Eagles Trade For Pro Bowl Linebacker DeMeco Ryans

Screen Shot 2012-03-20 at 7.33.02 PM
Howie Roseman, lying in the weeds again.

The Eagles have agreed to a trade with the Houston Texans for former Pro Bowler DeMeco Ryans in exchange or a mid-round pick, according to FOX's Jay Glazer.

Ryans was a Pro Bowler in 2009, when he had 123 tackles. He played in 16 games last year, starting all 16, and had 64 tackles.

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48 Responses

  1. he wasnt a fit in the wade phillips 3-4 defense. he is suited to be a MLB in the 4-3. GREAT move by the eagles. a 4th rounder….wow

  2. Eagles school of thought at linebacker–throw shit against the wall and see if it sticks. Salary dump by Texans after Ryans’ leg exploded in 2010.

  3. WHO???? never heard of him. hes credentials are good but hey so were takeo spikes’. i bet he has an average year at best. the eagles are gonna be BUTT again and its gonna be hilarious to watch. and im a philly fan and love seeing the birds win, but i just think its hilarious watching the eagles lose. because eagles fans are the scum of the earth and when the team loses i have a ball. like that guy on you tube eatdatpussy445…hysterical.

  4. So he was really good 2 years ago and we’re supposed to be excited?
    I hope he’s a good fit with the Eagles.
    Of course, the Eagles generally don’t care about linebackers.

  5. Those are some GREAT 2009 stats.
    Unfortunately this is 2012, and he ruptured his Achilles since then.
    More diseased slaves……ugh……

  6. how are you an Eagles fan JohnnyRockets and you gonna disrespect our fans and say it’s hilarious when we lose? Clearly you aren’t a fan based on those 2 statements.

  7. johnnyrocket you aint no philly fan, you’re a wagon rider go root for a new york team you faggot

  8. SportsPhan and jeff carter are exactly what johnnyrocket are talking about.
    I could put 11 diabetic mongoloids on the field, and these two will empty their bank accounts to pay for tickets and $8 beers.
    Now excuse me, Jeff and I need to catch the Acela back to Boston for the high holy days.

  9. Even if you don’t know who he is .. or don’t like him for whatever reason its just about as good as them throwing away them 3rd and 4th round picks anyways isn’t it? I would rather them trade for some “has been” than wasting the picks on 2 never will bes.

  10. This is the WORST move in Eagles history! Even worse than that time my penis hole got infected when I was trying to masturbate with a rusty pipe on Al Morganti’s kitchen table. What was Andy Reid and his floppy, sweaty, hairy tits thinking? Did he eat too much of his slimy diarrhea out of the toilet bowl after a night of rough anal penetration delivered to him by Rhea Hot’n’Heavy Hughes and her mangled pulsating dick? Holy shit. Howie fucking Rosemab is a disgrace! Nnamdi. DRC. VY. All the worst. Roseman can eat some of the rosebuds off my hot, coarse, pus covered asshole. What a fucking cunt.

  11. Idiot fans are idiots. Players have come back from major injuries all the time to play well. His stats are down because he does not fit the 3-4.
    Thanks for researching.

  12. No doubt this mother fucker will be 1 & done with the birds. Just like Takeo Spike, Erine Simms & the spoon.

  13. I intend to have all of the beat(off) writers take a lick of my asshole tomorrow at this “presser”.
    I will tell you how great of a move this is, how hard it is to win in the NFL, how much of a better team we are for this trade, and then you will see Demarco Ryans take a giant shit next year during the season while Demarco Murray bites his dick off.
    Time’s yours.

  14. All of you are completely idiotic. DeMeco is a beast and you will all be trying to suck his dick by week 6. I guess you can’t fix stupid or poor idiotic fans.

  15. Demeco’s a stud perfect for the 4-3. This guy brings something that this team lacks leadership. Great pick up by the FO. JohnnyRockets27 don’t claim to be a fan and then contradict it in the next few lines of your post dumbass.

  16. There’s TOO MANY LOSERS on this website, if you hate the Eagles, don’t comment.
    All you are doing is making yourself look like a fucking DOPE, if you think he sucks, you need to learn the game. This is a STEAL. Would you seriously rather have a 4th round draft pick over him?
    Get a fucking clue ASSHOLES!!!!
    The funny thing is you’ll be right on that bandwagon when we win that fucking Superbowl and nobody will know who you are because you hide behind your screen name and talk shit like a typical PUSSY!!!!
    If you don’t like it, go fuck yourself!!!
    Excuse the language but seriously, don;t talk about a sports you do NOT know shit about.
    Get off the BANDWAGON, LOSERS!!!!
    No Wonder why ESPN hates us!!!!

  17. Kyle,
    Harry is 100% correct (FOR ONCE).
    You need to make these people accountable for their posts, do something like MAKE THEM USE THEIR REAL VERIFIED NAMES, or even make them log-in via Facebook. The Delaware News Journal does that now, because of MORONS that just post and comment things they WOULDN’T DO if their name was on it. It’s not a bad thing either, it gets kinda old when you have fake people posting dumb shit!!

  18. I’ve always liked this guy, injury only made the birds give up a 4th rounder so I’ll take it. Reminds me of trotter too, need a solid MLB so this is a great move. Boy texans are really cleaning house. Im your typical college kid but listen people there are thousands of words in the English language you don’t need to say f 10 times to state your case. Successful people don’t curse, your uneducated and it’s not adding inches just makes you trash.

  19. “Dude hasn’t been the same since his Achilles injury
    Posted by: 3 Finger Lenny | March 20, 2012 at 07:36 PM”
    But Howard will be fine. Just like everyone says.

  20. @Stevie Radio
    “Dude hasn’t been the same since his Achilles injury”
    has nothing to do with the achilles, the texans have been using a different style of defense which he doesnt fit into, has nothing to do with his health or quality of play. but nice try making an uniformed post based off another uninformed post.
    He started all 16 games last year guess that means Howard’s health will be fine.
    keep reppin the negative attitude. you’re out. boom baby.

  21. @boom – Didn’t say the trade DID have anything to do with his achilles. I know he was healthy for all 16 games. So was I. Doesn’t mean I’d be effective.
    How many pro-bowls has he made since the injury?
    By the way, I like the move. Just starting shit.

  22. all you have to do is go to espn and see how many texans fans are pissed off. honestly we have up a 4th rounder when we had 2 of them. who cares if he’s ernie sims 2.0. its a 4th ROUNDER

  23. Great trade. Demeco’s tackle totals are down because in a 3-4 scheme he is not an every down linebacker. Now that he’s back in the middle of a 4-3, he can play to his strengths and stay on the field.
    If you don’t know the game, shut your mouth and if you’re going to perpetuate the philly scumbag fan stereotype and continue to make us look awful as a whole, find another team. We don’t want you.

  24. superbowl my ass. been saying that for 60 years. andy reid is a clown and isnt going anywhere throwing the ball every down.

  25. This is a very good pick up for the Eagles. I’m a doctor and just because he had a ruptured achilles doesn’t mean he will not be the same player. Many times they come back just as strong and he needs a full 18 to 24 months for achilles to be at its strongest. There are to many idiots on this site that don’t have a clue. A couple other points, Ryans played in a 3-4 which he does not fit into this scheme. Ryans last 6 games he played well and played a full year without injury.

  26. After watching Ryan Howard go down from an achilles injury, the Eagles went and traded for a linebacker who had the same injury? Seriously? Call me skeptical, but I just don’t know if this is a good deal or not.

  27. Oh, yeah, trading a Pro Bowl linebacker for a fourth round draft pick should have alarm bells going off for Eagles fans. This just does not pass the smell test.

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