Report: The Phillies Are Looking for Infield Help

Ruben Amaro Jr.The Big Poker… Makin' moves

The Phillies have a fair amount of depth, but it apparently is not enough. Sources tell CSN Philly's Jim Salisbury that the Phillies are looking for more depth in the infield. Salisbury notes that the team was looking for help prior to Michael Martinez's injury in Tuesday's game against Houston.

What does this all mean?


Ryan Howard and Chase Utley have not played in a game all spring, and let's not forget about Placido Polanco, who also has not seen much action.

Salisbury also noted that the Phils may be looking to add some depth at left field because John Mayberry Jr. will be seeing a lot of action at first base.


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  1. Lets see.
    Wigginton – about finished
    Thome – finished as an infielder, about to bet totally done.
    Nix – older, and now hurt.
    The rest of the infield is all on the wrong side of 31.
    But hey, we have a rock-star closer, so there’s that. Bravo….

  2. I realize we need more offense, but we had the perfect infield utility man in Wilson Valdez.

  3. I agree with Kate!!! WHY WHY WHY did they let Valdez go???? Perfect infield utility man…and he could pitch too!!!!!!!!

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  5. If/When they trade Joe Blanton, they could use that extra $6-8.5 Million to pick up someone hopefully worth the return.

  6. Its over folks.
    It was a fun run. Still can be, but we have to know that another WS isn’t coming with this group.
    They’re the Eagles in pinstripes.
    The Flyers on grass.

    The phils will be fine, you people obviously know shit about baseball
    NO LOVE,
    Beez Nutz

  8. I lol’d at the people saying the season is over before it even started…seriously, people?

  9. I have three words for all you idiots who’ve already gone into panic mode and see the sky falling:
    It’s only March, the season hasn’t even started yet and you’re already writing the Phils’ obituary. Are you serious, or just clueless? There’s no need for any gloom or doom when real games haven’t been played. Let’s see what happens bewteen April and October before throwing this team on the scrap heap.

  10. Wow… Such a bunch of fucking whiners in here. And whoever said Utley has no heart needs to off them self right now. Probably the most moronic statement I’ve read in a month. Well be fine you fucking babies and poor excuse for fans…

    He is in the same boat as Utley. He just went back to NY for pain killer shots for his rib and back. His back might have a condition that will never get better. If we traded for him, we would be getting very damaged goods.

  12. Evan Longoria wants to play in a real baseball town. He probably wouldn’t be good though because he MIGHT have something happen that affects his performance.

  13. Their farm system sucks (newsflash – Jesse Biddle is nothing special! They reached for him in the 1st b/c they knew they could sign him for the same price his slot signed for a year earlier). They’re close enough to their self-imposed cap that they lack the flexibility to make any additional moves. Their 1st & 2nd baseman are so grossly overpaid that no other team would take their contracts without having to give up anything in return. On top of that, one of those players will miss the majority of the season & the other should retire at this point b/c he has a chronic knee condition that will only get worse. Let’s face it – Utley is 33 & it’s all downhill from here between his age & knees. If I were due 30mil over the next 2 years I’d probably tough it out & play as well so I can’t blame him. Rollins is 33 & Polanco’s 36 – we’ve seen the best from those two. Halladay, Lee, Hamels can give you seven strong every outing. Bastardo (L) & Stutes (R ) will be great set-up men in the 8th, and Papelbon is an elite closer. Those arms & Pence/Victorino are all they’ve got going for them. The tide is changing in baseball – all these young stars coming up & the Phillies have none.

  14. “Baseball is a YOUNG MAN’S game, played by YOUNG MEN, we need to get YOUNGER and we will”, Ruben Amaro
    Then he signed (5) 40 year olds
    We will still own the Division

  15. Honestly, I really wanted them to pony up for Aramis, but they insisted Polanco was healthy coming off double sports hernia surgery. Yeah, maybe but dependable as an everyday player at age 36? Not really.
    They traded Valdez who had a stronger arm, more was sound defensively and a more all around proven major league utility guy over Martinez.
    They knew about Utley’s degenerative hip and knee prior to spring training and did little to make up for lack of offensive production due to consistent health at both second and third. It seems like they are in denial about this being an on-going issue moving forward.
    The only thing they couldn’t predict was Howard’s infection which caused him a setback that the Phillies refuse to admit was even a setback! See Kyle’s post on this from a couple weeks ago for dispute over the verbiage used.
    The infield needs more run production and guys that can hit for average on a daily basis. Whether that’s going outside the organization or finding answers from within. Do they really believe these guys will be what they were from 2005-2009? Rollins even admitted the latter in a recent interview with Jayson Stark!
    Was there really a need to pay Kendrick more money? Couldn’t those funds be better allocated to a younger, productive infielder who is going to play more than 100-120 games a season? Ruben’s answer? Wigginton and Thome who are both older than dirt and beyond passed their primes. I gotta tell you, I’m not that high on Galvis either and don’t see many infielders making noise in their minor league system either.
    Anyone else feel like we’re already limping into the 2012 regular season and beyond? Age is catching up and the window is closing. I’m understandably worried and you should be too.

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