Lightning, Matt Carle Beat The Flyers

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One of these days Bryz had to give up more than two goals in game. The problem last night was that none of the Lightning’s three tallies coming after their second goal were Bryz’s fault. First there was a breakaway by Martin St. Louis to start the third period. 3-2 Bolts. Then Matt Carle floated a beautiful pass to Lightning forward JT Wyman, who briefly found himself in that Buick Unexpected Pleasures commercial* (for me? An insurance goal placed on my stick by the kindest defenseman in all the land? How unexpected.). 4-2.

*Next thing Wyman knew he was being serenaded by a bottomless ice girl and Peter Frampton in the Bolts’ locker room. Unexpected pleasures.

Matt Carle:

Q: Matt what happened there on that goal?

“I don’t know, I’d have to watch the replay but I don’t think I want to… so it’s kind of a give and go with Kimmo and I lost handle of it and it popped out in the front and Bryz didn’t see it.  It’s just one of those things where I think the sooner I put it behind me the better off I’ll be. Obviously it’s gut wrenching to have that happen and I just want to apologize to my teammates and all the fans and everybody that paid a ticket to come to the game tonight.  So it’s hard to swallow right now especially in a playoff race and where we are in the standings right now. Those are a huge two points that we needed.”


Thanks, Matt. 

Scott Hartnell would add his league-leading 16th power play goal, but it wouldn’t be enough as the Lighning iced the game with an empty-net goal. 5-3, other guys.

Full highlights are after the jump.


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  1. 1. Classy move by Carle.
    2. What this Flyers chick everyone keeps mentioning? Was it shown on tV? I was at the game and don’t remember anything.

  2. jose, i was on a plane to florida last thursday– need more info on flyers girl.

  3. This like this are what prevents Matt Carle from getting in that Porn Star strange like the rest of the room is.

  4. is there anyway that they can let the Devils pass them still ?
    they aint beating Pittsburgh
    Beez Nutz

  5. There are nights when you eat bear, and other nights when the bear eats you. Last night was a classic case of the latter. Hopefully, the Flyers will file that game in the mental trash can and move on.

  6. He made a mistake. It happens. It’s not like the rest of the team was defensively sound. Hard to blame Matt Carle solely. The apology doesn’t take back the goal, but it shows character. He didn’t try and blame Bryz for not paying attention or make excuses.
    You win as a team, and you lose as a team. Let’s hope they got their bad game out of their system last night and pick back up Thursday where they left off against Montreal on Saturday.

  7. Kyle, they showed her right before the opening face off, she was in the front row drinking a beer, blonde with nice flap jacks

  8. Classy move by Carle. Bryz wasn’t paying attention and if Briere didn’t hand the lightning 2 goals it wouldnt have been that bad. Briere is still my target for the loss last night and panthers game last week.

  9. I don’t particularly like Matt Carle, but I liked the character he showed by apologizing for the mishap. It doesn’t take it back, but it shows that he cares about this team and what happens.

  10. First, Jess, back in the kitchen girl. I am hungry so make me some scrambled eggs with some Rye toast. Now.
    Second, this headline should read “Lightning, Bryz, Carle” beat Flyers. They lost 5-2. Bryz giving up 5 goals isn’t gonna cut it come playoff time.

  11. @Thomas – Ummm, did you watch the game? Did you even pony up and watch the highlights before tapping the “Post” button dude? First goal was shorthanded. Fourth goal was Carle’s mistake which Bryz was facing the other way expecting his defenseman to take the puck back up the ice. Fifth goal was an empty netter.
    Fuckin’ read the articles or watch the highlights or do something that resembles being intelligent before you post another comment.

  12. Is Bryz hurt or something????
    Also Jess while you are at in the kitchen, I’ll take 4 scrambled eggs,a bagel & some bacon on the side. Thanks Hun!!

  13. Matt Carle sucks. He’s a product of playing with actually good d-men like Pronger and Timmo.

  14. Also Jess- sorry to be a pain hun, but I’ll also take some american cheese on my eggs

  15. I read something on BSH that Bryz was seen limping in the locker room afterwards…Hopefully its nothing.
    He still played really well. The shorthanded goal was a good shot I guess and a breakaway. I’d like to have seen Bryz make that save though, especially since he stoned Stamkos on a breakaway later…But he can’t make all of those types of saves. Too many lazy plays in the neutral zone leading to two breakaway goals can hardly be blamed on Bryz. The Stamkos goal was really well played by Tampa too, lots of traffic.
    And fuck Matt Carle in the dick. Anyone else and the apology thing would hold more water, but this guy has been a turnover machine from day 1. I’m sure goalie 101 would say don’t let your guard down while the puck is in your zone, but cmon…Giving the puck to an opposing player who is 3 feet from the crease on a routine zone clear from behind the net? Fuck that.

  16. to anybody asking about the hot Flyers blonde from last week…..hands down one of the top 3 hottest chicks I’ve ever seen in my life. If Kyle ever finds a pic of her at the game, she will be masterbated to by all for at least 2 months

  17. It was reported that Bryz also had xrays taken after the game.
    Oh and fuck off.. I will not make you eggs.

  18. THANK GOD we won’t be seeing Roloson in the playoffs… what the hell is what that dude playing his ass off against the Flyers?!
    And everyone just relax… this team is what it is. If the D holds up they will make a run. If not, it’s out in the 1st round.

  19. People who simply throw out “Matt Carle is only good when playing Pronger/Kimmo.” Need to do some research and/or actually watch games to see who he’s playing with. He’s played 70% of the season w/ a motley crue made up of MAB/Gust/Manning, mainly MAB. He’s carried them on his back and has a decent season. The Carle hate is unwarranted and flat out moronic. That turnover was horrible, but even the best D-Men cough it up, i.e. Chara. Everyone’s lover, Danielle, had two helpers on Tampa’s first two goals.

  20. Voice of Educated Fans — Fair points…But look at how bad the defense was until they got support from Grossmann and Kubina. And the only time his plus/minus has been above 9 has been seasons where hes played with Progner…Hes not in the negative though, which is good. Hes not awful like people make him out to be, but god damn he turns the fuckin puck over way too much.

  21. “Second, this headline should read “Lightning, Bryz, Carle” beat Flyers. They lost 5-2. Bryz giving up 5 goals isn’t gonna cut it come playoff time.”
    ^ That is why Philly gets a bad rep…what an idiot lol. Watch the game man. Shorthanded goal, empty net, and a bad turnover means Bryz would have been at 2 goals against if his team showed up in front of him.
    Its amazing I swear this Thomas the train fella just waits for bryz to fuck up so he can bitch. The guy tied Bernie Parent for number of games in a row with 2 or less goals…lol.
    Jose my lawn is getting really bad you have any good deals going on?
    Jess I will make breakfast anytime…

  22. Chirp that is a racist comment and completely offensive. It does not belong on this site. Go elsewhere and pound your chest about how much you don’t know about hockey….Also way to repeat other peoples comments and acting like they are your own
    Jess, don’t bother he looks like a deformed mutant

  23. @Rob okay mother Teresa…
    Go eat another twinkie while you sit on the bench and play backup at your mens league hockey game…or did they kick you off the team like your college team did! lol
    Have you made a solid hockey point yet?
    What happen to the self proclaimed “pussy masher” title LOL…You have to shower before a girl will get that close to you…
    Amazing how someone can go 4 years in college without doing laundry or taking a shower…

  24. I want to point out that the Flyers looked really good last night with the exception of the turnovers in the neutral zone. I mean, those need to stop, but it’s not like the offense didn’t generate scoring chances, and if we would’ve been as lucky as the Bolts seemed to be last night, we would’ve scored 8 goals. Things just didn’t bounce our way. However, Matt Carle has been making mistakes like this since he broke into the NHL and always seems to be the key culprit in scoring chances off of turnovers. He needs to get his head out of his ass and start playing smarter. Sure, the bear ate us last night, but we didn’t have to wrap ourselves in bacon and punch the bear in the nose.

  25. Don’t commit suicide Chirp…actually go ahead
    -and fyi I start for my A league mens team, I should join your C league and take your job like I did in college

  26. @Bryz injury news
    To respond to the comments about the flyers having injury after injury, I did some digging. Turns out that the flyers spend the least amount of money in the entire league on equipment. I think that people might be on to something when they state that Mr. Snider is cheap. He keeps this up he is going to have a lawsuit on his hands.
    Time for the fans to stand up against this outrage. The league needs to allow these guys to wear better/safe equipment. I for one refuse to go to any more games until the players safety is considered

  27. They are grown men… pretty sure if they didn’t feel safe they would say something. And if they don’t, then isn’t that their fault?

  28. Carle’s turnovers have only resulted in 3 goals this year. Kimmo’s = SEVEN!. Giveaways that led directly to goals: Timonen 7, Meszaros 5, Carle 3, Bourdon 2, Pronger 1, Coburn 1.
    Carle is 14th in the NHL in % of shots on target, higher than Suter, Weber, Timonen.
    Carle is first on the team in blocking shots over the entire season & even-strength assists.
    Carle has as many hits as Gonchar, Lidstrom, Keith, Goligoski, Michalek, Yandle, Campbell, Boyle, Fowler, Ehrhoff.
    Carle was on for 10 of Crosby’s 13 mins. Flyers outshot 14-11 with Carle on ice, outshot 19-11 with Carle off. 0 pts for 87
    Dmen with as many or more turnovers than Carle: Keith, Seabrooke, Mitchell, Hamhuis, Bouwmeester, Doughty, Chara, Phaneuf, Yandle, Karlsson

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