Clean Or Not? Niklas Kronwall’s Hit On Jakub Voracek

Kronwall Hit On Voracek
The hit was devastating.

Niklas Kronwall caught Jakub Voracek with his head down. The scariest part was when Voracek was on the ice and his arms were raised. He had an involuntary response, very similar to what we've seen with other major collisions before when people are knocked out.

Scary stuff.

On a positive note, Howard Eskin reported that Voracek does not have a concussion, but will tested again on Wednesday.

Clean or dirty hit? What do you say? Leave your thoughts in the comments below. Video is after the jump.



97 Responses

  1. I also think the hit was clean, but I think it’s unacceptable that nobody on the Red Wings had to answer for the hit. Hope Voracek is back in the line up soon. He has been playing very well lately.

  2. “CLEARLY A SHOT TO THE HEAD” …legal u say? Nice you fucking morons (3rd world posse, small dick dumbass from cincy) go watch another sport you clearly do not understand hockey……
    Seriously let me fucking truck stick you two faggs and let me know how it feels, if its legal or not….
    fucking dandelions!

  3. No doubt he was put to sleep.
    #1 rule in hockey is to keep your head up & on a swivel

  4. I have to disagree with it being a clean hit. Time and again you hear shanahan’s reason for suspending players by the infamous phrases, “principal point of contact” and “defenseless player”. Both of which are true wuth the hit. He also did not let up one bit and extended his arm to worsen the blow. I am also in shock that no one stepped up and took a run at any of their guys.

  5. @aaron…take the homer goggles off.
    Clean hit, but players needed to jump to his defense, schenn did but was a little too late. Long shift for the guys know they were tired.
    HOWEVER this is the type of hit that the league is trying to get rid of. There was no intent to really play the puck, the intent was to hit from the get go and that is what Shannahan and the league want to stop. You have to have respect for a player and know when hes vulnerable. Voracek had no shot at avoiding the hit or seeing it coming. It was a blind side hit. So could go either way. Hit was to the chest though no head contact.
    Lots of missed calls tonight against the wings. Some very questionable ones against Flyers (Hartnells roughing?)

  6. okay watching the replay again it does look like shoulder to helmet…but voracek had his head down…could go either way…doubt there is any suspension…never is when its a Flyer player…

  7. Fuck that. Big hit, but he targeted Voracek up high. Didn’t have to lead with the shoulder. Sure his head was down, but fuck. Rinaldo should shoot him.

  8. Clean hit but a dangerous hit. I don’t want to see the NHL get soft like the NFL but those are the types of hits that the league needs to be tough on. Jake needs to keep his head up and the team needs to send a message, but I think he went a little out of his way to make that hit, may have crossed the line of respecting other players. When the head is down like that, there is no way to avoid head contact… Tough call but a clean hit.

  9. Wow – Shocking how ignorant some of you are about the basic rules of hockey.
    “Rule 48 – Illegal Check to the Head
    48.1 Illegal Check to the Head – A hit resulting in contact with an opponent’s head where the head is targeted and the principal point of contact is not permitted.”
    Vorcek should of had his head up, but clearly this was an illegal hit. You all are fucking idiots.

  10. Here is the biggest issue that I don’t see anyone talking about, the equipment that these players wear is subpar at best. Voracek does not have shoulder pads big enough to protect him from a hit like this and the biggest fault is that he does not have a chin guard on his helmet to protect him from a shot to the jaw. Also, the helmet clearly is made of cheap plastic as it could not protect him from that hard ice. I will be writing a letter to the league office tonight

  11. Dude Chirp is the stupidest person alive: “watching the replay again it does look like shoulder to helmet” You really didn’t catch that the first 87 times?

  12. It was a “clean hit” meaning he didn’t leave his feet or run the guy but “dirty” in that the principal point of contact (as Robot Shanahan would say) was the head. That’s the shit that has to stop.
    I was amazed he skated off and am blown away that he (apparently) doesn’t have a concussion.

  13. It’s a dirty hit just like the Devils’ scumbag Scott Stevens used to do… take advantage of a defenseless player aiming for the head without any attempt to play the puck. If it was his first time doing it, I’d chalk it up to bad timing but Kromwell looks to injure someone in every game. Shanahan needs to suspend him but probably won’t because he plays for Hockeytown USA… If it was someone on our team, guaranteed suspension.

  14. I think its jakes own fault he got checked, but if there was nothing dirty about the hit, why does he need stitches in several parts of his mouth? Seems to me an elbow to face maybe?

  15. Someone please explain why a head shot in hockey is ok but if a pitcher throws a batter’s head they get tossed and suspended. Or if defensive player puts a helmet to helmet hit on a defenseless receiver or the QB they get fined and suspended.

  16. @aaron. first off, i am a big flyers fan.
    tell me the difference between this hit and campbells hit on umberger few years ago and schenns hit on the dude from the bruins a few weeks ago?
    you keep your skates on the ice and your elbow down and you lay into someone. textbook hit.
    what sucks is vorachek has his head down and also slouched down. so in the new nhl i guess it does fall under a headshot.
    im not from cincy, i just have a big dick and if you want i can “truck stick” your mother with it.

  17. I wouldn’t call it a dirty hit but it was illegal by the “principal point of contact” definition. Add the fact that he didn’t try to play the puck and I could see him getting couple games. No more though since Shanny still thinks he’s a Red Wing.
    As far as Voracek’s head being down, it’s nothing like the Lindros situation. Gathering the puck and stickhandling with you head down are totally different situations.
    Not sure why everyone on this site needs to get a big dick about post they make, but its getting pretty old. I stopped reading ESPN comments because of the same shit. I though for some reason maybe people on a small blog would be more intelligent. I guess I was wrong.

  18. Really? Forwards have got to keep their heads up. Not going to be a suspension. Kronwall had no place to go. Did not “lead” with the shoulder the head was just down. I disagree with bigger equipment. That gives guys a false sense of security. It’s a game with fights and big hits and if it gets soft might as well give the guys pumps, purses and have them skating in skirts. Boys lets watch some old school hockey. When a guy takes a run at you it’s time to get your stick up and protect yourself. If a guy is spitting chicklets then maybe he won’t run at you again or at least he’ll think twice about it. Not a bad hit. It’s part of hockey. Let’s get a bit tougher boys and play some hockey. Nothing against finesse type play but keep the game “hockey” not figure skating. Kronwall hits guys plain and simple. Not a dirty player and it’s his MO. Team mates need to be giving out some shouts when he’s on the ice.

  19. If you watch the replay Kronwall actually turns away from the hit, so he will probably avoid a suspension.

  20. Derek, I’m going to assume you’ve never played hockey. If you did, you’d never suggest that taking out dirty hits makes the game soft. It’s not the hits that make it the most difficult game out there, its the constant battling, skating, taking a minute break, and doing it all over again.
    I’m tired of people referring to the 70’s as old school hockey and comparing it to today’s game. I’ve never seen hit like that in the Bullies era. And before that, the Original Six era was way more about skill than big hits. If you want to see your definition of real hockey, go watch slapshot and keep your ignorant, neanderthal comments to yourself.

  21. Edward Murphy, give up the dam equipment preaching already. I’d rather watch Meet Dave than listen to your rants anymore. Go back to working at McDowell’s already.

  22. Undoubtedly there will be fans calling for a suspension. It’s certainly possible as it can be seen during the replay that Kronwall did make contact with the head, but the argument could also be made that if Voracek keeps his head up, Kronwall would’ve made contact with the body.

  23. Wow. Played all my life. You must be a pro and an obvious fan. Think you need to re-watch some of the old games and then respond or maybe ask your wife to hang your purse up for you and tuck you in. My goodness. It’s part of hockey. I never want to see anyone hurt……EVER but this hit is part of the game and has always been whether your in denial or not. It’s a cleaner game now than it ever has been due to all the scrutiny and review after review. If you watched old school games at the rink you would have seen more of it. They didn’t make a huge deal out of it back then like they do now, if so don’t you think they would have had a Shannahan earlier. You want them to put boxing gloves on to fight too? Go hug a tree and leave hockey to the men. Good grief!

  24. Zachariah, Kronwall turns like that in a majority of his hits. I don’t think it was an attempt to avoid contact but just how he does it. Then again, Shanahan will be looking for any excuse to give him a free pass.

  25. Tired of everyone saying no one on the Flyers responded. Rinaldo tried to respond on his next shift but he got 2 minutes for unsportsmanlike conduct. Not gonna lie, the refs were calling everything on the Flyers tonight and very little on the Red Wings.
    The hit will be looked at by the league because the principle point of contact is Voracek’s head. But Kronwall has a reputation for being on the cleanest hitters in the league. With Voracek’s head being down and him almost reaching for the puck, Kronwall may get a warning. But most likely nothing will happen. It’s a clean hit.

  26. Completely clean hit, IMHO. Here’s the text of Rule 48.1:
    48.1 Illegal Check to the Head – A hit resulting in contact with an opponent’s head where the head is targeted and the principal point of contact is not permitted. However, in determining whether such a hit should have been permitted, the circumstances of the hit, including whether the opponent put himself in a vulnerable position immediately prior to or simultaneously with the hit or the head contact on an otherwise legal body check was avoidable, can be considered.
    1. Did Kronwall’s hit result in contact with Voracek’s head? Yes.
    2. Was the head targeted? No.
    3. Was the head the principal point of contact? Yes.
    4. Did Voracek put himself in a vulnerable position immediately prior to the hit? Yes.
    5. Was the contact with Voracek’s head avoidable? No. Voracek basically put his head down (unintentionally) and head-butted Kronwall. Kronwall came straight at him, stayed low, and didn’t jump into Voracek’s head. He didn’t clip Voracek’s head, either.

  27. Mr. Hall, I guess you won’t understand my point until someone dies on the ice. I am very concerned for the safety of these players and I am having a tough time watching this game anymore when their lives are in danger day in and day out

  28. More hits like this should be allowed. It’s saddening to see that once it happens everybody is up in arms out about suspensions and fines. I’m sorry but the only reason we have to read “clean or not?” is because it’s a bullshit, politically-correct-fine-everybody-suspend-anyone-sue-him-sue-her type world that’s gotten out of control. We should see hits like this more often, and if we did then no one would disagree about this hit. Only good thing about Shanahan’s job is that it’s a job.

  29. Clean hit. I was there and i thought he got elbow up but looking again I dont think he did. Im fine with no one on the ice coming in and jumping Kronwall because the guys on the ice were out there for a solid 2 minutes. Rinaldo goes out next shift and pulls stupid shit before the faceoff and gets canned. He’s gotta be smarter than that.

  30. The refs were very one way tonight, but that will always happen when you play the Wings. They are very disciplined and they dont have any trouble makers on their team. Im not saying its right but when Shelley, and Rinaldo get on the ice refs are going through their shit with a fined tooth comb, and if they breathe on someone wrong they are getting canned. Thats just the rep they have gotten.

  31. all i want to convey is that i feel like a flyer would be suspended for this hit on a red wing. on the other hand maybe voracek/zherdev 2.0 will learn to pass the fucking puck, instead of his constant need to figure skate.

  32. Is there a bigger pussy on the team than Voracek? Get up off the ice and get back in that game.

  33. No doubt in my mind that if that was an orange jersey hitting a white jersey the suspension announcement would be coming in the next couple of hours. Sure Voracek needs to keep his head up but come on, this a hit the league is trying to do away with, there is no reason for it. You clearly see the player is in a vulnerable position. You can make that play without that crushing hit. This is a hit that shows players not respecting the health and well being of other players. Clean or dirty is irrelevant there is no need for this type of hit in the game anymore, not with all the knowledge we have with brain injuries and head trauma.
    @Derek – I like big hits just as much as the next guy but the reason they didn’t make a big deal of it back then is because they didn’t have the knowledge about the brain and the long term effects these hits can leave. I’m sure these players want to live relatively normal healthy lives when they can no longer play and these hits take a toll. You can still deliver big hits but when players know they are coming and can brace themselves it can make all the difference.

  34. The argument of “it wasn’t a penalty five years ago” doesn’t really work… The rules are different now… There was definitely head contact, you dont get knocked out from getting hit in the chest…

  35. @PhillyPhrenetic…
    Seriously dude get off your high horse. Its called a debate you dumbass your allowed to voice your opinion either way. Stop acting like yours is the only one that matters. Several people have broken the rule down and even showed how it could go either way. So shut up.
    I happen to be at the game so seeing the hit live it looked clean, the replay shown there also looked clean. When I got home I posted something BEFORE I watched Kyles posted replay. (My bad I admit it) When I watched it on here FROM A DIFFERENT angle that is when I saw the hit differently.
    WTF is wrong with people these days? Get out of moms basement d-bag and get a life. Its people like you that give this city a shitty rep.

  36. @JayGrace – I don’t think he has a glass jaw. He wasn’t knocked out, he skated off on his own, and reports are that he doesn’t have a concussion. So yours is just a stupid comment.

  37. Clean hit. If that Russian’s head was up it wouldn’t have gotten hit. If there was no concussion, he shouldn’t have missed a shift.
    Chirp’s first post is vintage Chirp. He is such a know-it-all. I love how he throws in “long shift.” What and a$$hole. You should go back and read your posts. You sound like a jag-off.

  38. Mr. Voracek, you’re a great player, but I’d just like to say, you’re standing on the tracks when the train’s coming through, butthead.

  39. Well, considering Rick Tochett was on between periods and said, “clean hit, this is still hockey”, that’s good enough for me. I hate the he had his head down, tough lesson for him to learn. Not even a penalty, no suspension in the works. Think with your heads, not you mouths.
    Would I like to have seen them get someone for it, yup. But clearly the refs were calling anything close to a hit, hence the weak call on Hartnell. Do you people want to win hockey games, or win fights?

  40. I thought the Broad Street Bullies are supposed to win fights aaaanddd hockey games. Si o no?

  41. Clean hit. Just looked dirty because his head was down and took the inital impact.

  42. This is the type of hit you worry about with voracek just based on the way he skates… He’s a great skater, and can get the puck deep in the zone without having to dump it, but he always… ALWAYS skates with his head down. And that’s what Kronwall is known for, that exact hit up at the blueline on the boards when players skate with their heads down.
    Clean hit, but any big hit like that requires someone to answer the bell. Would’ve liked someone to step up… Especially since voracek was laying on the ice looking like Austin Collie comin across the middle into Quentin Mikell’s helmet

  43. Voracek puts himself in the vulnerable position by reaching back for the puck with his head down (which is taken into consideration with suspensions). That’s a textbook step-up check. Kronwall keeps his elbows down and doesn’t leave his feet until after he makes contact (which is normal and legal). Completely leagal hit. The worst part is how no Flyers respond to the hit. Way to look out for your teammates… #Kronwalled

  44. Clean hit, but unquestionably brutal, almost Stevens-Lindros level brutal. Still, Voracek should have had his head up and on a swivel, you’d think players would know better by now. Will Kronwall be suspended? Doubtful. If it had been the other way around? You betcha!

  45. Clean hit in my eyes. Yak looked up before playing the puck and saw Kronwall there. He then decided to think Kronwall isn’t the most vicious hitter in the league, and put his head down. The only reason principal contact was to the head was because that’s the way Yak was skating. Head down, leading with his head. Putting himself in a terrible position. Hopefully this teaches him. Kronwall shouldn’t be suspended.
    And there’s no way Yak doesn’t have a concussion. He may have passed initial baseline tests, but there’s just no way that lasts. He probably woke up in a fog this morning, and they’ll diagnose it at some point today.
    Oh, and keep Jagr out until about a week before the playoffs. That’s all we need him for at this point.

  46. I think Voracek was leading with his face, so to speak. Almost looked like he was sticking his head out in front, don’t know what he was thinking..
    Having said that, the hit made me sick. It was ugly and I hate to see that from the wings.
    Not sure about the legality, not an expert. I think it did rally the flyers, so not very beneficial .
    Hope Voracek recovers fully, too bad on mark Howe night.

  47. @ big dick daddy from cincinnati if you have to tell everyone u have a big dick, you don’t have a big dick (reference: 10 Ways to tell someone is a dbag). Also the “slam” on my mother is about as immature as someone can get, so that fully confirms your status as a world class dbag.
    Now that your useless bullshit claims are taken care of, lets review.
    The hit was big, and NO he did not leave his feet. HOWEVER he did make direct contact with the head (Voracek was playing the puck thats why his head was not “up”) This is what the league is trying to get rid of, not big hits, BUT big hits focusing on the head.
    I will not say this is the worst/cheapest hit ever, because it clearly was not, but this is very much a suspend-able hit due to the contact and clear intention Kronwall had….to hit Voracek and NOT play the puck.
    Lets see what Shanny says….

  48. Crystal Clean… Hits like that are the reason you watch hockey. Fucking Homer’s Bill Clement, JJ and Coatesy are fucksticks. Had that been Pronger on Crosby it would be replayed to death with the ooohs and aaahs…Voracek needed to turn and face, play the puck, then head up ice, he deserved it.

  49. If anyone who writes either “you never played hockey” or “I play hockey” is a fucking idiot. Always the dumbest posts in any hockey related threads/posts.

  50. The fencing response is a peculiar position of the arms following a concussion. Immediately after moderate forces have been applied to the brainstem, the forearms are held flexed or extended (typically into the air) for a period lasting up to several seconds after the impact.
    Something happened with his head? When he was on the ice those hands were straight up whoever said he didnt get knocked out is an idiot

  51. I have a bigger penis than you all. I’m smarter than you all. I played every sport and know the rules inside and out, you didn’t and therefore, you don’t. Your mom.

  52. I think clement was just upset that the whistle wasn’t blown to stop the play, because he was clearly out. That was a mirror image of the hit on umberger in the playoffs a few years back. You don’t see many hits like this any more and the fact that Kronwall has NEVER been suspended speaks to his reputation. He plays hard and tough, can’t fault that. I understand that with the recent concussion plague on this team, they would be a little more up in arms than other teams. Look at any of his highlights, he always keeps his elbows down and never leaves his feet. It’s frustrating as a flyers fan but gotta call it as you see it. Now if you want to say that is a lack of respect for a fellow player to hit him with his head down, that’s another discussion. the speed of the game dictates the action and this is a very fast game. If shanny really cares about hits to the head it should be looked at but I think jake just put himself in a bad position.

  53. @Thomas Mershen….lol did you watch the game? Cause I was there. Incase you missed it the Red Wings were in our zone for quite a while and we were having an issue clearing the puck.
    Puck went up the boards and we were finally going to clear it when BAM hes knocked out. It was a long shift for our guys and ontop of that we had young guys out there. We didnt have anyone to retaliate. Schenn eventually went over to him but it was after the play was blown dead.
    How dumb can people get?

  54. The hit made me cringe, dirty or clean. But was even more sickening was how he went over to a teamate and fist bumped or whatever the hell its called. I’m sure he knew Voracek was hurt, so let’s celebrate it.

  55. @ Chirp and Luke,
    I did watch the game. What I saw was a bunch of pussies that did nothing to protect a fallen comrade. How can you two morons say they were tired? Maybe they were, but for someone to post that on a website, it’s just shows how big of a know it all a$$hole you are. I love this Chirp character. He thinks he knows everything there is to know about hockey, just because he was “at the game.” Notice how he posted that he was at the game because he wants everyone to know. Well guess where I was while you were at the game…….. I was eating your girlfriend’s asshole.

  56. Kronwall has been known for these types of hits. of course the check in any other era is legal. However, the league and their crackdown on hits to the head this year may have people viewing it differently. Kronwall was also credited with the number 5 hit of last week even though it was a charge.
    The best part about the hit was that it was head on. Most concussion studies will show that they are caused by a whipping of the head side to side thus banging the brain around in the skull. PLus, being knocked out is not necessarily synonmous to a concussion. If i remember correctly, umberger finished the game he was knocked out in and and never complained about concussion symptoms thereafter.

  57. @MM Maybe 3 years ago that was a clean hit. The NHL has changed since then. These types of hits can no longer go on. I am a fan of hockey. I love the game. Everything about it. But whether it is a Flyer, a Devil or a Ranger, I do not like seeing people laying on the ice after a hit like that. And if Pronger had just nailed someone the same way, I would be up in arms as well. Anyone who enjoys seeing players unconscious on the ice is a shitty person.

  58. I think up till this year its a clean check but with the new head contact rules thats definitely a dirty hit. the “principal point of contact” was definitely the head and i think this is a suspendable hit…now will he get suspended? doubtful. you think shannys gonna cripple the defense of the team he spent most of his career with? hell no. hell look at it and say that it was fine. voracek had his head down and he knew kronwall was the defender on that point. he should know better. the guys the best hitter in the league and he used to play him 6 times a year they were in the same division. so i think the hit was dirty but voracek needs to be more aware
    anyone else instantly flash back to rj umberger against buffalo after seeing that?

  59. Dirty… obvious headshot. Clean hits rarely result in players being knocked out before they hit the ground with arms extended like that on their back.
    Kronwall is a dirty hitter, go on youtube and search for Kronwall hits… and count how many times he leaves his feet for a hit and doesn’t get penalized.
    This was no different than when Steve Downie wiped out Dean McAmmond and got some 20 game suspension.
    Personally I think it’s crap that a retired player is in charge of discipline, if anyone thinks he’s not biased for Detroit after 10 years and 3 cups with them, they’re high.

  60. Principle point of contact was the head, threw his back recklessly into the head of Jakob. I thought at least a 1 game suspension

  61. @Chirp’s Friend…i was wearing the Flyers jersey #28 Giroux…i waved to you…oh well.
    @Thomas…actually she was at the game and going by your posts I would venture to say she knows more about hockey then you do…I know that’s not saying much…
    I could care less if people care if I was there, my point was at the rink they showed 1 replay and it didnt look as bad. Kyles video was a different angle and made it look worse. dam its pathetic that the simplest things need to be explained to such idiots.
    Got any more g/f jokes you can tell while your sitting behind your computer in your mom’s basement while you jerk off to Jersey Shore? Gotta love those internet tough guys…

  62. Chris aka Chirp stop throwing it in our faces that you were at the game last night. So were 19,000 other people. Who cares

  63. @aaron…mom slam and my big dick.
    what does truck stick even mean?
    and if you read what i posted, i said it was a head shot according to the new nhl.
    my opinion is it was a clean hit.

  64. Bunch of pussies these Flyers players are these days. Seriously, how many concussions? No other team has them. I could field a team from the posters on this site who are tougher. I’d start with 3 finger lenny.

  65. Mr. Jack.
    I strongly believe that there would not be nearly as manly concussions if the players simply were allowed to wear Full cages on their helmets. It is a tragedy that the gamesmakers forbid this. In addition, it is time for the equipment makers to produce helmets that are not made of cheap plastic.

  66. @Eddie Murphy
    You’ve been pushing the equipment changes for a while now on this site and others and for the first time i agree. If Voracek had a helmet with a cage, this would not have happened. They should also be forced to wear an NFL style helmet. There are less concussions in the NFL so why not model the NHL helmet after the NFL.

  67. 3 things I love & do well at in life
    1. Kicking ass
    2. Playing hockey
    3. Eating pussy

  68. Lenny are you the guy that hit someone in the head with a brick in Port Richmond last weekend?

  69. Why are these morons caring about these players’ safety. This is all for entertainment people. The more big hits and injuries the better. It was classic seeing Voracek laid out. You see his arms flailing? Hilarious. Right up there with lindros getting out to sleep.

  70. @Snookie…sorry.
    @Rob…make a knowledgeable post about hockey…without hurting yourself. Rob are you playing any mens league? Just wondering if they still make you the backup goalie…

  71. @local resident – watch hoops, also Voracek was not knocked unconscious watch the replay he got to his knees.


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