These People Are Clearly Not Jeff Carter Fans

AngIto-CAAIGwfKPhoto: Rich Hammond

The Kings return to Columbus tonight. Earlier, we told you about the promotion the Blue Jackets were running. You could take your Carter jersey and have the nameplate switched to "J. Johnson."

The reaction from above is probably from a few fans who didn't have a number 7 jersey to return.

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21 Responses

  1. I wonder if Chirp (aka pussyboy know it all) is at the game. I’m sure he’ll leave some stupid long winded post about how Carter’s problems in Columnus were the Flyers’ defense fault or something.

  2. Second period intermission analysis. From the angle that I saw in the replay at the game , it appeared that Theodore dropped his shoulder slightly, which enabled Hartnell to roof it. Overall team is playing well in all phases of the game. I can’t wait for the almightly backuip goalie, Chirp’s clueless analysis in which he gives all of the credit to the goalkeeper

  3. Rob house..go jam Jeff Carter’s gargantuan boner in your asshole and finger Michael Richards, aka bob Clarke 2. When you’re done, squirt your load in chirps face, cause he’s so good at goalie that he’ll gobble that shit right up. Dirty 30 mother fucks.

  4. You mean to tell me that Angelo Cataldi has never done blow with the size of the schnozz he has?
    I will bet that Rhea has done a few lines off of Angelo’s man-bat back in the day. How do you think someone with such a horrible voice, and a face for radio, gets a job like that anyway?

  5. I wish Flyers let us change our 17s to Simmonds. However, I never bought his jersey, I don’t like repping pussies.

  6. Good morning!!! Wow, starting to get creepy how many people await for me each day. Sorry I was not glued to the site last night like some people cough house, thomas cough. Maybe you should look into getting a life?? no?
    Unfortunately I was not at the game last night I had my own to attend. We actually played Houses team. House did they not tell you about the game again? Damn those guys are mean, life must be tough for a 3rd string goalie, sitting at your computer all day blogging waiting for that phone call to hopefully suit up…
    I was not going to post in here cause I hate Jeff Carter and could care less about him and his lover Mike Richards…but considering the number of followers I have I guess I am required now…
    Another great game by Bryz, Thomas there must be something you can cry about? Wasn’t that good of a game right? Lundquist or Thomas would have had a better game right?
    Still room on the bandwagon if you guys want to jump on (looking at House and Thomas)
    I am just hoping that House, Thomas, and anyone else that continues to call me out on each post, realizes how pathetic their life has gotten that they go to a blog and wait for me lol…really guys? Go outside there is entire world out there waiting for you!
    Get a girlfriend or…wait never mind.
    House what was it like getting kicked off a college club hockey team because nobody liked you and you couldn’t stop a shot in practice?
    Anyone actually want to talk hockey???

  7. Hope Pitts over takes the Rangers so they can line up against Philly. The rest the Rangers would have after the sweep would really help in the second round.

  8. @angelo…very dissapointed. Usually you have something much longer and funnier to read. That’s all you got?

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