Do You Want The Phillies To Trade Joe Blanton?


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Spring Training is not only a time to gauge player performances for the upcoming season, but also a time to recklessly speculate about potential trades. Today, the rumor mill churned with the possibility that Joe Blanton will be handed off to the Toronto Blue Jays. Phillies beat writer David Murphy mentioned that Blue Jays general manager Alex Anthropoulos visited Bright House Field in Clearwater to observe Blanton’s outing against the Orioles on Saturday.

Some may argue that by releasing Big Joe into the Canadian wilderness, the Phillies are compromising pitching depth. Others will hopefully rationalize that this trade may be part of a plan to strengthen offense and acquire Travis Snider, a 24-year-old outfielder who was once a highly-ranked prospect, but has had little Major League success in four season with the Blue Jays. That last bit was reported by the Toronto Sun on Sunday:

Anthopoulos wasn’t MIA (Missing In Action), but MFC (Missing From Camp) Sunday as the Jays hosted the Braves, one day after he drove six miles south to see Joe Blanton pitch for the Philadelphia Phillies.

Phillies general manager Ruben Amaro has told executives from other teams he would pay $2 million on Blanton’s $8.5-million contract for this season.

And the Phillies like Travis Snider and have a need in left field.


Regardless of plausible outcomes, the popular debate of what weighs heavier, defense or offense, will play a large role in projecting where priorities lie in the Phillies 2012 season. Further still is the concern of who would be an effective number five in the event of Blanton’s departure. In the midst of speculation, it is unlikely that any big moves will be made right now.

Your thoughts? Vote.

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20 Responses

  1. I’m indifferent because I have faith in the Phillies brain-trust. If keeping him now because offers aren’t right, fine. If they deal him for someone they think can help the ballclub, fine.

  2. He seems like a decent piece of rotation insurance and the Phillies need to cough up whatever it takes to sign Hamels regardless. I say keep him around.

  3. We absolutely need to keep him. He’s 100% healthy. Looks like he’s ready to dominate once again. Lets not forget he was the main piece when they won the world series in ’08.

  4. Man if we can really get Travis Snider for Blanton I’ll drive Joe to the airport AND go through the Taco Bell drive thru on the way there.

  5. Andy from San Diego was never good at math growing up. 8.5 – 2 = 6.5 so they would be saving 6.5M. Reports are Oswalt can be had for around that money. I’ll take Roy over Joe.

  6. “I like Blanton but we’re gonna need that cash to sign Hamels, Pence, and/or Victorino”
    Last I checked… He’s on the last yaer of his contract. Trading him now and keeping any of the 3 you mentioned should have nothing to do with eachother.
    Blanton, so long as he’s healthy, is a formidable #4 pitcher. A healthy Joe can just about guarentee 6+ and under 4 runs 90% of the time he takes the hill. That’s just about as good a mid-rotation guy as you’ll get. The only justification to trading him would be to give your young guys (Kendrick and Worley) the opportunity at 4&5 to show you what they got. Worley isn’t proven yet.
    Since it doesn’t really HURT us to keep him, I say hold on to him. Maybe he has a stellar year, and he helps you to another ‘Fuckin Championship like he did back in ’08.

  7. Keep Joe and his high socks. We need a solid fourth starter, and right now, I don’t trust the Vanimal in that role.

  8. I’ve always liked Blanton. He usually gets off to a bad start to every season, but gets it together and pitches pretty well (in a ballpark many pitchers don’t even want to pitch in). I want the Phils to keep him, but if he’s traded, he good enough that they should get a nice return for him. I certainly don’t like the thoughts of the return being “a once highly-ranked prospect, with little Major League success in 4 seasons”.

  9. trade him and try to get D’Arnaud back and the salary dump. give them brown or somebody else to try to get it done. we’ll need the extra cash around the trade deadline. and every if we can stay under the luxury tax this year it bodes well for us keep cole and even victorino even more. if were only first time offenders next year going over the tax we don’t get hit as hard.

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