Eagles at RAW

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Fresh off working out with The Rock, some of the Eagles attended Monday Night RAW at the Wells Fargo Center last night. From left-to-right: chunky lady, Riley Cooper, Chad Hall, Evan Mathis and Jason Kelce.

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Mathis and Kelce were also “incredibly cool” (Ryan's words) as they snapped a photo with our own Ryan Gillon. That's Ryan in the middle…


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  1. Mathis and Kelce look like pro wrestlers or bouncers.
    – jason babin wants Ryan Gillon to buck up for that pic

  2. I actually think Mathis looks like a jacked version of the bieberfan69 on that pedofile episode of Workaholics. Hes also on that Whitney show for you married dudes.

  3. Yeah despite all the tweets Kelce is actually a really cool guy. This weekend he was at City Tap House in University City and he bought everyone at the bar a shot. Went up and thanked him for it and he thanked me for the support of the Eagles. I mean after dealing with Richy and Carts acting like their names were Steve and Bob in order to ignore any attention I thought Kelce’s move was outstanding

  4. I agree that I think we need to cut these guys SOME (just some) slack. They are just a bunch of young guys like many of us who have been blessed with the ability to play football for a living and are trying to just have a good time with it. No they shouldn’t talk shit on us fans an no they shouldn’t bitch us out when we call for Andy Reid to be fired (#FIREANDY!) but still, they are just having a good time with their job and I think it shows you the respect someone like Mathis does have for our city when he chose here over Baltimore.

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