The Miz Made Fun of Chase Utley’s Injury After RAW Last Night

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I’m guessing The Miz is currently playing the role of heel

Last night after RAW went off the air (I don’t watch anymore, but I’m guessing it was strategically two-three minutes late in doing so), The Rock and the guy from Real World verbally sparred for the nearly 20,000 Philly folks who turned out. Of course the topic turned to sports.

The Miz [talking to the crowd]: “You live in the armpit of America. But let’s talk about your sports teams, huh? How about them Phillies? Let me hear about them Phillies! Oooooh noooooo, Chase Utley is injured again. Oh no, Utley is injured, what are we going to do this season? Let’s face it, if they were healthy, they would do the same thing they did last season: choke."

“How about them Philadelphia Eagles. Oh yeah, you looooove them Philadelphia Eagles. What is it, the Dream Team, right? Andy Reid’s got Michael Vick, he’s got McCoy, he’s got everybody. We’re going to the Super Bowl! But what happened people? What always happens in Philadelphia? You always get those huge dreams, then they are shattered. You didn’t even make the playoffs, watching the New York Giants win the Super Bowl.”

The Rock: “The Rock has been coming to Philly for years. The Rock has boys on all the teams here in Philly. Let me ask you a question: did you see the playoff game with the Eagles? It doesn’t matter if you saw the playoff game with the Eagles!”

“Today The Rock was at the NovaCare Center, clanging and banging with the Philadelphia Eagles. Today, The Rock was there with Michael Vick. As a matter of fact, The Rock is going to show everybody a picture. It’s a picture of The Rock, and probably the Philadelphia Eagles’ best offensive lineman ever, Evan Mathis, clanging and banging. Take a look.”

The Miz: “To be honest, I’d rather train with a winner… like Eli Manning.”


Well played, The Miz. Well played. Unfortunately for him, The Rock then slammed him to the mat and performed the People’s Elbow, which, quite frankly, should be the standard for how we settle all arguments in society. Advantage and winner: The Rock.

Video after the jump (3:15 mark for the fun).

video by advanced CB reader (@yogeorge)


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  1. the mizzz should go back to the real world/road rules challenges. he sucks at wrestling

  2. Just when I thought Meowjer was the biggest waste of reading time I came across today…

  3. Can’t believe that racist Real World asswipe is living his dream.
    The world isn’t fair.

  4. Seriously. Are we supposed to give a rat’s ass what some steroid addled moron playing a make believe tough guy says about a REAL athlete? Give. Me. A. Break.

  5. What part of what Miz said was wrong exactly?
    And Evan Mathis, best lineman ever? Lollercoasters.

  6. The MIZ is my favorite superstar!! A winner like my TBC soccer team where i played D.. yeah boy

  7. This link isn’t the complete version but you get a closer look at the “action” for those who like that sort of thing lol

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