Joe Amendola Will File to Have Charges Against Jerry Sandusky Dropped

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Hey, here’s an idea: When you have no defense to 52 counts of sexually abusing boys, file a motion to have charges dropped!

Joe Amendola, the worst attorney in the world and the man charged with defending Jerry Sandusky, had his request that prosecutors provide more specific details (like, dates) denied yesterday. Judge Cleland, citing previous cases, ruled that while such details are part of “fundamental fairness embedded in our legal process,” there are exceptions to be made in sexual offenses against a child.

In short, the prosecution doesn’t have to provide specific dates, mostly because it’s unlikely that the kids will be able to remember them.

So, Amendola announced that he will file to have the charges dropped: [via The Daily Collegian]

Jerry Sandusky’s attorney plans to file a motion to have charges dropped after a judge denied the attorney’s request for a more specific bill of particulars on Tuesday.

According to a statement issued by Defense Attorney Joe Amendola, a motion will likely be filed next week to have charges against the former defense coordinator dropped. Sandusky is charged with 52 counts of sexually abusing boys.


Good luck with that, Joe.

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20 Responses

  1. I heard on the news last night this trial won’t happen until May??!! Can’t we move this asshole to the front of the line or something?

  2. Sadly this is a common motion on cases with only witness testiomony that is from a long time ago and based on the witness being a kid at the time. I am calling it now the DA is going to screw this up. Its already difficult to convict a person after years have passed and with this much pressure to rush the trial its just asking for a Casey Anthony turn out. When this trial fails and he is let go blame the right person, the shitty DA and the Attorney General of PA.

  3. We all know Jerry is a dirtbag, but I’m actually with him on this.
    You have to give the guy a shot to defend himself.
    “Kids wont remember the dates.” Well that’s convenient isn’t it?
    Again I know he’s scum but if it were my case I’d want to be able to make sure I can look into whether I was even around on these supposed dates.

  4. To be fair, as a Defendant, you don’t need any defense at all. Burden of proof is on the prosecution’s shoulders. Jerry and Joe could sit there all trial not saying anything, and if the Borough can’t prove more than “well these 10 kids said Jerry molested them”, with no proof of dates, locations, or even some identities of the victims, then chances are he would walk

  5. no doubt that at some point, someone is going to have to prove something. but there’s no way the judge drops the charges, there 52 of them.

  6. Really though? How many posts have you had about the Penn State scandal, Mets mishaps, and other such crap when you won’t even mention the fact that Temple is in the NCAA tournament? Hey how about mentioning that Simmonds and Schenn picked Temple to win? Even though that’s very very very unlikely you could actually talk about two PHILLY. SPORTS. at one time. Or does Crossing N. Broad not matter to you? C’mon man.

  7. Doesn’t matter. Even if Sandusky avoids doing jail time, he’s already been tried and convicted in the court of public opinion which, in some cases, is MUCH harsher than the actual court of law. Bottom line, short of relocating to a mountaintop in Tibet, Sandusky will never be able to go anywhere without being seen through angry and suspicious eyes as what he truly is: a child molester.
    By the by, look for Temple to make it to the second round. You read it here first.

  8. Temple gets to the sweet 16.
    Fry em’ botj. Amendola knocked up a 16 year old when he was 49. Of couse he wants the charges dropped. He doesn’t see the problem here…

  9. To be fair, most of Fran’s one and done’s came with Penn… it’s a different animal when you are constantly going in as 12 or 13 seed… rather than a 5. That said, he does have a history and needs to at least win Friday night.

  10. Fatty – seriously? You expect a KID to remember dates?? The only thing kids know is if it’s warm or cold out, and if it’s a schoolday or a weekend. As in, how much time they have to play, and how much time is needed for other bullshit.

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