Did Domonic Brown Really Hurt His Neck Sleeping?

Domonic Brown
Here's a shocker: another injury!

For the second straight day, Dom Brown was not in the lineup because of a neck injury. The weirdest part? He may have hurt it sleeping on the bus. Jeez.

[Delaware County Times]

"I really don't know… I slept during the bus rise to Kissimmee, and then in (Wednesday's) home game, in the third at-bat, it kind of got worse," Brown said. "I don't feel it until I really start swinging. I feel it right in here [points almost to throat] and in the back of my head. They don't think it's a nerve thing, so that's good. I'm just taking it day by day."


We've all woken up with stiff necks before, but it's just another issue that Brown has had to deal with. It always seems like it's something.

Dom needs a chiropractor. Paging Dr. Stuart Cohen.


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  1. Maybe he should flop his dick over his shorts…
    (Evan Turner smiles, and nods approvingly)

  2. Is this really the last article posted on this site?
    Since nothing has been written in 24 hours, I guess we can say there hasn’t been a Richards, Carter or Babin reference in 24 hours?

  3. couldn’t agree more ass whistle, thought they might want to let people know that Mathis signed with the Eagles, but this site is starting to turn to negative trash just like the rest of the Philadelphia Media

  4. omg he hurt his neck sleeping!!!!!! THE HORROR!!! clearly we should burn him at the stake and not post about any of the other stories that are going on.

  5. Any pictures of Richards’ dad with a beer in hand laying around? HAHA
    How about SOMETHING from the NFL? I mean the past few days were pretty big, much bigger than having to put a Babin reference in every time someone gets a new deal.
    Not even a piece on Temple SHITTING THE BED, or Lehigh beating Duke?
    ANYTHING from March Madness?
    How about the Sixers game last night?
    If Bryz let in a bad goal, you’ll be sure to see him geting ripped, maybe not no more, they jumped back on his wagon too.

  6. Crossingbroad.com, your source for week old Philly sports news, Twitter screen shots, and constant childish references of Cliff Lee “pissing” excellence. Keep up the quality work boys.

  7. Didn’t dude say he was going to Clearwater for the weekend? Give him a break. Probably trying to get his dick wet as we speak.

  8. how bout that harts??? He deserved to get his d sucked after yesterday’s game

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