Hey, is Chase Utley in the Lineup Today?

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26 Responses

  1. Chase Utley: “You guys might not see me in the lineup on a daily basis, so don’t freak out if that happens.”
    Phillies fans everywhere: ***freak out***

  2. For what it’s worth Utley’s name is highlighted with only players that are available. Looks like he’ll see some action today.

  3. he’s not anywhere on the “available position players” so i doubt it.
    tuffy– “daily basis” is different than not playing at all and not taking fielding practice.

  4. He IS taking fielding practice, I’ve seen him. I’m not at the carpenter complex everyday but the days that I’ve been there I’ve seen him out there taking both batting and fielding practice. He looks fine, doesn’t seen to be restricted at all in his movement or range. Then again, maybe he just hides it well.

  5. Tha fuck do you people want? Is it more fun trying to stir something out of nothing? They said they’re working him in slowly – this is him being worked in slowly. I don’t know what to tell you mouth breathers….

  6. Thank you TID for a breath of sanity. I’ve been getting sick and tired of people whining that Utley hasn’t played in a spring training game yet. It’s fucking spring training! Who cares? I’d much rather have Utley playing October than March.

  7. Well said TID. And Charlie even said that he wants to get Utley about 30 or so at bats in spring training…so we’ll probably be seeing him more this weekend/next week.

  8. “Calm down, my knees are fine… wait did I say knees… I meant, knee. Yeah… just one of them. I’m good. There’s only 100 games this year anyway, right?”

  9. So done. Look at our 3 hole hitter. Even the nats have a legit 3 hole hitter. Our fucking 3 hole hitter has chronic knee tendinitis. No matter what he does, he’ll always be weighed down now. Would be absolutely surprised if this isn’t his last year. It’s just something no one ever fully recovers from in their life. Not to be a Debbie downer

  10. Yeah, his knees are so bad he went for an inside-the-park HR last year. A bunch of fuckin’ idiots. His knees are so bad he also had 6 triples and 14 SB’s in 400 AB and STILL has an OBP in the mid-300’s. And that was in a year when he was coming OFF surgery and the like. What a bunch of fuckin’ mongoloids….

  11. Bravo, TID! Couldn’t have said it better myself. It’s laughable to the point of pathetic how so-called fans are already panicking in March, not July, not August or September, but MARCH! Unbelievable!

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