Ilya Bryzgalov Has a “Chip Fracture” in His Foot

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Finally, a goaltender who may or may not be able to carry the Flyers in the playoffs and…. he has a “chip fracture” in his right foot. He is listed as day-to-day.

According to those in attendance, Bryz was noticeably limping around the locker room after last night’s game.

The Flyers’ Tweet doesn't make the injury appear extremely serious… but Chris Pronger also had, like, a cough before what is now a career-threatening concussion. So there's really no telling how much, if any, impact this will have on Bryz's availability for the playoffs.

And yes, this means we could see the Big Bear himself, Michael Leighton, this season.

Welcome to Philadelphia, where it's always sunny.

Speaking of feet, Chase Utley's presumed replacement, Freddy Galvis, has a "brusied left foot." He is also day-to-day.


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  1. He’ll miss a month. Chances of beating the Pens or Rangers with Bobrovsky as the goalie–0.0

  2. We’re fucked six ways to Sunday without Bryz in the playoffs. Hopefully he’ll be ready.

  3. He’s not missing a month. A chip fracture isn’t as serious for a guy who stays in the same 6 foot circle all day as it would be for someone who does a lot of running and jumping.

  4. If they are even admitting there is an injury, than his season must be in doubt.
    Who do you have to deep throat around here to get a healthy group of starters at playoff time??

  5. Anybody else see the potential this injury has???
    They lose Bryz for a couple games. Bob has to play.. or they call up one of the Phantoms goalies…
    Maybe Marty and the Devils go on a tear.
    We fall from 5th to 6th.. we play Florida in the 1st round after Bryz is healthy again… Jersey has to face either NY or Pitt.. maybe they can play the spoiler role and knock one of those 2 teams out.. and the Flyers make it past the 1st round easily.
    Just a thought- not likely but stranger things have happened….

  6. @Bryz injury news
    To respond to the comments about the flyers having injury after injury, I did some digging. Turns out that the flyers spend the least amount of money in the entire league on equipment. I think that people might be on to something when they state that Mr. Snider is cheap. He keeps this up he is going to have a lawsuit on his hands.
    Time for the fans to stand up against this outrage. The league needs to allow these guys to wear better/safe equipment. I for one refuse to go to any more games until the players safety is considered

  7. Screw the Cubs … Philly is the town with the Curse. If you chronicled every season in the last 20 years in Philadelphia it would make you puke. Something always seems to go awry. Always stars as “no big deal” but ends up dooming us. Case in point … Phillies 8 game losing streak after clinching last year. No big deal everyone said — Turns out it was a BIG DEAL!
    Flyers are going to need every weapon for a tough playoff run that would most likely go through Pittsburgh & NY at some point. No Bryz ane we’ll see a repeat of 2011. Never forget when Milbury cited a long standing “organizational failure” at goaltending as the reason this franchise has not hoisted the Cup in 36 years.

  8. I don’t think the team pays for equipment. Don’t pro players get their equipment for free from suppliers?

  9. @Coma
    Unfortunately that is a common misconception. I was just as appalled as you are when I saw the news

  10. I have to agree with “Fast” Eddie Murphy. He is committed to player safety and is usually on point with his posts. Snider is cheap. If Bryz was wearing the right skates, this would not have happened. On top of this, we all know Bryz is a big fuckin pussy who won’t play hurt.

  11. Well put, Kyle’s Mom. You could deepthroat me if you’d like. Or lick me?

  12. One can only hope this is career ending. Then that ridikalus contract can get off the books. Bob will be the game one starter hopefully. Bryz is back to his bad ways anyway….. giving up 5 goals last night. Losing 5-2 to a non-playoff team has to fall on the goalies shoulders.
    Also, is there any women on here that can make me a steak? I never got my damn eggs from the pig Jess. You get yours 3 Finger?

  13. Why does this Edward Murphy asshole care about the pads and safety so much? He’s gotta be a real douche.

  14. Bryz looks like he’s back to his old ways. Still chaps my ass Mr.Snider gave him a 11 year, 51 million contract

  15. I only care because I am sick and tired of seeing player after player go down with an injury due to shotty cheap inadequate equipment and fear that a player is eventually going to lose their life as a result. Our best defenseman’s life is ruined because of the plastic helmet that the team provided him with. Believe me when I tell you that I am not the only one with these concerns.

  16. I hear ya Ed Murph. I wish tht moron ed snider was as passionate as you over these equipment concerns

  17. Bryz didn’t give up 5 goals the other night. Briere and Carle gave up one each and one was an empty netter. He’ll be fine. Nothing a few shots of vodka can’t take care of.

  18. @Dan theman
    Dont bother replying to Thomas he is 10 years old and only plays hockey on the xbox. You should be able to figure that out by his posts. There is no help for that kid.
    Only an idiot would blame bryz for giving up 5 goals when one was an empty netter lol…
    Where is the guy that said Tampa would be stupid not to trade Stamkos for Matt Read because Read is younger (25 yo) than Stamkos (22 yo)?

  19. speaking of cheap idiots
    I remember the first practice that Chris aka Chirp (corny) showed up for at La Salle. He was wearing street hockey goalie equipment. He wondered why he sucked and never got to play

  20. Ohhhhhhh…….how times have changed here in Bandwagon county, Ilya-Delphia, Pence-sylvania!!!!!
    3 weeks ago 74 or 75% (pun) of you GAVE UP ON YOUR GOALIE, now 97% (pun) of you are right back swinging from his Jock!!!! I wonder how many FRAUDS know what the (3 puns) mean?
    I do and I even like the Rangers, Flyers, Devils, Bruins and Canucks and I still know what it means!

  21. Chirp is so clueless. He thinks he cool because he sits on his CPU in his panties and reads hockey players’ ages. It’s people like him that made me stop posting on this site.
    Bottom line is that the Lightning would have probably made that trade. Read has a bigger upside than Stamkos. Think about it, what you see is what you get with Stamkos. He’s probably not gonna get any better. Read has a tremendous upside. Could be one of the top players in the league, and he’s a rookie. His wrist shot is off the hook.
    Also, had the Flyers gotten Stamkos and Nash, they win that game Monday 6-5 no doubt.
    I bet Snider was counting his money that he saved by not getting Nash and Stamkos.
    On another note, xfinity live looks incredible on the website.

  22. You’ll be riding something, I’m sure of that Jess.
    You really belong in the kitchen though, but I’ll let you out to ride.

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