Video: LeSean McCoy Guarantees a Super Bowl Championship on SportsCenter

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Trying to find longer video, but here’s a short clip of LeSean McCoy’s appearance on SportsCenter this morning. He is one of the 32 finalists for the Madden 13 cover (jinx!), squaring off against Reggie Bush in the first round, and had this to say: 

“The Dream Team this year… [inaudible] guaranteeing a championship, and I would love to be on the Madden cover. I’ve played since I was a little boy, so vote for me.”


NBC Philadelphia heard: "I'm on the 'Dream Team,' this year we're guaranteeing a championship."

Many people quickly Tweeted about his “guarantee,” including ESPN producer Jason Romano, who deleted an initial Tweet and followed up with this: Talking to Shady, he says that the guarantee on SportsCenter was for the Madden Cover championship. Not the Super Bowl.”

Yeah, I’m not so sure. There’s no context in this video (yet), but you can judge for yourself. It certainly sounds like a Dream Team-Super Bowl guarantee double-combo power move if I’ve ever heard one, which will cause the rest of the league to just salivate. Great.

UPDATE: McCoy just retweeted this:

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I guess he was guaranteeing a Super Bowl. Take cover, Eagles fans.

Video after the jump.

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  1. did we not learn our lesson on referring to the eagles as the “dream team”? and for fucks sake, the last thing we need is shady suffering from the madden curse. vote for tebow.

  2. Pretty sure I’m not worried about made up concepts like karma and epic downfalls from avarice. I’m happy the team is confident, go birds

  3. LeSean McCoy is not Vince Young. LeSean McCoy is good. That’s all the difference you need.

  4. Awesome. Will it be his left or right ACL he blows out on his first carry this year?

  5. Does anyone in the sports world know what the word ‘guarantee” means? just because some dope says the word guarantee doesn’t make it so…
    stop repeating dumb shit
    Noun: A formal promise or assurance (typically in writing) that certain conditions will be fulfilled, esp. that a product will be repaired or…
    Verb: Provide a formal assurance or promise, esp. that certain conditions shall be fulfilled relating to a product, service, or transaction.
    How in the fucking world can an athlete guarantee anything ???

  6. who cares! Every player should say “We are going to win the Superbowl” before the season starts..
    What are they gonna say?
    “Umm, I see us winning a playoff game this year”…
    WTF, non story

  7. Madden Curse isnt non sense do the research, maybe 2 guys on the cover have had good seasons

  8. LOL Lady Gaga McCoy talks stupid again, just like the rest of the Egirls. Keep talking Boys while Giants keep winning rings!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. CLEARLY being sarcastic when he said it… It was actually quite funny. I even said to myself when I saw it live: “Man, the Media is sure going to take this one out of context and just run the quote w/ none of the actual context behind it.” Sure enough…

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