UPDATE: Eagles Place Franchise Tag on DeSean Jackson

Screen Shot 2012-03-01 at 4.23.42 PM

Chaaaa chaaaa ya herrrrr meh ya boi gettnnnn taggggedd n unowiwill clossss all dem gucci cribs.

The one-year contract will pay DeSean an average of the top five receivers in the NFL, around $9.5 million.

Howie Roseman: "We will continue our efforts on getting a long-term deal done with him."

No surprises here.

UPDATE: Jason Babin sympathizes with D-Jac and his $9.5 million: 

Screen Shot 2012-03-01 at 4.44.15 PM

Just keep your head up, D-Jac. Happens to the best of us.

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17 Responses

  1. I wonder which reader is the 1st to bitch about you posting another Twitter pic?

  2. Somewhere, Paul Domowich, Desean’s biggest hater is having an aneurysm.

  3. “Chaaaa chaaaa ya herrrrr meh ya boi gettnnnn taggggedd n unowiwill clossss all dem gucci cribs.”
    –I Laughed.

  4. Wow, then Babin says it’s all about job security no matter how much you make… Seriously?! live check to check then worry about job security! if he didn’t sign with the eagles, someone would sign him, thus ensuring years of high income! In this economy, that last thing you were gonna get from my 2 job working ass understanding about how tough a pro athlete’s life is… Who have these idiots advice on how to appeal to the fans?

  5. Who is this Shila Mc whatever that I am seeing on Comcast? I think Gunner wanted to check her gag reflex.
    Anyway, by “thing”, Babin must mean, rush the passer on every down and be a turn-style against the run. It also does not hurt to wait for your position coach, who tolerates that kind of pussy play, to sign somewhere, and then follow him so that your hollow numbers continue to pile up.

  6. Great power move. The Phillies need to take a few tips from the Eagles on player loyalty. Gold standard!

  7. Tough life…1 year $9.5 million. Shut up Babin, it’s amazing how out of touch these guys are.

  8. What is it about the Eagles having pussies on the roster nowadays???? Asante can’t tackle, Vick and the safeties can’t stay healthy, Babin and the LB’s get plowed like girls in bathroom stalls when Pat the Bat is in the bar…. The only players I like on the team are Maclin, Shady, Celek, Cole and Chaney – and the Eagles are my team! It’s sad when I can like more players from the AFC west than my own team!

  9. D Jax & babib? That’s what you’re upset about? D Jax makes 9 mill a year now. How much do you make? If you ever can’t pay the rent and need the money, go ask Babin or D Jax. See what happens. The Eagles players don’t care about you. Why care about him?

  10. Hell, I would take Tim Tebow on my team before 44 other chumps on this Eagles roster….

  11. I love the statement DeSeean’s team released after the franchise tag was announced. Am I supposed to believe he actually said any of these words?
    “I am honored that the Eagles organization perceives me as a franchise player,I look forward to getting a long-term deal done soon and being an Eagle for many years to come.”
    I think Kyle’s version is a lot more accurate, and would have been a lot more fun to hear one of the sportscenter anchors read.

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