"I'm going to throw this now… it'll get there eventually."

The man will not quit.

Jamie Moyer pitched four perfect innings for the Rockies last night in his bid to earn a spot in the Rockies Major League rotation. The old dog keeps reinventing his tricks, and showing that he's still a fuckin' boss.

Per Yahoo! Sports:

Moyer, a 24-year veteran who has won 267 major league games with seven teams, went to a three-ball count only twice and 30 of his 45 pitchers were strikes.

“Was I quick enough for you tonight,” Moyer joked after a typical outing with pin-point control and a below 80-mph fastball. “At this stage it’s all about progress, making a little bit each time. I feel I moved forward tonight.”

His fastball doesn't reach 80 miles per hour.

One more time…

His fastball doesn't reach 80 miles per hour… and hitters don't know what to do about it.

Moyer was a leader in the clubhouse with the Phillies, often telling the younger pitchers that they were fighting to take his spot on the roster. He might be saying much of the same to some of the youngins in Colorado this year.

If he makes this squad, no one is surprised anymore. I'm convinced that he wants to win 300 games and that's why he keeps going. It's almost impossible because he is 33 away, but Moyer is persistent as all hell.

He won't make that goal, but it's pretty awesome to see him try, if, in fact that is where he's aiming.