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Remember that extra appendage we talked about the other day? You know, the one over which we have no control, but which seems to have grown solely for pleasure? 

It’s a goalie. And it’s still there, growing… and becoming more pleasurable.

It was tough to concentrate on the game while hosting Remember the Titans quizzo at Drinker’s, but each time I turned to look at the screen, the Flyers tacked on another goal and the Panthers had still not scored one, much to the delight of the assembled bargoers.

Some stats via the Flyers city-leading PR department: Ilya Bryzgalov recorded his fourth shutout of the season.  He has a 1.25 GAA and a .960 save percentage during the Flyers’ current four-game winning streak.  He started his 10th game in a row, the longest starting streak since Sergei Bobrovsky started 12 games in a row last season.

Bryz post-game:

Q: You are the first goalie to record two shutouts in a week since Martin Biron was here. What do you think about that? 

“Congratulations.” (Laughing)

Q: What did you think to have you name being cheered by the fans out there?

“You know I was so concentrated on the game I didn’t hear it but if they cheer for me it’s very nice, and very kind of them.  From hating to the love one step and the same in the other direction.

If you’re wondering if there were typos in that last answer– there weren’t. Try to wrap your head around that one. Video for proof:

I feel like Bryz has entered some sort of Peter Gibbons like zone, where he was hypnotized into some defiant trance and no longer notices 20,000 pitchfork carrying fans at The Well. And I'm just fine with that.

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Finally, congrats to Orange Julius and Black Bears and Condoms, Two Things You Don’t Fuck With on their shared quizzo victory sans their friend (@chaseiam). Fly's down, bro.

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