Report: Temple to Join Big East, Announcement Coming Soon

According to Keith Pompey of The Philadelphia Inquirer, Temple will join the Big East Conference for football starting in 2012 and all other sports for the 2013-14 school year.

This will most likely be announced later today. 


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  1. Can’t wait till Temple steals all of Nova’s recruits and they actually develop into better players.

  2. Temple football drew 14,000 to the Linc for the final game against Kent St. Temple basketball has 1 NCAA Tournament win in the last 10 years. The Big East didn’t want you, the Big East had no other choice.

  3. Yeah fuck temple. Having Philadelphia as a big east market in football was something the big east never wanted. I mean shit, there’s just so much money to be made, why bother.

  4. First if all you fucking idiots who don’t pay attention to CBB Fran Dunphy spent YEARS coaching the Ivy league. For all you dickbags stop chanting the Eagles fight song and change out of your ill shirt for one minute. The ivy league doesn’t award athletic scholarships. Shocking I know, but there it is. 2008 the team was like a 12 seed, 2009 the committee fucked with their seeding and put Dunphys former coach and player as a 12 seed who was ranked top 25 and last year they won and was a lane violation away from the Sweet 16.
    I bet those who bash temple are the same ones calling for the Eagles to sign Peyton manning, move Vick to safety and they’re going to win it. And a Phillies fan since 07 seriously go suck a dick

  5. Finally, SMU and Temple can have that rivalry I’ve always dreamed about.

  6. @knicks84, Temple’s football numbers aren’t as high because they do not have a stadium on their own campus. Does make it somewhat difficult to attend the game. They are currently in the process of obtaining property much closer to campus to build their own stadium and I’m sure numbers will increase once the opponents are no longer Kent St or Buffalo. With your one win in NCAA tourney in the last 10 years? I guess you forgot about their 2 wins last year and taking SDSU to 2 OTs. Temple is on the rise and continues to improve. I can’t believe how a city that pulls for their pro teams are so ignorant about how influential a good college can be to a city, especially their sports.

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