UPDATE: Evan Mathis May Become A Bird Of A Different Feather

Update – 1:03 pm: Reuben Frank shared this bit of news with us on the Evan Mathis situation.


Update – 12:04 pm: Jeff McLane is reporting that the Eagles have also made a competitive offer.


Yeah, cliches!

It's far from a lock that Evan Mathis will be an Eagle next year. After spending time in Baltimore during the young free agency period, it looks like Mathis will decide between the Eagles and the Ravens. Mathis tweeted this minutes ago and ESPN vulture Adam Schefter retweeted:


Dave Zangaro from CSNPhilly.com posted a story today where Howie Roseman stated that they would like to see Mathis back with the Eagles next year. They may have to up their offer in order to keep him. Mathis's tweet indicates that Baltimore probably has the stronger offer.

Depsite my feelings, his play last year was impressive in 15 games. Baltimore may be offering a deal with a few years on it, which could give Mathis some job security he hasn't been used to during his NFL career. That's merely speculation on my part, but it would make sense considering his positive sentiments in the tweet.

If he does join the Ravens, it will be fifth NFL team. I imagine he wouldn't mind staying in the same place for more than a couple of years. He might not mind a fresh start, either, after getting a taste of controversy in City of Brotherly Love.


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  1. Is he flying home to pray with his family for the strength to make the right deal?

  2. Twitter man Mathis is a product of old man Howard Mudd’s system. With that being said- Mathis can Beat It!!!!!!!!!!!!! getttt getttttttt

  3. The offensive line was one of the only bright-spots of last season, leave it to the eagles front office, with 20mil+ in cap space, to fuck it up.

  4. Bill –
    Lock what up? You mean the 2nd best OL due to the system and coach he played under? Yeah, I thought so. You don’t overspend on Evan fuckin’ Mathis.

  5. Evan Mathis was highly regarded in Cinci….and was brought here because Mudd worked with him in Indy. The notion that he’s a dime a dozen is a joke. Mudd obviously thinks highly of him and his play last year was great. Flourished under Mudd and could continued to get better as the season went on.
    Mudd is a great OL coach, but I’d rather lock up a guy that did produce then take a chance on a new one.

  6. Also, Mathis didn’t allow a sack in Cinci during the 2009 & 2010 seasons….so he has been in good other systems.

  7. I shake a f*cking tree in Howard Mudd’s back yard & a Evan Mathis type player will fall out

  8. He played awesome next to Peters. Who f*cking cares if he’s a dime a dozen (which he’s not) as long as its consistent and effective. Unlike us, the Eagles front office makes rational decisions, not emotional ones.

  9. he graded out to be one of our best players on the field last year, regardless of position. I think having him back is important. Never heard his name called, which is a good thing for a lineman.

  10. Looks like you are all asshole MORONS!!! DOPES!!! NITWITS!!!! Eagles signed him….locked him up, good move!!!! Not all of you, but most…..you will be loving the Eagles when we are playing in the SB next year too. Then, you will go back to your real screen name and be the FRAUD you are!!!!

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