Ilya Bryzgalov: “I’m tough and Russian”

Screen Shot 2012-03-30 at 3.13.14 PM
You motherfucking funny fucking Russian, you. Stop winning me over. Stop it!

Ilya Bryzgalov practiced today after suffering a chip fracture in his foot earlier this week. Besides it being a good sign for his health, his presence also meant that we got video of our nutty goalie speaking to reporters! (!!!)

Did it feel good to be back out there?

"Yes, we have a great group of guys, you know. It’s like a big family, you know. You know, like… and… uh… we’re always happy to see each other. And I doesn’t see them for like 36 hour, and I miss them very much."

When you found out there was a little fracture, did that shock you? 

"You know, I felt pain all game. And in the morning, it was same thing. It was not getting any better and, like, I thought probably maybe something wrong. That’s why we get MRI. We find the fracture in my foot, unfortunately. But, maybe, I don’t know. I was lucky it was not that bad because I’m tough and Russian." 


And then there was this: 

Screen Shot 2012-03-30 at 2.58.33 PM 

My God, it's like when Steve Nebraska yelled for Albert Brooks in The Scout. Al!!! ALLLLLLL!!!!!

We’ll try to find video (or audio) of that part. But, for now, watch Bryz talk about being tough… and Russian. Just give it a little jump. Be careful, though, I don’t want you to break your foot.

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  1. RH I was about to post the link to your comment…but you beat me to it. Hat’s off Sir.

  2. Well I am drunk and Irish.
    Now, who wants their salad tossed??

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