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Trying to find longer video, but here’s a short clip of LeSean McCoy’s appearance on SportsCenter this morning. He is one of the 32 finalists for the Madden 13 cover (jinx!), squaring off against Reggie Bush in the first round, and had this to say: 

“The Dream Team this year… [inaudible] guaranteeing a championship, and I would love to be on the Madden cover. I’ve played since I was a little boy, so vote for me.”


NBC Philadelphia heard: "I'm on the 'Dream Team,' this year we're guaranteeing a championship."

Many people quickly Tweeted about his “guarantee,” including ESPN producer Jason Romano, who deleted an initial Tweet and followed up with this: Talking to Shady, he says that the guarantee on SportsCenter was for the Madden Cover championship. Not the Super Bowl.”

Yeah, I’m not so sure. There’s no context in this video (yet), but you can judge for yourself. It certainly sounds like a Dream Team-Super Bowl guarantee double-combo power move if I’ve ever heard one, which will cause the rest of the league to just salivate. Great.

UPDATE: McCoy just retweeted this:

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I guess he was guaranteeing a Super Bowl. Take cover, Eagles fans.

Video after the jump.

H/T to (@theRobGreco