Mark Howe’s Number “2” Painted on the Ice for Tonight’s Ceremony


The Flyers will retire Mark Howe’s number “2” tonight. Nice touch here behind the net.

Yesterday we showed you a picture from Dave Wilkinson, an artist who created paintings for both Mark and his father, Gordie. He was able to present his work to them at Mark's house this weekend.

Photo via the Flyers' Twitter


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  1. Thats a great fitting tribute, that’s his office back there, either calming things down when the flyers were running around or qb’ing the power play. Mark Howe, the best complete 2 way defensemen to ever play for the flyers.

  2. The Flyers can sure put a good show on for the fans (since they can’t have a Stanley Cup Celebration).
    I wonder if they started planning for their 40th Anniversary Party, which will be in 3 years.
    FYI- For the Flyers fans out there that act like we have WON SHIT, that means it has been 37 years since we’ve won a Cup. So stop walking around town like your shit don’t stink telling everyone how much you love Holmgren and the Liars.

  3. Jrue…We’ve completed one of the best playoff comebacks in sports history, had one of the most fun Philly playoff runs in 2010, beat the Soviets in the 70s, had the longest unbeaten streak in NHL history, among many othet things…How are you gonna tell me we havn’t accomplished anything??

  4. not to mention the Flyers have the SECOND BEST WINNING PCT. BEHIND THE CANADIENS in the history of the NHL…suck it, jrue

  5. As long as SKIPPY and MATT are happy with NOT WINNING SHIT, there’s no argument. ZERO Cups in YOUR LIFE but you are ok with it because they have the 2nd best winning percentage? What a LOSER!!!
    Matt, when you say “we” do you mean you are a Flyer? Are you Matt Carle?

  6. 27? Hextall? Come on thats a stretch. He’s not in the Hall of Fame.
    If anything they should make Lindbergh’s 31 official but then again it’s kind of cool in it’s own way that no one has worn it since his death.
    @Jrue – You need to relax man. The Flyers are in a good spot and every year they contend. It will happen. Take a valium or something.

  7. @StevieRadio – Bruce Cowick?!?! Jan Hlavac?!?! Turner Stevenson?!?!
    In all honesty, Reggie Leach was the original #27.

  8. Harry Mays loves Mark Howe, but not as much as he loves my flat tits

  9. Hextall is a stretch?
    Most wins. Most playoff wins. 2 goals?
    I don’t know.

  10. Hextall went in the Flyers Hall of Fame in 2008. I think that was enough to honor his great career as a Flyer.

  11. Jrue How Dare you Question The Great Flyers Organization? Ed Snyder greatest owner in pro sports since Donald Sterling. I strongly urge you to get a mullet buy 1973 DVD,and wear a Tockey Hockey t-shirt ,And never say a disparaging word about the Flyers again.

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