Video: Here’s Ilya Bryzgalov “Shhhhing” John Boruk

Ilya Bryzgalov has been hesitant to talk about himself following a recent meeting with teammates. So, when CSN’s John Boruk asked Bryz to talk about his strong play tonight, Bryz shhhhed him. The best part? Boruk obliged.

Video after the jump.



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  1. Bryz still scares me but nice to see that Russian pos play well against a quality team.
    Also very classless that pussy Eddie Snider was so cheap with his gifts to mark Howe

  2. the best part is how boruk actually thought he meant to lower his voice, not stop asking the question altogether haha

  3. I like Bryz, and now hes playing up to his potential, lets continue to give the guy a break…see what more he can do……!

  4. uh oh…he just won you two games in a row…
    37 shots against in the final 2 periods…not good.
    Clean hit, but players needed to jump to his defense, schenn did but was a little too late. Long shift for the guys know they were tired.
    Lots of missed calls tonight against the wings. Some very questionable ones against Flyers (Hartnells roughing?)

  5. He should have said..hear me now and believe me if this was pro wrestling, Bryz is totally about to turn heel and put Pinacchio through a flaming table..ECW ECW!!!

  6. Ssssssssshhhhhh… HA!
    I watched it live and lost it. This dude is a wack-job! Whatever ur doing keep it up tho… u look like ur just now starting to earn that 51 mil

  7. With Bryz playing this well, and as an added bonus telling Flyers beat reporters to shut up, they will love him in Philadelphia in no time. Keep it up, Bryz!

  8. good signs, very good signs. I think Grossmann is the best defenseman on the team right now and Kubina is a monster that weve been missing. Timonen and Meszaros come back were pretty deep back there. I just cant stand Gustaffson anymore. Bourdon was A LOT better than him. Their offense gets through him like a screen door. Another concern is Briere. I just dont think he fits on this team.

  9. Goes to show you the overpaid, loud mouth Timonen is not an important piece. Hopefully, he’s out for the year with some pussy injury. The Flyers finally play some defense.

  10. Captain Fag, I mean Jack, smart comment above. You have to be 8 yrs old. If Timonen is a pussy, what the fuck are you? I bet if you said that to his face he would fuck your ass up.
    One of the most underrated defensemen in the game.

  11. @captain jack… bryz starts makin some saves and that means timmonen is a pussy. he played in about 250 straight games.

  12. I wouldn’t say Timmo is a loud mouth, overpaid, or unimportant to this team…however I will say either:
    1) His age is catching up and he can no longer skate with the guys in this league
    2) He is really hurt which was affecting him all season.
    He is not having a good season at all, he covers nobody in front of the net and cannot keep up with anyone. Thinking this may be his last season if its not an injury that’s holding him back.

  13. Timmo has sucked for 2 years now, where have you guys been?
    The rest of the D blows too….

  14. are you people delerious? do you watch the games? Kimmo was incredible the first half of the year. Oldest d-man on the team and he LED the team in blocked shots, by a ton. i try to give my fellow Flyers fans credit as being knowledgable, but with statements that Kimmo sucks, i just cant do it.

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