Three Straight Penguins – Flyers Games Will Be On NBC to End the Season

541639501Sid in his standard position – via @HellooLia

NBC loves them some Flyers and Penguins. Who doesn't?

NBC selected the April 1 game in Pittsburgh as their Game of the Week, and now the April 7 game has been chosen as well. This is all in addition to last Sunday's incredible game, which was also on the Nothing But Crosby network.

The April 1 game, originally scheduled for 7:30 p.m., has been moved to 12:30 p.m. and the April 7 game is a 4:00 p.m. start.

If the season ended today, these teams would square off in the first round of the playoffs with the Pens being the home team, though it's unlikely the seeds finish where they are right now.


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  1. that means three games with them jerk off announcers blowing cindy and the rest of shitsburgh

  2. Awesome…Can’t wait to drown out the embarrassingly Penguin-centric NothingButCrosby crew with Bundy and Saunders.

  3. Not to sound like a typical “The refs, the league, the networks hate us” Philly fan, but NBC is SO in the tank for the Penguins, it’s tough to listen to. Pierre McGuire is all over Malkin and Crosby’s nuts.

  4. Hey Ed Snider has a piece of Comcast which owns NBC and the Flyers, he should use his bat phone to have those clowns over there (or at the very least Pierre McGuire) eliminated.

  5. type Pierre McGuire Drinking game into google. go look at the facebook link. pierre mcguire is suddenly cool and fun to watch. i actually have fun doing it

  6. NBC actually cut to Sidney Crosby’s reaction from the bench for each of the Penguins’ two goals. Why? He seems to celebrate like every other player. Great directing.
    At one point, Pierre McGuire, rather than rattle off more useless information about a player’s junior league team, asked “Edzo” if he could think of any player in the league with as much passion for the game as Sidney Crosby. Edzo was silent for a few seconds and then muttered a weak answer to a completely bizarre question.
    Terrible crew.

  7. Kyle, you should have done your patented strikethrough edit on the first sentence:
    NBC loves them some (Flyers and) Penguins.
    I’m actually surprised Emrick sounded as excited as he did on Hartnell’s GW goal.

  8. doc emerick is the man. he is not pierre mcguire, constantly blowing crosby all game. i never find his announcing to be biased at all

  9. I loved how after Hartnells naughty wrister from the baseline they talked about how the odds were stacked against Fleury for 4 fucking minutes and “oh by the way, hartnell had a nice shot”
    All in all, it’s just that much better when we win. F em

  10. I dont know if my hockey intelligence can take two more games of salivating over the next Jerry Sandusky.
    “Crosby and malkin. crosby and malkin saving children from AIDS all over the world … o and the flyers are out there on the ice too, but who cares.”

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