DeMeco Ryans in 2009: “Let’s Go Eat”

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Those Houston folks sure do like to eat. Eagles man and blogger Sheil Kapadia, doing his due diligence on the Eagles’ newest linebacker, stumbled across this oft-heard line on

From a 2009 video where DeMeco Ryans was wired for sound, the then Houston Texans linebacker said the following:

You with my baby? Let’s go Eat!

“I’m telling the guys, Let’s Go Eat. Let’s go make big plays. Let’s play our kind of ball, let’s go dominate.”


Sound familiar?

Now, I’m not one for conspiracy theories (I am), but DeMeco’s interview was from 2009, nearly two years before our other by-way-of-Houston athlete, Hunter Pence, uttered the same phrase after a Phillies win last July. What’s more, Pence’s ex-girlfriend, Lindsay Slott, was a Texans cheerleader during Ryans’ best seasons in Houston. Small world.

Nonsensical catchphrase conspiracies aside, Ryans seems like a cool guy and a leader. Video here (:59 for the fun).


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  1. Add this guy’s name to the list of guys who said the right things, but turned out to be finished, along with Will Witherspoon, Ernie Simms, and Jeramiah Trotter (second time around).
    As an aside, I would like to leave a load on Lindsey’s slot.

  2. He’s only gonna be 28 and didn’t play all the snaps last year because he didn’t fit well into the 3-4 (possibly some due to achilles). How can you say he’s finished before you even seen him in training camp/preseason?

  3. Seems like a cool dude, and a leader. Let’s hope he’s healthy and fits in our system.

  4. I’ve always liked Ryans. He’s a good lockerroom guy and plays as hard as he can game in and game out. Hope he can be healthy for us… he could definitely be the “answer” we have needed at LB for years…
    And Kyle, your “conspiracy theory” is a bit off base simply because of the fact that it was Shane Victorino and NOT Hunter Pence that “originated” the statement. As the actual story goes, Shane said “Let’s Go Eat” to Pence in the OF in the while preparing for the extra innings…. and Shane is a Cowboys fan…

  5. Wait a second, Hunter Pence used the same three words from the English language consecutively in the same order that Demeco Ryans did approximately 2 years prior? Sounds similar to a blogger taking material from another source and pawning it as…..ah nevermind that’s too easy and getting old.

  6. Does this one come with his own Twitter handle which he uses to tell the fans to go fuck themselves too?

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