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Remember the other day when we posted about Jayson Werth comparing the Nationals’ ridiculous Take Back The Park campaign to the situation between Phillies and Mets fans in 2007? 

Werth said that Citizens Bank Park was filled with half (or more) New Yorkers when the Phillies played the Metropolitans – with which we disagreed - and he wondered if, at the time, the Phillies had a similar laughable campaign to what the Nats are doing now.

They didn’t.

Phillies Director of Communications Greg Casth Cassur Cutter Castro Casterioto emailed Washington Post reporter Adam Kilgore, who wrote the original story, with a retaliation of sorts: 

“That could not be more wrong. The Phillies did not at any time have a similar promotion to the Washington Nationals’ ‘Take Back the Park’ campaign. Making the postseason in 2007 and then winning the World Series in 2008, along with a team full of exciting players and having a great place to watch a baseball game, is what drew more Phillies fans to Citizens Bank Park.”


+1 for Castherioutototo and the Phillies. And just for fun, here's Werth wearing a t-shirt with a picture of Casperkyoto, the guy by whom he just got verbally cock-slapped.

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I think we may have a rivalry on our hands, folks. 

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