Ilya Bryzgalov is So Lovable When He Stops the Puck

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What a better way to start of the week, the first full one on your March calendar, than by showing video of an upbeat Ilya Bryzgalov, who recorded his third shutout of the season in the Flyers' 1-0 over the lowly Caps last night. 

The Flyers PR department did their very best to place him in historic company:

Ilya Bryzgalov recorded his third shutout of the season.  He is just the third Flyers goaltender to record three shutouts in a season since the lockout (Biron 5, 07-08; Emery 3, 09-10). 


That’s some lofty company there… Biron and a nutcase. Anyway, kudos to Bryz. He almost looked like top tier goalie last night. Go with, Bryz. Go with that.

Delightful Bryzisms after the jump.


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  1. I still don’t trust that p_ssy Bryz but it was an encouraging sign to see him play well

  2. Love it. People bitched and bitched and bitched that Bryz never steals a game, never bails out his D. While the D played fairly well last night, they didn’t play amazing, and Bryz did bail them out at times. OH, and he stole a game.
    But “even a blind squirrel finds a nut,” “I still don’t trust that pussy,” and the kicker, Kyle saying “he almost looked like top tier goalie.”
    What, exactly, does a top tier goalie look like, then? Shuts out out the team, fights their goon and scores goals? Jesus. He wasn’t almost a top tier goalie last night, he WAS a top tier goalie. Give credit where credit is due. Shit.

  3. Jt, it’s the end of the regular season and he finally won a game for the flyers that they should of lost. That’s why it’s amazing. I’m goalie, it’s your job to be the backbone of your team and always keep your team in a position to win the game. For the longest time he had an atrocious gaa and save%. There isn’t a huge difference in goalies anymore, everyone is so cookie cutter. The same thing. But guys like henrik, they don’t give up a bad goal every night. That’s the difference.

  4. Ok guys, I’m setting the line at 3.5 for the O/U on the number of paragraphs in the know nothing about hockey JT’s next post. Window is open.

  5. That is three (3) more shutouts than we had all of last season.
    If anyone had told you that we’d shut out the Caps on the road without Kimmo & Mezsaros on D (!), you’d have to be pretty happy about that, right?
    Bryz played a great game last night. If he keeps that up, the Flyers will do some serious damage.

  6. Lauren-
    I’m not saying he was good all year. I understand his struggles. I’m just saying, the negative posts dismissing this as nothing more than luck or a blind squirrel finding a nut are stupid. He played really well and IF he can get on a roll where he plays like this (he’s played better since January 1), the Flyers could be in great shape for the playoffs (as I, the know nothing about hockey, and Chirp, the other know nothing about hockey, have been saying all year, and getting ripped for). There’s no need for the negativity today, it was a great win that was won by Bryz. Enjoy it.
    Thomas- I’ll take the under.

  7. It was a good performance. It was nice to see the team finally win a game like that. I really enjoyed at the end when the Caps pulled their goalie and the Flyers were STILL pressing on offense. It was a good game and I hope they can keep it up.

  8. I’m more surprised that Kyle is taking over the WIP morning show (the only reason I heard mention of it was because my iPhone battery died, the country station was on commercial, Howard Stern wasn’t on yet, and I hadn’t reached Exit 10 on the Turnpike, when the Philly stations fade out)

  9. @Lauren-get back to your household chores & let the men(minus chirp & jt) discuss hockey

  10. Hey dumbfucks, would you rather Bryz get hot in October or at the end of the season? They need to let him play almost every game from here on out, the only chance we have to go balls deep in the playoffs is if this crazy Russian fuck plays out of his mind.

  11. Well, I’m glad Bryzgalov showed the brilliance in net that he’s capable of displaying, the brilliance that earned him that $51 million dollar contract.

  12. Winning a 1-0 shutout with 34 saves is pretty much the definition of a stolen game. He’s played well the past few games and if they continue to play him he’ll improve. Maybe if everyone just stopped trying to think of the coolest way to shit on Bryz in the comments section, something intelligent would come out.
    BTW, Thomas, no one gives a shit about over unders. Comment on the article or fuck off.

  13. I was waiting to see people JUMP back on his Wagon but I still see there’s a couple non-pussy-getting miserable bitches on here…..I’ve been saying it ALL YEAR and I will NOT let the FRAUDS back on his nuts…..keep calling for BOB…..stay Negative, Philly!!!
    In other news, did you see your ALL-STAR, Iggy?

  14. It’s possible to be disappointed with bryz’s performance for the first 50 games and yet still be positive with his recent run. He hasn’t blown the year yet, chill

  15. @J.T.
    Let it go man. I was stupid enough to try and do the same thing you are doing.
    You can’t teach typical Flyers fan anything about hockey. They are too stupid to comprehend things like, Defense, Clearing the porch, team defense, back checking, d-zone assignments, and don’t even try discussing the point of stretching a contract out so the cap hit is lower.
    When they win everyone is happy and the offense gets the credit. When they lose its the goalies fault. Philly is full of simple minded fans. They look at the scoreboard and see we won or lost and can’t dig much deeper than that. If we give up more goals our goalie sucks. They see a number, $51 million, and cant wrap their minds around the fact that the number is so high cause its stretched out over a long period to bring a cap hit down…
    Keep it simple JT they get angry when you start talking about things they cant comprehend.
    To prove my point please look below this post at all the one liners that say I am “Clueless” or know nothing about hockey…lol
    Stop talking about basketball…worst sport in the world.

  16. ummmmmmmmmmm since when does counting a preseason game count as a ‘shut out’ in the season???? its only his SECOND shut out??? i’m so confused as to how that counts… every sport its all ‘oohhh preseason doesnt count, doesnt mean anything’ and suddenly bryz has THREE shut outs cause he shut out the leafs in the first preseason game?? even has him listed with 3.. am i missing something here?? then lets add in all the plays goals/assists from preseason too… somebody help a sister out and explain this to me…….

  17. @Briana – He’s got three in the regular season.
    October 6 – Philadelphia 3, New Jersey 0
    February 7 – NY Islanders 1, Philadelphia 0 (SO)
    March 4 – Philadelphia 1, Washington 0
    That’s counting the shutout from the Islanders game where he carried it into the shootout, where he lost.

  18. Chirp…Shut the fuck up. If you’re using internet commenters/trolls as a basis to judge flyers fans, then thats fuckin stupid. Most flyers fans know what the hell theyre talking about. Theres no reason anyone should have been happy with Bryz up until the past couple weeks. Defense, back checking and assignments weren’t always terrible, and Bryz was worse than his defense on a lot of occasions. His post-game language/body language on the ice were somber at best, his reflexes were that of a 93 year old, and you couldn’t trust him to stop a tumbleweed if his life depended on it. You don’t bench a goalie from a game like the Winter Classic that is just in a little slump. There was no reason to just assume he was going to turn it on.
    And stop acting like Philly fans are a disease and that you’re some sort of exception. Broad Street Hockey did a piece on Bryz when he was getting booed off the ice by flyers fans. In it, they asked writers/reporters from other major hockey cities if their fans would be this hard on Bryz, and they all gave a resounding ‘Yes’. Not everyones an optimist, especially when it comes to goalies in this town, doesn’t mean they’re frauds. And just because you had blind faith doesnt mean you’re any fuckin better than someone who was pissed.
    And as far as his contract, everyone was/is focused on the big numbers because they represent a big commitment. With this teams goalie woes, can you really blame people for being frightened by a guy that just signed a 9 year contract, who will be here for at LEAST a third of that contract that was playing and acting the way he was?
    And most people aren’t going to give our high caliber offense (which has been sucking lately) a whole lot of credit for the past couple of games. Girouxs been turning it over a lot lately, they all seem to like trying to dipsydoo their way into the zone through 3 defensemen instead of dumping or passing it, and Danny Briere is dying. Not to mention that things wont get any easier with our top two offensive Dmen out indefinitely.
    I’ve been as hard on Bryz as anyone, and was hoping for him to start playing as he has been for the past string of games. The bad goals haven’t been there as much, and he actually stole one for us last night. First time all season. His reflexes are much quicker; no more slouchy body language and he generally looks a lot more crisp and in control. I’m not completely sold on him being out of the woods yet, but if he keeps this up then I’ll be there in no time. I’ll gladly accept a lost 3/4s of a season if he turns on his game from here on into the playoffs.

  19. I feel shame using the handle Schtick Coma when “Chirp” is holding it down.

  20. breezy looked great. i hope he keeps it up. no one gets on him for not winning every game, it is when he lets up unbelievably soft goals and the flyers have to play from behind. i hope they start playing harder in the first 10 minutes of every game. last night wasnt a good example of that, but atleast they kept the puck out of the net

  21. Pete-
    Why do you think it was blind faith that me and Chirp knew Bryz had this in him? We were both saying all year “yeah, he’s playing poorly now, but goaltending goes in cycles, he’ll get better, he’ll get hot, it’s better if that happens at the end of the year.” That’s not blind faith, that’s having actually seen the talent Bryz has and knowing it would come out one day.
    Blind faith is believing the Eagles will win the Super Bowl under Andy Reid. Blind faith was NOT saying Bryz wasn’t as bad as he had played all year. Just because you dismissed it when we said it doesn’t mean it was not true.
    I don’t agree wholeheartedly with Chirp’s ripping of the Philly fans, but he has some legitimate points. And, you say we’re allowed to be sensitive to poor goalie play because we’ve seen such horrible play for so many years. I say that takes away from you looking at the situation objectively, which is what I (and, I would think, Chirp) have been trying to do all year. It’s not blind faith. It’s stepping back and looking at the bigger picture than a 30 game span through an early part of a season. The people that said “Bryz is a complete disaster, worst contract in Philly history, he’s never been and never will be good”… THAT was blind criticism. And I’m glad that Bryz is starting to shut those people up.

  22. @mikey .. THANK YOUU!!!! makes perfect sense now. i completely forgot that still counts as a shut out for him due to the outcome!! i feel less crazy now…. lol

  23. I agree to some extent about your points about my blind faith comment (especially the Eagles jab). I was mainly just responding to Chirps nonsense. I agree about people saying he’ll never be good/worst contract and all that.
    And I get that goaltending, along with other things in hockey, goes in cycles…But hes just starting to (hopefully) get his groove together and its March. Thats almost a full season of inconsistent play. A whole season of bad goaltending could be backbreaking to this teams cup chances (which is also a sensitive spot, cause we havent had one in almost 40 years). I’ve said before that we have a lot of young talent, but how long are we going to have the veterans on this team playing at a good level, or hartsy scoring 30+ goals a season? Why should fans just sit by idly and say “better luck next year Bryz” when guys like Kimmo and Jagr could just keel over at any moment (pronger already has!). Imagine what our record might look like if he had played this way for most of the year.
    Goalies have their slumps and down years like any other player. But for a guy that was given that lofty of a contract, to play that badly for a long period of time, I don’t think its surprising to have people be mad at him or apprehensive of his current streak of good play.
    And I bring up our history of goalies as proof of that. What do you expect? Fans to just collectively sigh and give him a pat on the back when he lets in a softie from the blue line, by a defensive guy who has 2 goals all season? I think most people that were criticizing Bryz, save for the obvious “hes the worst signing in history” people, were doing so objectively. You can be mad and still have your wits about you. All I’m saying is that its not fair to jump on people for their emotions over Bryz this season, ( for the idiots talking about a hockey apocalypse because of the signing or the people just saying you dont know anything about hockey) given that a couple generations of flyers fans haven’t seen a cup winning hockey team.

  24. These idiots and their long-winded posts are getting on my nerves. This is the comments section, not the novel section.
    Anyway, one thing we should all agree on is that Bryz’s contract is only a problem because Snider is cheap all of a sudden. In prior years, he’d just buy another player, but for some reason, he’s too busy polishing his pennies then putting a decent team together (see the non trades for Nash, Webber and Sutter for examples of his cheapness).

  25. @Merschen- They think Kyle grades their posts.
    – All that p*ssy Eddie Snider cares about is the kind of bank he will be making this spring/summer for xfinity live.

  26. It was a good game by Bryz. This is the goalie we signed up for. He needs to keep playing like this, whatever he did.
    I know you can’t be on EVERY game, it happens. I hope he’s turning the corner.

  27. Pete- I agree with a lot of what you said, and I do understand the frustration. I’ve never said Bryz should get a pass, just that we should look at the impact we have on his confidence and maybe adjust our behavior for his benefit, which would turn into our benefit. That’s a debate we’ve had and don’t need to go into again, but that’s where a lot of my opinion stems from.
    Well done showing your knowledge. Snider is not cheap- the Flyers are close to the cap as they are every year. You do know there is a salary cap in the NHL, right? And it’s Weber and Suter.
    3 Finger Lenny-
    If the posts were being graded, you’d get an “I” because your posts lack any kind of useful information, opinion or talk. Try again.

  28. @Thomas…how is he cheap? There is a cap and the Flyers are up against it every season? You do realize to get those guys he would have had to trade youth and talent right? Cooter, Read, JVR, Bob, Schenn…incase you didnt notice Weber and Suter went nowhere which means they are UFA at seasons end and the Flyers can sign them and lose nobody on the team right? What does Nash do for this team? #1 scoring team in the nhl what do we need him for? Come on man…
    @Pete, relax man. You clearly are not in the category of people I was referring too. As JT said, I never said Bryz was having an awesome year, he has been awful, but he can be better and I knew he would be better. Plus I am not simple minded. I can watch a game and see where they need help and I can see how bad the D has been and has not been helping him out.
    My comments go out to the idiots who wanted to trade him, wanted to call it one of the worst signings in history, the guys who blame a loss on Bryz but when Bob plays its the D’s fault. Those are the idiots I was talking about.
    The media saw plenty of openings to attack bryz and they did and the philly fans ate it up. That is what Philly fans do, they listen to the media and just go with it.
    Nobody wants to blame anyone else on the team for their terrible play. Half a dozen players we could call out but we don’t. We pick one guy to be the scapegoat….bryz.

  29. .915 save percentage in 2012. Not great, not horrible. Bryzgalov had a crap October and December that are killing his numbers. He actually looked humongous big in the net last night. He’s a pretty big guy, bigger than Lundqvist, believe it or not, and actually is starting to look it.

  30. Chirp/J.T.(not sure what you want us to call you), Weber is a restricted free agent after the year. My god you are so stupid. Get out of your bubble known as philadelphia and follow the game on a national level. It might help your education of the sport.
    Bryz is the scape goat b/c for the majority of the year he has been their worst player. PERIOD!

  31. bryz just has the type of attitude where you love him when we win and hate him when we lose

  32. @Rob…if you actually follow the NHL you would have already heard that everyone around the league is already saying they will not be able to keep Suter and Weber. Weather you want to believe it or not I am willing to guarantee one of them is gone this off season. If I had to guess I would say Weber because hes a restricted free agent so there is the possibility someone will come along and put an offer sheet in and Nashville will get some great compensation…Thanks for playing backup goalie.

  33. I love that people keep using “he has 3 shutouts this season which is more than all of last season” as an actual valid point. Thank God he has more than last season! I’m pretty sure if the front office was happy with the way last season’s goalies played, they wouldn’t have signed Bryz to a contract worth $51 million. Boucher could have put up those same numbers this year and been paid about $850,000.
    But what do I know?

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