DC Radio Station Launches “FU Philly” Campaign

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How nice.

As if Nationals COO Andrew Fefffffffffffffffer didn’t dial up the rhetoric enough in what the Nats would love to be a rivalry with the Phillies, in steps DC radio station 106.7 The Fan and their latest campaign, #FUPhilly.

Officially named Forget U Philly, the campaign asks all six Nationals fans to tweet a video, using the hashtag #FUPhilly, explaining what the campaign’s title means to them. Which I’m sure will lead to some delightful responses.

The details:

106.7 The Fan wants to hear from YOU about what “Forget You, Philly” means to you. Here’s the deal – just create a video and Tweet us a link! Use any video-hosting platform you like, but make sure to Tweet us a link (@1067thefandc) to the video, and you must include the promotion hashtag #FUPhilly so we can pull it!  Can’t tweet us your video?  Then find our street team at DC area bars now through Wednesday and we’ll film the video for you!  Follow us on Twitter to find out where we are, we’ll be out each evening filming your FU Philly rants.


Winners will receive two tickets to a game in the May series against the Phillies. And, of course: Sorry PA, this contest is only open to residents of DC, Maryland and Virginia.

As reader (@JCNast) points out on Twitter, this should be a hashtag Philly folks can pretty easily dominate. So, have at it.

Tomorrow we’ll be announcing our plans for a D.C. #takeover on Sunday night, May 6, for a national television game on ESPN, with 200 seats located in right field just behind $126 million man Jayson Werth. Something tells me we’ll hear a few #FUPhilly taunts.

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54 Responses

  1. OK really? They suck so bad that they have to stoop to this for entertainment? Yeah…let’s go occupy CBP South..heck i am already going to CBP WEST in the ‘Burgh for the opening weekend…

  2. its pretty embarrrassin when you have to “launch” a “takeover” campaign for games at YOUR stadium…

  3. what’s really sad is that the winner get tickets to watch the phillies… pretty much the ONLY time you’d need to win a contest to get tickets for a Nats game #FUNats

  4. Lol…Regardless of how bad a team owns another one, I cant remember an organization building this big of a campaign against the rival city. Just makes them look pathetic.

  5. Are there really nats fans who will go thru the trouble to make a video?
    I highly doubt this campaign will have success.

  6. I saw this earlier. And what makes it sad is the first 100 entries “win” a pair of tix to a phils nats game. these people are hilarious. They are targeting a non existent market. There are 15 serious Nats fans, and 9 of them wear Velcro shoes and foam helmets.

  7. So let me get this straight….Phillies fans love our team and will travel three hours to DC to the Phillies Nats games and tickets are easy to come by….and, that makes us bad, awful people because we do this…and DC starts an “FU campaign” because there are more Phillies fans than Nats fans at the Phillies Nats games…and we did what wrong to deserve this? Stay Classy DC!

  8. The Phillies pitching is getting old and with the loss of Madsen it leaves a big hole at the closer spot. I wouldn’t count the Nats out.

  9. nice pic of all 2 Nationals fans entering the park. Must have been opening day before the Phillies fans showed up! lol

  10. Do they realize that the Harrisburg Senators are a farm team of Wash & that they are located in, God forbid it, PA? I know a few National fans in the area because of the affiliation. I guess they forgot about that…

  11. Like in every other city, town, village around the world, it’s only the people who LIVE there who can properly articulate WHY we should be saying “FU, (insert city/town/village here)”

  12. Well, considering Washington is already one huge cesspool because of all the politicians who live there, is it any wonder the gNats vomited up that oh so classy promotion?

  13. @Captain Jack – I’m guessing you missed the signing of Jonathan Papelbon. Well we signed Papelbon, so no, there is no big hole at the closers spot. The setup spot? Maybe but I don’t think so, I’m going to miss Madson as well but I think they’ll be ok there with Bastardo if he progresses the way he should.

  14. RAJ overpaid for Pap out of spite to Boras & Madson. Half Pap’s $$$ should be going to king cole. f*cking Rube

  15. Ha Ha
    They’re so lame, they’re even copying WING BOWL:
    “Come out to Hard Times Cafe in Fairfax from 2pm-7pm tomorrow to hang with LaVar and Dukes & compete for a spot in the Wing Bowl DC Finals!”

  16. As a DC resident, I can verify that the only people talking about these gimmicks by the Nats are Phillies ex-pats here.
    No one cares about the Nats.

  17. LOL at Philly fans. Is there a more clueless, hypocritical bunch of knuckle dragging, mouth breathers in the history of the world? Talk about hailing from the shallow end of the gene pool.
    We’ll just forget that the Vet was empty when the Phillis sucked for a generation. You’re nothing but a bunch of fair weather bandwagon whores. It’s hilarious how butthurt you are over what the Nats are doing. Stick to barfing on Cops that’s what you’re good at.

  18. You should start the 10,000 Fan march…. all phls fans meet up before the game and all march into the stadium together.

  19. Joe West, how are we hypocrites? Our city is not the one starting a “Hate DC and Nats fans” campaign. Why in the world would DC and Nats fans go to such lengths to hate Phillies fans? What is it exactly we did wrong? Because we traveled hours to go and watch our team play? Because the Nats tickets were so easy to come by? Get a life. We don’t look foolish, DC does…lmao posers and losers!

  20. Does anyone see the irony in this?? They are spending a lot of time “forgetting” about us! hahaha hilarious

  21. The phillies fans need to save the energy for real baseball teams like the AL East. The Phillies are just practicing when they play the NL East. The fans that travel are also in practice mode for the World Series! DC who ? Leave it for the hypocritical politics.

  22. LOL Joe West. Pot, have you met kettle?
    Yes, barfing on cops, just like that time we threw ice boulders stuffed with car batteries at Michael Irvin while he lay on the ground from fans attacking him on the field. Any other stories you were fed by idiotic media outlets that you wanna mix and match and completely blow out of proportion?

  23. I just bought my “Take Back the Park” tickets for the Phillies/Nats game of may 4! Tickets are abundant and so easy to buy! lol at the “Take Back the Park” promo….want a roll for that egg on your face?

  24. Philadelphia is the worst-when the Phillies come to town the only thing that happens is our population gets fatter thanks to the phillies fans

  25. awwww….Nats2012 sounds like he’s jelly….sourgrapes….lol….well, we go to smoke crack with your mayor, but it’s hard to make an appointment with him….

  26. Phils are done after this year. To old and the offense sucks and then you “fans” will go back to not caring and not showing up to games like before this 5 year run

  27. It definitely sucks when you hear a bunch of cheers for the opposing team, but the bottom line is that you have to applaud the Philly fans for being loyal and travel to see their team. If DC wants to do something about it then spend more time developing the team and fan base and less time whining

  28. How lame of an organization makes up a campaign to get people out of their stadium. Sorry but anyone can see how embarrassing that is.

  29. Nats2012, our offense sucks???? How do you figure that, when we just came off a 102 win season. How did the Nats finish out? Sourgraps, so sad….lmao

  30. LOL everything people say about pathetic Philly fans is 100% true. Damn you’re so stupid. Of course you’re clueless hypocrites. Puffing out your chests like you’re some Supa Fan. It’s hilarious. Way to carry on about something you’ve always done yourselves. Like not show up when your team sucks.
    Philly fans only care about the Phillie’s when they win. Just like any other bandwagon fan who infest opposing teams stadiums. There is nothing special about you. OMG Woo – look at me. I following a winner, I’m AWESOME! LOL
    And OMG LOL at being “loyal” – Loyal fans show up when their team sucks. You never did. Philly has several years of attendance that was lower than Washington ever was. Talk about pathetic.
    Bunch of low life losers. You’re such an embarrassment. You don’t even realize how stupid and predictable you are. You and all the roaches you hang out with will all be crawling back under your rocks when your team sucks again.
    Which should be any time now.

  31. Washington DC is a World Class City. It’s one of the most transient cities in the US. We have people from all over the globe living here.
    I go to around 20 or so games a year. There are opposing fans at all of them. Some of the best times I’ve had was sitting and enjoying baseball with fans from around the league. Talking to them about their teams, talking to them about my team. Baseball is a very unique game, and baseball fans are a very unique community.
    The reason DC Fans want Philly fans out of our Park is because your behavior is appalling. You’re absolute trash. You’re vulgar, violent and disgusting. You display no redeeming qualities whatsoever. Most of you don’t even care about what’s going on on the field. You’re just there to get drunk and start fights. You care more about being “Philly” fans than you do about your own team. You RUIN the experience for everyone.
    You have no right.
    Baseball is a great and glorious game. It is meant to be enjoyed and respected. That is impossible when your park is infested with trash.
    You and your ilk need to stay out so the rest of civilized society can enjoy America’s pastime.

  32. Jane you named yourself right because you are a BITCH .NOW GO MAKE DINNER BITCH JANE’S PENIS ADDICTION


  34. I wish my mayor smoked crack on camera in a hotel room and was re-elected by the city after the incident was televised. World Class City, sure.

  35. I live on the Gulf coast, and a couple of years ago, riivdng from Beaumont to Houston I saw green lightning. It was a dark lime green flash that happened only once, in a rainstorm to the south of me toward the ocean. It was a huge flash that seemed to originate in the upper parts of the clouds and spread out at or near the ground. I thought it was a meteor, but there was no mention of it anywhere in the news. It looked eerily like the image in Independence Day when the White House was blown up, but this was long before that film. It freaked me. I must’ve told 50 people about it, and no one had ever heard of green lightning, except for one Continental pilot that I met. He told me that it’s seen, rarely, while flying, and I recall he said it’s an unusual confluence of solar wind, magnetic field, and charges between clouds that will cause it, similar to the Aurora Borealis.

  36. My friend and i just saw green ihnitnlgg and ran into someone a few meters later who had just seen it as well. It’s not storming here, it’s just cold and very windy, and we’re in the middle of the city. It was very odd. It flashed once and flashed again a second later and that was it. We have no idea where it’s from and I’m in the process of looking it up It was really cool though and I wish I could have seen the whole sky, but we were walking underneath some trees at the time.

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