Phillies Fire Back at Werth’s Comments

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Remember the other day when we posted about Jayson Werth comparing the Nationals’ ridiculous Take Back The Park campaign to the situation between Phillies and Mets fans in 2007? 

Werth said that Citizens Bank Park was filled with half (or more) New Yorkers when the Phillies played the Metropolitans – with which we disagreed - and he wondered if, at the time, the Phillies had a similar laughable campaign to what the Nats are doing now.

They didn’t.

Phillies Director of Communications Greg Casth Cassur Cutter Castro Casterioto emailed Washington Post reporter Adam Kilgore, who wrote the original story, with a retaliation of sorts: 

“That could not be more wrong. The Phillies did not at any time have a similar promotion to the Washington Nationals’ ‘Take Back the Park’ campaign. Making the postseason in 2007 and then winning the World Series in 2008, along with a team full of exciting players and having a great place to watch a baseball game, is what drew more Phillies fans to Citizens Bank Park.”


+1 for Castherioutototo and the Phillies. And just for fun, here's Werth wearing a t-shirt with a picture of Casperkyoto, the guy by whom he just got verbally cock-slapped.

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I think we may have a rivalry on our hands, folks. 

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20 Responses

  1. +1000 for Castherioutototo and the Phillies!
    It’s pathetic that they have to go to these lengths to get fans in their stadium. But that’s ok, we’ll still fill it up for them.
    Bring it on Nats. Our pitchers will mow you and Werth-less down.

  2. Is the Brian Schneider in the background directly to the left of Werth?
    He looked old and frail then, and that had to be 2010 at the latest. I have no clue why Rube would have brought him back. His bat is gone, his once feared arm is a shred of its former self, and Chooch is no spring chicken himself. Could we not have found a younger backup?
    Before anyone complains to me about complaining, remember the difference between good and great is complacentcy about the details.

  3. /begin rant
    Washington will never be a rivalry to what NY Mets was/is. And its simple why. Washington is similar to LA and Manhattan. Most people there are transplants. They are not originally from DC. They are the fakest people in the world with their georgetown swoops. You could seriously create a mold and all of them would fit in it.
    They sit there and talk about wherever they live in Georgetown, Foggy Bottom, Alexandria, etc. But they all are from towns around the country. Its the Nations capital so DC is bound to attract a host of people from all sorts of cities. But because of that, very few people who are passionate sports fans (demographic 21-40) are going to be supportive of a local team, and more than likely are going to support a team from their original hometown. NYY/NYM, Boston, Phillies, are probably the 3 biggest fan bases in the DC area with folks from other areas supporitng as well.
    Basically their plan to take the park will fail, because they don’t have a homegrown fan base. Its a bunch of outsiders. And I hate people in DC. Everyone of them are wannabe lawyers/politicians. The scum of the earth.

  4. 59-31 against a team over the last 5 years does not constitute a rivalry. All it means is that the Nats are butt hurt that we own the division and their ball park. And all the Phillies cast offs down there are pissed they weren’t re-signed in Philly. Go Phils.

  5. its not a rivalry if the other team cant beat us. Theres a reason weve won the east every year since that 07 season, so suck it werth… pence is better anyway!!!

  6. “that guy” is right, its not going to happen. When i meet “nationals fans” my first question is “what team were you born a fan of” and tell them that REAL fans never change their loyalty…and yes, i absolutely hate Jayson Werth(less). talk about transplants- the Yankees fans are the biggest “nationals fans” down here. Considering my overwhelming hatred of everything to do with the Yankees organization looks like I will be spending that weekend back at home on the beach.

  7. Complacency is re-signing a 36 year old back up catcher who hit .176, got on base less than 25% of the time, hit for no power, and threw out less than 15% of runners attempting to steal on him, all because the #5 starter enjoys throwing to him.
    Considering that the starter (Chooch) is not exactly a kid anymore, it would have been wise to find a younger back-up to lighten the load on Ruiz, and maybe contribute as a RH PH. Schneider brings nothing to the table, aside from the fact that he was already here, and willing to work cheap. Where I come from, that is called being complacent.
    There were several alternatives available in free agency; Rube chose the rotten low hanging fruit instead of standing up and grabbing something a little fresher.

  8. When were the Nationals relevant? Oh thats right, never.. They are a jv team that isnt worth mentioning.. Next question

  9. The Phillies did start making Sox, Yanks and Mets single-game tickets part of packages. Call it greed or whatever – it’s close to what Werth is talking about – AND
    who gives a phuck what Werth says –
    he’s phucking gone – he took CRAZY effing money that NO ONE in their right mind would have turned down
    let it go – Werth left – get over it
    especially you Kyle – your jealousy with the guy is so obvious

  10. Teen-Werth doesn’t scare me and neither does Stephen Strasburg, he will blow out his arm a month of two into the season and they will go back to bottom fedding the division

  11. Pretty sure you cant get Red Sox tickets from the Phillies unless you buy 5 other games?

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