ESPN Didn’t Think La Salle Junior Ramon Galloway’s Blind Father Was Paying Attention

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Nice find by our friends at La Salle's Sports Talk Philadelphia (@sportstalkphila), who noticed this unfortunate mistake by a lowly ESPN social media editor.

After Ramon Galloway threw down a vicious dunk last night, cameras spanned the arena to find his father, who, at least according to ESPN's YouTube page, didn't appear to be paying attention or to notice the ruckus his son had caused. One problem: Ramon Galloway's father is blind.

Now, this is hardly another "Chink in the Armor" for ESPN, because, really, we can't expect a 20-something staffer to know the handicaps of every Division 1 athlete's parents. But, since we're the Internet, and calling out the sports giant's mistakes is what we do… well, you get it. Plus, it's an awkward gaff which reminds us – a bit – of when the Phillies broadcast passed off a random black guy as John Mayberry Jr.'s proud papa.




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  1. I suppose this is the place for this nerdy sports fan who wants to go into disability services, and whose brother also happens to be blind, to request that we engage in a dialogue about making our sports arenas and games more accessable to those with disabilities. All fans should be able to attend games and cheer on their favorite teams. Ok, climbing off my soapbox now…

    1. Thats my dad and he’s blind don’t judge him. He can’t even see. Plus he was talking to a family memeber about ramon.

    2. Also my brother Ramon Galloway isn’t blind there you go. They was talking about my dad so get that straight. And how can a blind person play basketball like daf. Think before you write and basketball isn’t a nerdy sport. Nerds can’t even play this sport. You’re probably old and dumb. Now don’t talk about my dad nor my brother. (Puta)

  2. This also reminds me of the time Mike Tirico chased an inturn into the parking lot of a bar they were at, and tried to insert his penis into her 3/4 rolled up driver side window.
    Actually, it really does not remind me of that, but I hate Tirico, and ESPN, so fuggg off.

  3. As i recall it was a Fox national broadcast that got JMJ’s father confused with some dude in a Panama shirt.

  4. He just threw in “Phillies Broadcast” because he remembers people talking about it, he doesn’t actually watch the games….

    1. Don’t fucking judge my dad. And you right he don’t watch aka he can’t see first off all but he can hear so he listen with his eyes. Also it’s a basketballs not baseball or football.

  5. It was a “Phillies broadcast”, maybe against the Mets, maybe on a Sunday, maybe a night game.

  6. actually “get it right” it was against the Yankees, in NY, during the day

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