Sean Avery Is Once Again Done With The Rangers Organization

Sean Avery
Every Flyers fan loves Sean Avery… right?!

Well, Avery is done with the Rangers. He's spent time with their AHL affiliate this year, and now that's done too.

[ESPN New York]

The 31-year-old forward was informed Tuesday that he would not be on the postseason roster of the AHL's Connecticut Whale, the Rangers minor league affiliate, and was told he no longer needed to report to the rink for practice or games, according to a Rangers spokesperson.

Avery declined to comment when reached via email by on Tuesday night.


At least he can spend more time doing fashion shoots now.


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  1. In all seriousness, the Flyers should take a flyer (I know, bad pun) on him.
    The dude can still play hockey. And if we meet the Rangers in the playoffs, can you imagine the revenge he’d want?
    Surprised they wouldn’t even let him play in the AHL – he had to be boosting attendance levels.

  2. Matt- just stop. Please. He is an inveterate asshole and a consistently bad teammate as heard from several players who have played with him.

  3. Matt,
    TRANSLATION: John is too fucking good for you and he knows more Hockey than you ever will. Oh, he also knows teammates of Avery that told him (PERSONALLY) he’s a bad guy.

  4. Snider is too cheap to sign a guy like Avery. Avery would bring the attitude and toughness the Flyers are lacking. Its time to stop worrying about the luxury tax and go over this dang cap.

  5. John, face it . the flyers raise ticket prices but refuse to spend the big bucks to get top level players. I.E. Stamkos, Nash, Weber, Suter

  6. This isn’t baseball; there is no luxery tax. You’re either cap compliant or you forfeit games until you are. That said the Flyers still do have some money under the cap. Plus, they could move a few of the younger guys around if they really wanted to sign Avery.

  7. Eddie “il will never call Mr.” Snider is a pussy who only cares about making a buck.

  8. Mullet is right…the NHL has a “hard” cap…you CAN’T go over it. And the Flyers have consistently spent to the limit, unlike some other teams that have cheaped out to make more money from the tv contract. That’s exactly why they started imposing a minimum spending limit also.
    I once heard Al Morganti say that in all his years of covering hockey he’s met 3 BAD guys, and Sean Avery is 2 of them!

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