Domonic Brown Optioned Back To Minors

Domonic BrownPhoto: Miles Kennedy/Phillies

Neck injuries on the bus while sleeping didn't help Domonic Brown's case this spring to make the big league club.

According to Matt Gelb, Brown has been optioned to minor league camp, and will be the starter in left field for Triple-A Lehigh Valley.

[Philadelphia Inquirer]

"I'm going to go down there, play hard, and that's it," Brown said. "I really don't have anything else to say. I was not expecting it, but keeping it in the back of my mind."

"I've been through a lot these last couple of years," Brown said. "A lot more than some veteran guys. I think I can deal with it. I think I can handle it. Play hard, that's all I can do."


Brown will get the reps on a daily basis, hopefully improving his game, and adding to his value. A mid-season trade for some offensive firepower seems to be the hot topic among the fans right now, so let's not put it past Rube to do everything he can to make Brown look good in Triple-A, then ship him out of town a day after saying he's the future of the organization.


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  1. Still high on this kid…You’d have to think the glove would come around eventually.

  2. I hope he had fun running a train on that trainer chick with Pence a little while back.
    They don’t make trim like that in A-Town…..

  3. I don’t think he has a future as a major league ball player. The fact that he couldn’t keep himself on the field this spring training tells me he doesn’t have that competitive drive.

  4. The problem is that it’s hard to make someone look good in LF if they can’t field a fly ball. You can’t teach a kid how to catch at the major or even minor league level. I know that he started playing baseball later than most top prospects however the kid just doesn’t have it. Not to mention that he is a dumber base runner than Victorino.
    They should start working him out at fist base in case Howard has another setback. That or trade him while he still has some value.

  5. maybe he should buy a glove that fits better. Every picture looks like his hand is gonna fall out. I know he must have big hands but have a glove made or something.
    Go get your glove and only put it on like him and see how well you catch…

  6. @ Borat
    Yes! The Blonde in peach or pink?
    I thought Kyle would have a “who is she” story today.

  7. @fatty, yup that chick she was so fucking hot I exploded all over myself….and she had some titty showing…Kyle you are slacking get pics of this bitch now!

  8. @ Andy, that is wishful thinking. I’m sure that Rube would have done it by now if it was possible. Maybe if the Mets owners didn’t catch a break with the Madoff case it would have been possible. I would trade Brown, Kendrick and Galvis for Wright. Maybe even Brown and Worley.

  9. Aw, thanks Steve, but I’d still rather hear it come from a scout, not an internet blog commenter.

  10. @Howard, do call your urologist to ask why your piss smells funny after you eat asparagus? No, some things in life you can just figure out on your own. Major League scouts told the Phillies that Ryan Sandberg would never amount to anything. How did that work out?

  11. @ Beez Nutz
    You can get a good look at a t-bone by sticking your head up a bull’s ass, but wouldn’t you rather take the butcher’s word for it?
    @ Rube’s Pubes
    It’s not “Ryan” Sandberg. And Dom Brown is 24 years old. Maybe he’s not Ryne Sandberg, but to say he’ll never play another game as a Phillie is an opinion. There is a reason why there are scouts, actual reporters and writers, and then bloggers and commenters. You’re a commenter.

  12. Uh, you guys realize that I have a chronically bad back, and am almost 30 myself, right?

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