Look Out, World, Allen Iverson Has Been Asked to Submit a List of His Sexual Partners While Married

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"I mean, how silly is that?"

Well, here’s a surprise– Allen Iverson’s divorce proceedings have taken a turn to negative town. Last year, Iverson’s ex-wife, Tawanna, told TMZ that her split had “nothing to do with another woman.” Perhaps it didn’t. But maybe it had something to do with other women. Or dozens of women. Or hundreds of women, three teammates, an ox, Pat Burrell and a midget. We really don’t know, but Tawanna wants to find out.

[via TMZ]

Tawanna has changed her tune and earlier this month filed documents requesting A.I. "give the name and telephone number of every person other than your spouse whom you have had sexual relations and/or intimate physical contact from the date of the marriage to the date of trial."

It's unclear why Tawanna is requesting the list … but it's most likely a power play to make Iverson look bad … in an effort to push a favorable settlement as quickly as possible. 


Yeah that’s not going to work. Names are hard enough, but phone numbers? I’m pretty sure NBA superstars don’t ask for contact cards before they run a train on a line of hookers in the back of da club. Tawanna would have better luck asking AI to identify his partners by sending a sketch artist to catalog the tramp stamps and fuck me tattoos on which AI has deposited pools of potential lottery picks. Somewhere, a potential 30-point scorer drips into a crevasse.

No idea how AI is going to handle this… but it will be fun to watch.


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  1. Partner: Sixers Organization
    Years: 1996-2006
    Position: Doggie Style, Anal.
    Phone: (215) 339-7676

  2. Maybe she’s trying to say he gave her something….kinda like a gift that keeps on giving. why else would someone need the names and numbers of former partners

  3. I’d say it’s to sort out an STD issue myself. Somebody gave somebody else the drippy itchy oozes…

  4. When Allen reaches 20,000 like Wilt, give me a call. Until then, this is a non-story.

  5. this was hands down the most graphic post on CB to date…”catalog the tramp stamps and fuck me tattoos on which AI has deposited pools of potential lottery picks. Somewhere, a potential 30-point scorer drips into a crevasse”
    Kyle…you need to get out of the basement a little more…

  6. He be bangin white girls yo, they love black cock, u sucker ass white boys let it happen too

  7. “Somewhere, a potential 30-point scorer drips into a crevasse.”
    -Gold Jerry! Gold!

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