This Wasn’t The First Time Claude Giroux Performed “The Datsyuk” in Toronto

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(The dates in the video screenshot are wrong)


The Flyers beat the Leafs in a shootout last night, 1-0. That you know. Claude Giroux dangled little drops of ginger for his team's final shot. You likely know that, too. Bryz had his third shutout in his last four games. You know that, as well.

But thanks to reader Patrick, who possesses an uncanny ability to archive Flyers preseason shootout attempts in his head, we now know that this wasn’t the first time Claude Giroux tried “The Datsyuk” in a shootout in Toronto. Related: It's also not the first time legions of Canadian women were spontaneously impregnated when the Flyers were north of the border.

Here’s what Giroux told reporters after the game:

“It’s a move I’ve been practicing, and I thought it was a good opportunity to try it.” 

“[I call it] The Datsyuk, I saw him do it a couple times. He’s got some pretty sick moves, so I saw him do it. I’ve been working on it since I’m younger.”


Yeah, like September 24, 2010, when G also scored with it against the Leafs (the date in the video was wrong– it was the 24th).

Not to be overshadowed by Giroux, Bryz, who once again didn’t want to talk about himself after the game, stoned everyone, including all-star Phil Kessel on both a breakaway in overtime and in the shootout.  

Some stats on Bryz courtesy of the Flyers' city-leading PR department:

Ilya Bryzgalov’s shutout streak is at 136:13.  Bryzgalov has allowed two goals in his last 255:21 dating back to the third period of the Islanders game on March 1.  He has stopped 135 of 137 shots during that span. 


After the jump are four videos: Giroux’s sick move (both from 2010 and last night), a highlight reel of Bryzgalov saves, and Bryz and Giroux speaking to reporters post-game.



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  1. Glad to see Bryz is starting to embrace the logo on the front of the jersey! And Claude just reminded us why Paul shipped Mike and Jeff out of town with that goal!

  2. Hate to say I told you so but…yea…
    Still room on the Bryz bandwagon folks!
    Sick move think the goalies jock is in the corner…

  3. I’m glad all you losers were ready to ship Bryz out of town. Anyone want to jump on the bandwagon with me and Chirp?

  4. Of course you didn’t make the video kyle. You just steal content and post it on your site.

  5. Randy and KSB, Kyle didnt “steal any video”, I created it and sent it to him last night in the hopes he would feature it on this site. And yes my dates are wrong so blame me already. The point of the video is to show the two instances that giroux did the nasty. Thats it.

  6. how is it stealing content if I copyright it? Also, the second video came from my DVR last night? And im sure you have no stolen content on your computer?

  7. I have been in the business far too long to let some blog hack steal content from The Flyers and YouTubey it.

  8. if you care so much why do you frequent this site. To bash everything? What “business” are you talking about? The mid thirties fat ass who sits in front of his computer all night instead of going out and having a social life?

  9. You and your Big Ego can enjoy your 5 minutes of Hack Blog internet fame. Go steal some more content and stop wasting my time

  10. This is coming from the guy who has enough time on his hands to steal and splice together Flyers highlights. The ink stains on my hands prove how much of a life that I have thief. Now dont wear out your F5 button and go find something productive to do.

  11. Pat thank god you dont have me in your life or we would have never been able to see these 2 highlights together in 1 video the very next day!

  12. Man, what were the Flyers thinking when they got Bryzgalov?! That guy sucks! Worst contract in Philly history, hands down.

  13. Because Randy Miller does what Randy Miller wants. And if Randy Miller wants to hate a website and frequent it often then Randy Miller will.

  14. Chirp,
    Shut the F up. No body wants to hear you pounding your chest. Guys like Captain Jack have been supporting him and the rest of the team all year and not throwing it in our face.
    Where is your tip for how to stop G’s breakaway?

  15. JT and Chirp..cmon guys. Kinda with Rob House on this one. I know youre ragging on the idiot fans who hate everything, but what’s the point? Half those people on here are probly trolls anyway. 90% of the fans are supportive and havent been bandwagon fans; they (we) were just pissed off, and rightfully so. Ya can’t hold it against them.

  16. Pete… It’s not going to continue everyday, but give us a little slack. We got KILLED on here when we defended Bryz, by the idiots and real fans who were pissed. People tried to make us look stupid for months for supporting Bryz… we gotta be able to give it back for a little while. This was going to be the last time I said something like that sarcastically, anyway. From here on out, it’s real talk, real hope and all Flyers positivity.

  17. @pete,
    Sorry man but we got pounded night in and night out when we were behind bryz. People calling us idiots and clueless saying we know nothing…now were not supposed to point out that we were right?
    and your right i know many of the people were just angry and you had all right to be with his play. But i think the few of us that stuck behind him have a little right to gloat here with everything people were throwing at us…
    It’s all in fun I think we all want the same goal here…

  18. I hope that’s really Randy Miller… that would make that whole exchange even better. HA!

  19. Can we all agree that it wouldn’t of mattered who was in net tonight that they would have lost

  20. @Propper. Here is am, in the flesh. What you want to know?
    Is Bryz playing good, yes he is.
    He looks so good, that I almost think its Leighton in Bryz’s jersey.
    Enjoy this while it lasts, because Bryz isn’t this good. Does everyone forget Leighton’s shutout streak in the playoffs in 2010? Does that mean Leighton earns $51 mil? Nope.
    My point is that every goalie gets lucky every once in a while. Even career minor leaguers throw up NHL shutouts once in a while.
    I’m a Flyer’s fan, but I’m forseeing a repeat of the goalie woes in years past.

  21. Mr Big Dick Daddy,
    How big is your dick? I’d like to see it, after I’m done in the kitchen and laundry room of course.

  22. Merschen, while you make good points. If he stays hot like this in the playoffs they could make a deep run. But as you pointed out in previous weeks the offense has to start scoring…Where is Chirp’s analysis on tonights game? I guesss we don’t get it since he wasn’t there

  23. Love Thomas’ logic. A goalie was really good the previous three years (top 5 goalie numbers in the league), then has a bad 3 month stretch, then gets back to playing like he did the previous three years… and the 3 month struggle is the most accurate indicator of his actual talent level. That makes a lot of sense.
    And a career minor leaguer can throw up NHL shut outs “once in a while.” You’re right about that. A career minor league will not, however, throw up 3 shutouts in a 4 game span. That does NOT happen.
    Why you heff all this hate for Bryz?

  24. I am impartial to this whole deal and I support the team, but J.T. did you watch the 2010 playoffs? Based on the above you did not
    I think the Bryz haters adn the Bryz lovers (Chirp) need to stop commenting and judging him until after the year.
    Lets not forget that the guy has been bad in the postseason before, hopefully that changes

  25. Really @JT????? Do you consider Leighton a career minor leaguer? Well I do and so do the flyers brass.
    Conference Finals 2010 vs Montreal:
    Leighton had a shutout in games 1, 2, and 4.
    Look it up homeboy. Maybe you started watching hockey in 2011?

  26. Bryz is standing on his head & lavy should have went with him tonight. Keep going with the hot hand & riding him with his head is right.
    -Thomas logic is terrible

  27. Personally, I’d call Leighton a journeyman, not a career minor leaguer. A career minor leaguer, to me, is someone who plays only in the minors, and only gets spot call-ups for injuries/roster spots (think Neil Little). A journeyman spends time in the NHL and AHL, and goes from team to team. That describes Leighton more than career minor leaguer, imo.
    Leighton has only been mired in the AHL recently because the Flyers don’t want his contract to count against the cap. The Flyers brass doesn’t consider him a career minor leaguer. I think they were pissed he didn’t tell them about his injury before he signed his contract, and they decided to say “well, fuck you, you’re going to rot in the AHL for the life of the contract.” He would have gotten more time in the NHL if it wasn’t for his not-worth-it cap hit, too. And he’ll probably get another shot in the NHL after this contract with the Flyers is up.
    And Peter&Paul, that’s where all this started! Months ago people were ripping Bryz left and right and all me and Chirp kept saying was “don’t judge him yet, you can’t judge him yet, give him the full year before you judge him.” And then we got killed for it. So that’s why we took this opportunity to give it back. Bryz has been bad in the playoffs, but he has also been good. If he’s hot during the playoffs, he’s going to be as good as any other goalie out there.

  28. Anybody think maybe Bryz needed a break- 10 or 11 straight games… A late night flight from Toronto… Lost an hour of sleep…
    Did anybody watch the post game after the Toronto game? They asked Bryz about his play and how he was feeling- his answer was about needing sleep.
    Just a thought- maybe Lavy asked him how he was feeling and he said give me a break…

  29. I GET SILENCED WHENEVER MY POST INCLUDES AN INSULT ABOUT KYLE OR DREW. Yet I can call JT and Chirp ass ramming thunder cunts and get away with it. FACISM!

  30. @high ball…Thanks.
    @peter&paul…Just wanted people to give him the full year. The guy is a good goalie we seen that over the years as JT has pointed out a number of times. He has consistently put up good numbers over the years and his bad play here in Philly was only a few months. I feel much more confident in him now.
    This is not a Stanley cup team unless Bryz stays this hot, or the D figures out how to play hockey again (and gets healthy).
    Bob was not awful last night but he was not that good. Coburn was burnt a number of times, team just looked tired and out of place.
    @propper read what Jess wrote. I think lavy knew if there was going to be a letdown it would be in NJ for what jess mentioned. Keep his hot play going this tuesday where I feel the Flyers are in a must win. They have been brutal against the atlantic division this season.
    @thomas why do we ride bryz when he was bad, but when he plays well we sit back and say he still sucks and he is lucky? Give the man credit and get behind him. Hell we give Briere a free ride because he shows up in the playoffs. What does he have this season 36 points? 6 million cap hit for 36 points and we havent heard anything from even the media about how pathetic that is.
    Sorry but stopping 128 of 130 shots is not lucky. Maybe you get a few lucky saves or few that hit the post but shutouts in 3 of 4 is not luck. Sorry.

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