Charlie Manuel is Already Pissed Off at the Offense and Juan Pierre

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After Ruben Amaro and Charlie Manuel talked a big game last October about the Phillies lineup having a better approach – more patience – in 2012, the early returns – very early, with, like, half a lineup – have not been much different than what we became accustomed to late last season. Again, spring training, but Charlie doesn't seem to care. Here's what he told reporters after a 1-0 loss and a 4-4 tie this weekend: [CSN Philly

“We’re still looking at some of these guys… We want to see what some of them can do. Even the ones we had high interest in. This ain’t no 'gimme' BS. When we talk about winning, we want to put the best team possible on the field. Play good defense and execute for our pitching staff so when we get in one-run games we can win them."

“You’ve got to show you can play baseball the right way.”


Perhaps he's talking about the once-pesky Juan Pierre…

When Manuel spoke with jolly Scott Palmer and, he was a bit more specific in his criticism:

"When we got guys, our bench players, our small guys. They’re utility players. When we put them up in a big league game in a situation where they got to bunt the runner in scoring position, or move him over from first to second, second to third, settin’ games up for us, especially ones where we’re a run down in the latter part of the game, or tied, those are big. And that’s how you play the game. And you know what, Palm, I’ll be straight up honest with you, we definitely need to work on our bunting. I’m not going to accept like guys who supposedly definitely know how to bunt, you know like not being able to do that. That’s a big fundamental."


Yep, he’s talking about Juan Pierre (and others). Pierre has struggled this spring and couldn't get a sac bunt down yesterday.

Charlie's early frustration is nothing new, though. As beatless reporter David Murphy points out, there’s a day every spring when Charlie gets mad at the offense. So this is the norm. But now, with Chase Utley and Ryan Howard out, Charlie’s just looking for a decent bunt. My how far we’ve come.

Video of Manuel speaking with is after the jump.


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16 Responses

  1. Spoiled with the long ball for so long. It’s about time we started thinking of playing small ball with an aging roster.

  2. If the phils start slow or underperform the first few months I wouldnt be suprrised to see Charlie replaced with Ryno

  3. Maybe I’m alone here, but I’m not concerned. Let’s wait for the season to start and play the games that count before we get our panties in a bunch over the offense or start calling for Charlie’s head.

  4. Two weeks into Spring Training and people are already predicting Charlie Manuel’s firing? You must be the types that can never enjoy a sports season because you’re constantly waiting for the ball to drop. It’s amazing how some Philadelphia sports fans want their own players to fail so they can say, “I told you so.”

  5. @Todd
    I don’t know that anyone said they “wanted” him fired.
    He will be, however, if they don’t win (or at least MAKE IT TO) the Series again.

  6. Wow, are you people serious, fire Charlie? Lets not get confused people, its baseball season not football season, don’t get your Philly coaches mixed up. Oh, and it’s still SPRING TRAINING people, you know, to train for the REAL season, lol. Lets be calm and see what happens after opening day.

  7. how about we trade for someone that can actually hit the ball and is not named hunter pence. utley career is all but over, i mean come on, chronic knee tendinitis is not good for any athlete no matter the sport, howard will not be 100% at any point in this season. we all know the path jimmy is going on in his career. polly is one more year older than last year and always gets hurt, meaning hes gonna have another down year. even worse than last year. you can only get so much out of chooch in that 8th spot. good for him if he bats .280 but that does us no good when no one is on base and the pitcher spot is up. victorino should lead off. hunter pence should bat 4th. after that the lineup could easily go any way. they’re gonna bat ultey third, although he’s gotta be one of the worst 3 hole hitters in the game at this time. time for mayberry to really break out and dom brown needs to live up to his expectations this season. OR ELSE MAKE A TRADE FOR SOMEONE THAT ISN’T A LANCE NIX OR A TY WIGGINGTON. SOMEONE THAT YOU CAN RELY ON. this is going to be the boringist team in baseball. hopefully doc cliff and hamels pitch EVEN better this year and steal us some games. but this offense has no star beyond pence, this offense that once had the most firepower in all of baseball is now one of the worst. as a phillies fan, i saw you try and trade utley and start galvis. some people need to realize that utley is as valuable as donovan mcnabb right now. get rid of all that salary he eats if you can. otherwise tell him to come back to the team in august so he can start getting ab’s for the postseason, if we are fortunate enough to make it.
    im sorry for hating, but someone needs to point out how bad this offense is going to be. as you saw in game 5, you can have the best pitcher in the game going, but thats not an advantage when your offense gets 3 hits. awful awful awful.

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