Donovan McNabb Calls Himself The Most Criticized Quarterback Ever (EVER)

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Goddammit. The last thing I wanted to do today was post about a conversation between Donovan McNabb and Skip Bayless. It’s the social equivalent of rubbing sandpaper on my balls. But… it’s hard to ignore Former Five when he gets all self-pityyieieyie.

As you would expect, during McNabb’s second consecutive appearance on First Take the conversation quickly turned toward Tim Tebow. 

Bayless: Tim Tebow, once again, this points out to me, is the most unfairly, over-criticized quarterback in the history of this league.

McNabb: Negative– I am. I am.

Bayless: It is relentless on this network and every network.

McNabb: Nobody’s been criticized more than I have.


pounds desk, knocks Jose The Winter Classic Gnome to floor

I got nothing. Listen to the audio after the jump.

via Pro Football Talk

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24 Responses

  1. Looks like the rest of the country is starting to get a glimpse at what we dealt with for so long. Nothing is ever this dude’s fault. He’s acting like some fat, whiny teenage girl.

  2. Jesus Jumping Christ! Enough already, McNabb! Grow the fuck up, stop whining and be a goddamn man you limp wristed pussy!

  3. Calling yourself the most criticized brings on more criticism. He should shut his soup hole and pray that a team will bring him in as a third string quarterback.

  4. He’s correct, but obviously the good people on here realize that and won’t make it any more obvi…..
    Oh wait.

  5. He really needs to change his name to McMartyr. My goodness this guy is the biggest baby in pro sports.

  6. I like Donovan. And I think he is the greatest QB in Eagles history.
    But c’mon, dude. Get over it already.
    Enjoy your TV career. You will do well.

  7. His cunt is so big that it makes me want to Baist my shrivled dick in mayonaisse and finger Mitch williams. The mcflubb can vomit in my grand asshole.

  8. Angelo, how come the last time you fucked me in the ass you didn’t even give me a reach around? What kind of asshole are you.

  9. A little ridiculous, but to be fair, the prime of his career was wasted with “talent” such as Todd Pinkston, James Thrash, Torrance Small, Charles Johnson, etc. He had T.O. for ONE year, and that year they went to the Superbowl, and had an historically great offense. When they finally got some talent in the lineup, I.E. Desean Jackson, Jeremy Maclin, etc, he was in his 30’s and it was time to move on. If there was more consistent talent surrounding him throughout his career, we’re talking about a potential hall of fame quarterback. He’s not perfect, but yeah, over criticized.

  10. All QB’s are criticized. McNabb is just a guy who can’t handle “Deserved criticism”. Mamma babied him too much. When you’re told how perfect you are your whole life it’s hard to swallow the truth. McNabb was good. Good enough for the NFL. Not good enough to be considered as one of the greats, which he considers himself to this day. Cause Mamma told him so.

  11. Mcnabb in his prime was sensational. There comes a time where you age. He’s washed up and needs to stop being salty and playing the race card. I feel like all these comments are starting to fall on deaf ears.

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