Michael Vick On Report That Team Had Interest In Peyton Manning: “I Don’t Really Care, I’m One Of The Best”

Not really sure when Vick had the time Friday — he spent the majority of his morning at Simon Gratz High School in Philly unveiling a new PSA he shot in conjunction with the Humane Society — but, at some point, dude was pulled aside to field questions about speculation that, like the rest of the league (with the exception of a subset that included the employers of Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady, Drew Brees, Eli Manning, Ben Roethlisberger, Sam Bradford and Matt Stafford), the Eagles, at the very least, entertained the thought of maybe (or maybe not) courting Peyton Manning. From a distance.

Said Vick (per the organization):

Which, while we pointedly disagree with (on various anecdotal and statistical levels we’re not really going to dive into at the moment, because it’s not really the point here) Vick's NFL QB power rankings, the bluster therein has to be trumpeted as the self-security and confidence you need from your starting quarterback. Maybe it teeters on arrogance, and maybe that manifests negatively in 2012 (kinda sorta how it did in 2011).

But, at the very least, considering how the delicacy of a power structure like that of the Jets was brought beyond a boil with the addition of a certain gimmicky, zone read-running quarterback with next-to-no staying power in the league as a legitimate, pass-first-and-last-and-often signal-caller, Vick’s comfort in his own skin is something you’ve gotta love.

So long, of course, as dude doesn’t think he’s above spackling the cracks in his game.

Of which he has a lot.

Post by ESPN 97.3 producer Matt Hammond, who pens similar stylings on his website, ThoughtsInPassing.com. You can (and should) give him a follow on Twitter (@MattHammond973).

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  1. One of the best. HA ha ha ha ha ha. Delusional retard. Vick sucks and is a dog killer. He couldn’t hold Peytons jock strap. F U Vick! Go to jail like your bro! Know wha I mean?

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