I’ll See You At The Tiki Bar

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I’m heading to Clearwater through Monday. Not to work, but to get drunk and darken my pasty blogger skin. 

You’ll be in good hands. Drew and old faithful, Ryan Gillon, will be here to comfort you in my absence, which I’m sure will be very traumatic for you. And by traumatic, I mean you’re sanity will be restored with four days sans dick jokes.

I’ll see you at the Tiki Bar.


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  1. You mean we won’t get to hear anymore soap opera stories about sports players for the rest of the week?

  2. my boy Mellonhead was there last weekend & he said the local chicks are all DTF

  3. what up Bernie.
    we got hockey action & rumors of Briere sending his pecker via the text to that skank Gina Lynn Yo

  4. Jose, what up yo…I just got done bangin the LIMA, hope Harry doesn’t mind….she had beautiful hair

  5. Hi guys, I would love to make it down to Clearwater, but I am hard into training for my next date with death….er, I mean eating competition. I need to dope myself up on Lasix suppositories in order to thin my blood out some more, and I need to go to Europe to get this experimental procedure done for my, obvious, diabetes problem. But when I look down at a plate of chicken wing bones, I know that all of this is worth it. I mean, with out risking my health for drunken slobs, strippers, and radio personalities who could care less if I live or die, where would I be?
    Well, gotta go, Angelo loves getting a blumpkin in stall three at the WIP studios on Friday. And if I am not there, he will stop paying for my hypertension drugs!!!

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