Your Favorite Chunky Eagles Fan Has Thoughts on DeMeco Ryans

The pussy is happy.

Everybody’s favorite Eagles fan, YouTuber EatDatPussy445, expressed his thoughts on DeMeco Ryans as only someone named EatDatPussy could. Perhaps EDT can replace Gov on Postgame Live. He's be like Angry Bottalico. Only fatter and, um, never mind.

H/T to (@Jack_Fritz34) 


20 Responses

  1. “OH! PRAISE THE LORD!” …say’s the man who calls himself EatDatPussy.
    Only in Philly, folks.

  2. what an ignint slob
    nice vocab homey
    can he complete a sentence without the N-word?
    he never heard of Ryans – and he’s fired up now – wearing his Eagles’ jersey in March
    get a life brutha

  3. Don’t laugh people.
    I am sure this guy is likely on disability and welfare. So in a way, we are putting food in his belly, keeping his power on, AND paying his salary.
    Ain’t life great?

  4. Who is this clown?
    When he eats 300+ chicken wings in single sitting, then I will care. Until then, he can go fuck his mother.

  5. Kyle,
    I love ya bro (Malvern/Nova pride cuz) but you gotta seriously stop posting this fat fuck. He grosses me out just looking at him without playing the video.

  6. Less fat, ignorant, bastards and more Julie Dorenbos, Lauren Pronger, local hotties, etc.

  7. blonders: I’m sure half of Eagles fans didn’t know who Ryans was. Hell, I had to look up this guy on Google myself after the trade was made.
    Meanwhile, EatDat is da man! HA!

  8. Interesting part about him is that he lives in Bakersfield, California. My guess is that he has never set foot in Philadelphia in his life…
    Still, his rants of Eagles games (especially the Patriots one) this year were classic.

  9. This guy looks exactly like some fat kid Bryan that I work with. Absolute fat disgusting slob

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