not know WTF they’re talking about.

  27. But you have to think about it too….if you need website traffic and cannot create good content, you can just start getting more traffic by talking shit about our players.

  28. “Let’s see how you losers would react after taking a rock hard puck off your feet from a blistering slap shot, I suspect you’d scream like little girls.”
    @Flash…I am a goalie…just saying.
    @JT they just hate because they know were right and well they can’t comprehend more then 1-2 lines so they start to get a headache…

  29. Martin, It is Edward. At what point are the equipment makers going to supply these players will protective gear to prevent this from happening. These players don’t even wear neck guards

  30. Anyone else on here notice that Chirp is the first to defend the Russian goaltender but when a player gets hurt for protecting his goalie, he bashes the guy. And Chirp, if we took a straw vote on this site, you would be banished, it would basically be unanimous

  31. JVR is a pussy. I’d take a bullet in the chest and still play hockey. He got hit with a soft object in his toe and now he’s got a broken foot. What a bitch.

  32. @Rob, I have no issue with a guy throwing his body on the line to help a goalie out…my issue is that JVR is not known to be a shot blocker (and your “supposed” top players are not supposed to be blocking shots) so when he does make an attempt to do it he should know better then to lay down the way he did…thats common sense hockey…if you played you would know that, even being a 3rd string goalie you should know that because you have the best angle of the game from the stands.
    I just dont really care for JVR. I think we signed him too soon and gave him too much. He had one good playoff run so far…
    rob house the 3rd string goalie…I did not realize that this site was part of the survivor game show…go back to moms basement now and be quiet…

  33. Really your using my joke now about mom’s basement. Chirp, stick to watching the highlights.
    You say best players don’t block shots, yet Chris Pronger did it all the time. YOU DO NOT KNOW THE GAME!
    Not sure what you mean by 3rd string. I started
    Who are you?

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