Timonen and Meszaros Out Indefinitely

Well fuck.

According the always loquacious Paul Holmgren, both Kimmo Timonen and Andrej Meszaros will be out indefinitely with “lower-body injuries.”

Translation: They might be dead.


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21 Responses

  1. The worst part about this is that we lose what these two give us offensively. No one on this team plays a lick of defense anyway, so I have a hard time believing that defensively we could get worse with out them.

  2. What a bunch of Pussies. Timonen especially. None of these Flyers play hurt. I play hurt all the time.

  3. Ive never seen a more injury plagued Flyers team in my lifetime. They can’t go a week without somebody new hitting the DL. Wtf?

  4. Timmo went from missing the game for “rest” to being out indefinitely. These guys are worse than Belichick is with injuries

  5. I’m thinking something is pretty seriously wrong with Timonen. He played in 248 straight games before this…
    They didn’t miss Mez and probably won’t.

  6. It is not the trainer but rather the equipment. These players should not be out on that ice with inadequate equipment. It is an injustice that the NHL allows this to continue day in and day out.

  7. Chirp,
    Not sure if the highlight shows will show you, but the goalkeeper clearly won tonights game.
    Defense blocked a ton of shots, which helped and we all know you hate that based on your JVR posts. Clueless

  8. Translation is definitely not they might be dead, but it sucks they will be out. BTW, thank you for posting something on this site that doesn’t focus on players social lives for once. Good job.

  9. @ 3 Finger Lenny
    and how exactly is it the trainers fault. ur an idiot. go find your other fingers.

  10. @Rob House,
    Your knowledge of the game is overwhelming and your ability to comprehend is just beyond amazing.
    1) The defense did play a decent game. They did block shots. However can you please go look at the game recap and tell me how many got through to Bryz. 34…yes…34 shots. That is 6 more than avg that they normally give up. So I understand that you hate bryz but try to understand the game. Bryz deserves all the credit for that win and the first thing you want to say is that the D was helpful after giving up point blank shots and breakaways? Man you are dumb.
    2) I have nothing wrong with people blocking shots. Not sure where you got that from. Once you learn to read and comprehend you would see that my issue was with the WAY he blocked the shot. If you ever played hockey you would know the proper way to block a shot and the way JVR did it was wrong.
    House the backup goalie, try again. You are one of the dumbest people on this board. Thanks for trying though….

  11. Agree with Jess, they probably won’t miss Mez. I think Timonen could use a break anyway. Past two years he looks great during the first half of the year and then “old” like he is the second half.

  12. Chirp,
    I was a starting goalkeeper. It is amazing how many times I have to tell you and you still can’t get it through your thick skull.
    Speaking of reading comprehenshion, I clearly state he won the game. MORON. I was also giving credit to those who helped in the effort.
    Chirp, You might be the most hated person on this board. You and your alter ego J.T.

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