So, Ilya Bryzgalov Had Another Shutout Last Night

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Remember that extra appendage we talked about the other day? You know, the one over which we have no control, but which seems to have grown solely for pleasure? 

It’s a goalie. And it’s still there, growing… and becoming more pleasurable.

It was tough to concentrate on the game while hosting Remember the Titans quizzo at Drinker’s, but each time I turned to look at the screen, the Flyers tacked on another goal and the Panthers had still not scored one, much to the delight of the assembled bargoers.

Some stats via the Flyers city-leading PR department: Ilya Bryzgalov recorded his fourth shutout of the season.  He has a 1.25 GAA and a .960 save percentage during the Flyers’ current four-game winning streak.  He started his 10th game in a row, the longest starting streak since Sergei Bobrovsky started 12 games in a row last season.

Bryz post-game:

Q: You are the first goalie to record two shutouts in a week since Martin Biron was here. What do you think about that? 

“Congratulations.” (Laughing)

Q: What did you think to have you name being cheered by the fans out there?

“You know I was so concentrated on the game I didn’t hear it but if they cheer for me it’s very nice, and very kind of them.  From hating to the love one step and the same in the other direction.

If you’re wondering if there were typos in that last answer– there weren’t. Try to wrap your head around that one. Video for proof:

I feel like Bryz has entered some sort of Peter Gibbons like zone, where he was hypnotized into some defiant trance and no longer notices 20,000 pitchfork carrying fans at The Well. And I'm just fine with that.

Your full game highlights are after the jump. Quotes and notes are over on our

Finally, congrats to Orange Julius and Black Bears and Condoms, Two Things You Don’t Fuck With on their shared quizzo victory sans their friend (@chaseiam). Fly's down, bro.

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Hop it for the highlights.



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  1. I still don’t trust that mental midget Russian pussy but glad he’s playing well.
    Also I wouldn’t mind fingering that chick in the blue shirt

  2. Love the face of the reporter who asked Bryz what it felt like to hear the fans cheering as he tries to make sense of Bryz’s answer.

  3. Where is your Bryzaster picture frontrunner? Ha ha, just kidding, hope Bryz keeps it up!

  4. Ok, so maybe this squirrel isn’t blind. He found 2 nuts in a week. I will say he did look very good last night. It won’t last though. He’s on a hot streak right now. His normal play is what we watched in December and January. Mark my words.

  5. HAHAHAHAHA t-shirt and vest is my college roommate at Villanova! Way to go Dom, you have people talking shit on you on CB.

  6. @Thomas…sorry for a being a dick towards you I promise to be nice now.
    Serious question though. Are you a Flyers fan? Because I would think Flyers fans would want Bryz to succeed so hopefully we get a cup one of these years…I agree he sucked the beginning of the year but I stood behind him because I wanted him to succeed cause I wanted the team to win a cup…
    All about how the team plays going into the playoffs. Needs to stay hot. No Timmo, Mes or Kubina and the D actually looked pretty good. Florida couldnt really sustain much pressure after the first few minutes of the game.

  7. Thomas,
    So one 40 games stretch is a more clear indicator of a goalie’s abilities than 5 previous seasons and now the last 10-12 games? Makes sense. Just like every one of your other points.

  8. im sure some readers were there last night.. i was at bryz’s end for the 1st and 3rd period and i could see the smile on his face through his mask when the fans chanted breez breez breez.. hes stopping the shots he needs to, and there were a few that definitely could have gone in that nobody would have blamed him for. he looks so much sharper, challenging the shooters and even the shot/pass that slid across the goal mouth bryz had cut the shooters angle down to make it a difficult shot and the D took away the pass. awesome game for sure
    matt read continues to impress. i thought he would slow down to a hault, but the kid works hard and is used in all situations

  9. Maybe Bryz isn’t the problem. Maybe it’s Timmonen???? I don’t know. I am a flyers fan. I want them to win.
    Re: Timonen,
    He is slow and old. He slows the power play down all of the time and quite frankly, I’m starting to see that he isn’t that good and the flyers could do without his ridiculous contract. Maybe I’m wrong about Bryz, but then I must be right about Timmonen.

  10. @Thomas, Bryz certainly did not help himself to start the year. He was very bad. However his defense was no help. Bryz deserved to be booed at times but so did our D.
    Timmo is loved in this city because hes a hard worker and veteran leader. He never gives up on a play and plays with a lot of heart. However you are right on about him. He is very slow this year and he seems to be tentative in front of our net. It has to be 1 of 2 things.
    1)He is hurt and its affecting everything (this is why he is out now so he can rest up and get healthy)
    2)He is reaching the end of his career. Cant keep up with the young guys. (Hard to believe because he started the year out so well)
    Hoping its #1 over #2.

  11. A complete game for the orange and black last night, even with the game out of reach, Bryz stayed sharp, looked great. He’s been playing very well of late, and like Chirp says, it’s about how they are playing going into the playoffs…

  12. The kid with the vest and the open fly is a Dallas Cowboys fan. Whoever lost to him should be ashamed.

  13. Ahahahaha! Sweater vest over a t-shirt? WTF is this 1999? And his fly is open to boot…why am I not surprised this Miller High Life drinking toolbox goes to Nova…

  14. Matt Carle has a pair of balls, wow, who knew? That game in Jersey Sunday is going to be a tough test, you figure Bob has to start one of the weekend games with another Devils game Tuesday at home, 3 games in 4 nights. I’d go Bob Sunday, we’re getting our roll on… i think Dany B’s gettin ready to go off saturday night, Timmo is Plus 8 and averaging 21 minutes i don’t think he’s the issue, quietly Erik Gustaffron is a plus 10 in 21 games.

  15. @MM Do you really take Bryz out even in back to backs or do you just keep riding him?
    If your starting bob hes going to play Saturday cause Toronto is just really bad right now.
    I am going to say you see Bryz in both.

  16. @Chirp – Thinking Sunday is a let down game on a back to back day against a hot team, your playing all these rookies, so, do you risk sending him out there and the forwards mail it in and he gets shelled? Or do you save him on rest for toronto and tuesday? It’s an interesting call but i’d go the latter because i think there’s less of a risk to shake his confidence with that scenario.

  17. Chirp and Justin Timberlake (that’s right JT)…go have rough, jack hammer like anal sex whilst fingering 3 finger Lenny and listening to Kyle Scott’s radio interviews with me. The first one to spunk in the others ass gets to call himself John leclair and the other michael Leighton. Losers, go get some lube.

  18. @MM…not knowing if one bad outing will ruin his confidence then you may be right…
    But at the same time we cant keep babying him. We rag on him for being so highly paid we would expect him to bounce back and handle those situations you mentioned.
    I think you let him run with it…but glad I dont have to make that decision…

  19. He is indeed a Cowboys fan from good old Drexel Hill…but he’s also the biggest fan of the Fly Guys you’ll ever meet, a really good guy.

  20. Bro in the sweater vest gets more pus than everyone commenting on this combined, self included

  21. @ Chirp, glad you don’t make those decisions as well b/c this team would be fucked. Anyone notice that Chirp was at his own hockey game last night yet he was able to fully analyze/watch the flyers game…Must have been another video game of his since that is all that loser did in college.

  22. And people wonder why everyone thinks we (Philly Fans) are Assholes?
    Chirp, YOU are a TOTAL DOPE……Timmonen BLOWS!!! But if he is a hard worker, let’s give him another extension, right? Who cares about winning a Cup…..let’s just sign hard workers, who gives a fuck if we win or not, right?
    Then we have the guys that TRASHED Bryz all year and called him every name in the book…….but now they change their screen name and act like they knew this was coming…..YOU are FULL OF SHIT, too!!!!
    I told ALL OF YOU NITWITS that Bryz was gonna make you all look like MORONS

  23. @H dot…uh wtf are you talking about? I never said Timmo was awesome or to resign him. I said he is a hard worker yes, but hes having a bad second half of the year. I also said I think this might be his final year…
    So yea I think your the dope here…
    @rob…getting old man. please move on with your life your too dumb to get any more responses so I am done with you.
    Bryz shutouts in 3 of last 4…still room on the bus guys…

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