Michael Vick is Almost Unbroke

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Is that a word? I don't care.

What does two seasons sans a playoff win get you? Financial freedom!

Michael Vick is almost out of bankruptcy, according to TMZ:

But Vick's been busting his ass to pay off his debts ever since he was reinstated with the Eagles in 2009 — in fact, according to a new filing in his bankruptcy case, he's already reduced his outstanding debt to less than $400,000.

According to the docs, the outstanding debt is owed to Bank of America (related to one of his properties), BMW financial services, and his friendly neighborhood tax collector.


That’s impressive for this to have been (nearly) done so quickly. Vick owed at least $12 million of his $100 $80 million contract to various creditors. He stands to make $12.5 million in 2012, after which point the Eagles can part ways with him and have to take on only a small cap hit. <—- Jason Babin hates those sorts of things.


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  1. Babin hates those sort of things and just might fall victim to it this off-season. And I’ll laugh.

  2. I see that Kimmo Timonen is going to play tonight. Out-scooped by philly.com? That’s horrible.
    As for Vick, I don’t give a fuck.

  3. Bring T.O. back so we can saddle him up with a heavy contract and get him back out of the red.

  4. Since the Eagles are now a glorified half-way house, lets expand the operation.
    Travis Henry is due to get out of jail soon. He was never that good, but he has that “gangsta” aura about him which the fans seem to value over actual wins.
    Anyway, maybe he can be Shady’s change of pace back, we can get him on big deal, maybe even a vasectomy, and turn his life around 🙂

  5. a black dude is not in financial troubles poor kyle just loss his erection…

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