Contest: We’re Giving Away Two Tickets to Opening Day and it’s Extremely Easy to Enter


You think we don’t take care of you here? Think again.

We’re giving away more FREE shit. How about Opening Day tickets? Done.

Our friends at TiqIQ have another easy-to-enter contest for a chance to win two (2) Opening Day Tickets at CBP. And the more people who enter, the more expensive the seats.

Here’s all you need to do to enter

1) Like both the TiqIQ and Crossing Broad Facebook pages, if you haven’t done so already. Those links open in a new tab or window, so go ahead and click them… I’ll wait….


OK, like them? Good. Thanks.

2) On the TiqIQ Facebook page, comment with the following three things:

CROSSING BROAD, [the player who you think will have the highest batting average for the Phillies in Spring Training], [what you think his average will be]

Example: Crossing Broad, Chase Utley, .357

That’s it. You’re entered. We’ll choose a winner between April 1-3. If you can’t wait to find out, or want to get other Phillies tickets in the best locations at the best price, then hop over to Crossing Broad Tickets and browse, you won't be disappointed.  

Good luck!

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3 Responses

  1. Is the accuracy of the prediction part of the process of choosing a winner, or are you just choosing one at random? You never really say.
    If the predictions are used, how are ties broken?

  2. it’s based on accuracy of prediction yes. in event of a tie, then random choice between winners

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