Mets Bullpen Coach Arrested For DUI

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Photo: NBC New York

When we used the phrase “the Mets: America’s car accident” at the end of Mets-related posts last year, we meant it as an allegory of sorts, not literally.

Unfortunately, the New York Mets never fail to live up to imagined disaster.

Last night, Mets bullpen catcher Eric Langill was arrested for DUI after crashing into a fountain and flipping his car, according to NBC New York:

Langill, 32, was driving a white Honda Accord Sunday night in Port Saint Lucie when he apparently took a hard right at an intersection ahead of the traffic circle, causing him to drive over a curb and a sidewalk, hit a sign and eventually a concrete fountain, where the car flipped over, according to a police report.

The police report said Langill said he was heading home from a bowling alley and was cut off by another car.



Former team beat writer Steve Popper was quick to point out to a colleague that this is just status quo for the Metropolitans:

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Ladies and gentlemen, 2012 Mets: they can’t even afford a sarcastic tagline.

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  1. Holy SHIT man… bullpen catcher is right up there with 3rd string QB as like the BEST jobs in all the world… not just sports. Way to F that one up genius.

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