Portrait of a Leader Part Six: Andre Iguodala Fires a Missile From Three

Screen Shot 2012-03-05 at 10.05.54 AM

What do you think the chances are that this shot went in? 

If you guessed no fucking way, why in the hell would someone take a contested three with over five seconds to go in a three-point game don’t they have that internal clock which tells them there’s still time to find a better shot instead of using a rocket launcher to pound a hole in the glass with a shot that looked more like a volleyball spike than an NBA three-pointer– you’d be correct.

Yes, Andre Iguodala is a well-rounded player who defends and is good for the rare awe-inspiring dunk… but he always manages to boggle the mind with his last-minute execution.

Video here.

We've gone easy on AI 2 this year, but please see other installments in our Portrait of a Leader series from last year.


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  1. Dougy C, please let Lou Will or even Jrue take these shots!! Enough is enough! Don’t get me wrong I actually love Iggy and what he brings to this team, but he has proven again and again that he can’t be the guy taking the big shot at the end of the game!

  2. Seriously now. Who needs Iggy when you have Thad? Trade Iggy, and make Young the starter.

  3. god that was painful to watch last night especially after they worked themselves back into the game…

  4. another thing about last nights game why was Doug running Turner and Holiday at the same time Holiday is not a shooting guard so get him off the court please

  5. They’re going to trade Turner and Iggy will go back to his disappointing self next year.

  6. Not piggy’s fault, he shouldn’t be taking that shot, Meeks fell down, play was designed to go to him….watch the game assholes

  7. When the sixers go against a pure point guard, doesnt even have to be a MVP like Rose, they dont win and that PG has his best game of the season…dnt have a list but off the top of my head…Rose last night, Westbrook went off, and so on…theres more but drawing a blank…bottom line Jrue cant D at all and our best scorer is comes off the bench cause he cant D either

  8. Miley Miss: Doesn’t matter, Meeks wasn’t lighting up the scoreboard, in fact, he flat out stunk last night (15 minutes played, 0-4 from beyond the arc, 2 total points), so chances are he would’ve missed too. It’s been the same old tired story with the Sixers this season: pound the bottom feeders into paste, but come up woefully short against the REAL teams because they don’t have a legitimate closer who can seal the deal at the end of the game. Iguodala sure as hell ain’t it, despite what Collins tells us, and neither is Meeks, or Young or anyone else you care to mention. While the Sixers are the little engine that could, come playoff time, they’ll be flattened like any other overacheiver when up against real talent.

  9. Jrue was wide open….Iggy is a “Hate the Face” guy, isn’t he?
    I can’t stand looking at the Ugly Mug…..
    Trade his candy ass while his value is at it’s ceiling again…..
    Wolfpack, as soon as the Flyers a=start winning again, they will all jump on the BANDWAGON and act like they all ALWAYS HAD FAITH IN BRYZ……and post shit on here to the Bryz haters calling them all out, as if they never did. That’s why this city pisses me off at times.
    Be. Right. Back. My. Turban. Is. Dirty.

  10. From the Department of Delicious Irony: the Sixers missed 10 of 11 shots from beyond the arc last night. So, who made their one and only trey? Yep, your pal and ours, Iggy the Mad Bomber. It is to laugh.
    Sadly, no one here will be laughing when the trade deadline comes and goes and Iguodala’s still here, if only because the front office has to justify that $80 million they flushed down the toilet on the guy, and just giving him away for someone else’s flotsam or jetsam won’t cut it, not that any other team out there would be foolish enough to take on that albatross of a contract.
    But I really wish the National Iguodala Buttmunch Society (a.k.a. the clowns on ESPN’s NBA Shootaround) would stop singing his praises because there’s nothing to sing about, on the Sixers, Iggy’s simply the tallest midget in the circus. Nothing more, nothing less.

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