Where’s Scott Hartnell?!


Photo: Sixers Twitter

Well, he was at the Sixers game on Friday night, taking part in one of Matt Cord’s patented awkward courtside interviews.  

But, more importantly, Hartnell appeared in the below public service message:

Led by Flyers scout Patrick Burke and his father, Toronto GM Brian Burke, the NHL, in partnership with YouCanPlay.org, will launch a campaign to end homophobia in sports. You Can Play was founded by Patrick, whose brother, Brendan, was gay. He died in a car accident in 2010. 

Brendan's motto, “If you can play, you can play,” is the refrain repeated by NHL stars in the minute long spot which will debut during the Rangers and Bruins game on NBC today.

Two Flyers, Hartnell and Claude Giroux, take part in the PSA. They are joined by former Flyer Joffrey Lupul, Rangers Brian Boyle and Henrik Lundqvist, and others.

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H/T to (@ghettorigged), via Broad Street HockeyNY Times


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  1. Tough talk from an asshole at a keyboard, “Chief”. Why don’t you take your two brain cells and homophobia/latent homosexuality and play with someone your own iq. I hear the zoo is looking for people to hang out with the lions.

  2. Matt I think he’s a self-loathing homosexual. Either that or a caveman. Here I thought only intelligent people read this blog. Guess someone gave him directions.

  3. if you’re going to insult the gay community, we’d prefer you spell the word “faggot” correctly.

  4. hey “Chief” I have one question for you. Why does homosexuality bother you so much? Are you worried about them hitting on you? Well you seem like too much a douchebag for that to happen so you can calm down. I just don’t get why people would ever have an issue with it, especially in this day and age. I guess the only explanation is just pure ignorance. I understand the bible forbids it, but you know what else the bible forbids? Shaving, eating shellfish,wearing shirts with blended threads and going up to the alter if you wear glasses. But yeah, everything in the bible is absolutely 100% fact and you must follow it. Or you can be like me and the majority of the world, and realize that the bible should be taken with a grain of salt. Personally? I am not gay, BUT I am a big fan of Linguini with Clams, so we all do SOMETHING against the bible.

  5. Obviously, it’s a good cause to promote awareness of anti-gay attitudes in sports, but I can’t see a pro hockey player publicly out himself in this environment.

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