Ladies: Goodbye, Meredith Marakovits and More Video of the Flyers’ Wives

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Marc Zumoff and Malik Rose are going to have to find a new 12-foot tall sidekick for Sixers games– Meredith Marakovits is leaving for the Yankees.

Comcast SportsNet Sixers sideline reporter Meredith Marakovits has been named the New York Yankees’ clubhouse reporter for the YES Network.

She will be part of Yankees’ telecasts, pregame and postgame shows, and the “Yankees Batting Practice Today” show. Marakovits will also appear on additional Yankees programming and will contribute to

Her last day with CSN is April 4. The Yankees’ season opener is April 6.


This sounds like an opening for CSN's new freelance spot-starter Sharla McBride. She's not gigantic. But, this:


Yeah, she would do well on the hardwood.

Speaking of the female gender and lackluster transitions, here’s a video, posted to YouTube today, from the Flyers Wives Fashion Show, which was held in January. We covered it extensively at the time… but more Lauren Pronger is always good Lauren Pronger.

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26 Responses

  1. Lol Rob House. Thanks for remembering the day I made Chirp cry.
    On another note, this bitch is an ugly cunt that should be in front of a stove instead of a camera.

  2. Dei Lynam was NEVER hot.
    She’s awful. Appearance and delivery.
    If her father wasn’t in some way involved in basketball like they keep telling us he is, she’d be on her ‘stoop’ in port richmond hosing off her steps and painting her bricks.

  3. She was phenomenal in person. TV doesn’t do her justice. And she was a decent sideline reporter. Just let Malik talk more in her absence.

  4. Every girl is somebody’s daughter. Meredith is the daughter of an old friend. There is no reason to say some of the awful things some of you are saying.

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