Jon Dorenbos is Going to Hollywood

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Dammit, Jon Dorenbos! Stop doing cool things.

The Eagles long snapper makes roughly $900,000 a year to snap a football. He's hired for paid speaking engagements as a magician. Married to sexy Julie Dorenbos. Involved in StrawAds, a company that puts… wait for it… ads on straws. And now he’s one of 20 NFL players taking part in a “Pro Hollywood Boot Camp.”


Job will join Terrell Suggs, Steven Jackson and others in a four-day camp that will teach NFL players many facets of the movie industry. From the release:

The four-day boot camp will offer a comprehensive overview of creative disciplines in the film industry including screen writing, directing, producing and film financing. Session leaders will be selected from among top industry executives and filmmakers and include multiple Academy Award-nominated director/producer/ screenwriter JOHN SINGLETON and writer/actor/directors ROBERT TOWNSEND and KEENEN IVORY WAYANS. Participants will have the opportunity to shoot and edit a short film at Universal Studios, the largest working motion picture studio in the world which offers 30 sound stages and 30 backlot movie sets where many legendary films have been shot.


Cool, I guess. 

Anyway, never before has someone milked the oft-overlooked long snapper position so brilliantly.

Well played, Jon Dorenbos. Well played


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  1. Awesome.
    Rich guys with everything handed to them for a decade getting more breaks.
    Can’t wait to see it.

  2. Fuck him, they should have let Harry Mays join the show….oh and I give better head then that blonde slut Julie

  3. I knew I shoudl have kept practicing my long snapping.
    Moyers wife is secretly pretty hot too!

  4. Jamie Moyer looks like he is finger fucking Dorenbos wife’s asshole in the photo…..Captain Jack style

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