Charlie Manuel Doesn’t Sound Confident About Chase Utley’s Injury

Chase Utley
Alright, enough is enough already.

We've spoken at length about the injury situations of both Ryan Howard and Chase Utley. The only person that seems to be using any reason and logic about the situation is J-Roll™, who made it clear he is not very optimistic about either this season. What about the skipper? Yesterday, Charlie Manuel seemed confident that Utley would be on the field soon. “I’d say it’s coming up pretty soon. It’s going to be a few days yet, but then he’ll start pushing his workouts up.”

Things change a lot around here. The only thing that changes more is Dwight Howard's decision on whether or not he wants to stay in Orlando.

That was yesterday, this is today. [CSN Philly]

“His problem is not going away. More than likely, it might never go away."

“I’m concerned with Chase. I’m always concerned with Chase. Once we get him to where we want him to be he can play. But I don’t know when that’s going to be. I want him to be a real good percentage. Will he ever be 100 percent? I don’t know.”


Just tell us what's up. This is getting a bit ridiculous already.

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15 Responses

  1. Dude… they are telling you. They are telling you in cryptic, read between the lines, speak that Utley is FUCKIN SCREWED.

  2. Does anybody really care about this overpaid loser? He’s past his prime, injury prone and a malcontent. Get rid of him.

  3. Chase has been down for the last 3 years. If he were black, the fans would be all over him instead of treating him like the golden boy.
    -Chirp’s been quiet lately

  4. Oh, for God’s sake. Is this a race thing? Here we go, let someone replace both the white guy and the black guy at the same time. Mayberry’s been okay at first base and Galvis is showing some promise at second base, so can we just PLEASE get a simple straight answer?
    Jesus, at least with Howard’s injury, the fans can come up with their own (with admittedly varying degrees of educated) guesses as to when he’ll be back.
    Utley’s surrounded with so much mystery the Catholic Church might as well serve him up along with the Eucharist Host.
    At least Howard’s giving us some degree of honesty, or allowing Rollins to do so.

  5. I’ve been saying this since the end of last season. This team is too old. The offense is going to struggle and without Howard until possibly June, it’s gonna get ugly. Utley had an entire offseason to get his knee stronger, and it’s still not there. This team is getting a pass. They’re in trouble and everyone is scared to admit it.

  6. Ken, I guess you don’t know that whites are clearly better at baseball, and more intelligent, than blacks. There. Good enough for you? There’s a fuckin’ race card for ya.

  7. Shouldn’t we stop referring to it as an “injury?” Isn’t an injury temporary? It is something that heals. This is something that just is.

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