And Now, A Collection of Flyers Pump Up Videos

If you don't want to fucking punch babies after watching these, something is wrong with you. The last one is the best, in my opinion.

Give them a second to load.

NHL official video:

Fan video from YouTube user flyersfella28:

Fan video from YouTube user danmcgu1:

Fan video from YouTube user WayneMU7:

Fan video from YouTube user MegaSlapshot99:

Fan video from YouTube user Nvasdfiasjl:

Fan video from YouTube user thecbfilm7:

Fan video from YouTube user Turzanski10:

And the final two from reader Brett:

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41 Responses

  1. This is more like it, losers who haven’t won a cup since 1975.

    The pens are going to smoke the flyers like a bad cigar!!!

  2. Guy who fucked the Penguin dbag…excellent work, excellent!
    although……I have to admit, using LOGIC ….Penguin fan who trolls Philly blogs…..most likely has too much free time and thus does not have a gf….or bf (whichever they prefer because its a free world!)

  3. Here’s to future decades of the Pens being completely irrelevent.

  4. that’s cute, pens fan. didn’t realize the pens sit in a circular pattern in their locker room so they can just have one big circle jerk. makes sense now.

  5. Tara is the type of female flyers fan who says “we’ll get em next year” after every playoff exit.

  6. Penquins fan who goes to temple is the kinda guy who’ll change his screen name after the first round.

  7. Damnit son I thought I stopped sending your tuition money to Temple.

  8. your girl likes a good cigar after i give her the pink sock.

  9. Pens fans are afraid because they know the Flyers might be the only team that can beat them in the eastern conference.
    Flyers in 7…can’t fucking wait…the last video is by far the best one…I wish Lavs could coach every team in this city.

  10. Hey Pens Temple Fan….I smoke 3 inch cigarillos that are bigger than your limp, saggy, mangled, hairy, rusted cindy crosby boner. How bout you take that cigar of yours and envelope the slimey hole of said pathetic excuse for a penis around the lit end of it. You probably enjoy things like that and sticking rusty machetes in your loose from too much anal sex asshole and pretending that Ben Roethlesburger is the machete. Eat shit and die. Hartnell is going to fuck your team up after hes done fucking your mom and your blow up doll in a threesome. Fuck yourself.

  11. I’ll stop posting after the series (win or lose). After that I’m done trolling this site unless that pos Chirp pisses me off.

  12. Cigars are fantastic tampons guys. tobacco leaves are super duper absorbent! This whole series couldtn have come at a worse time for sid though. me and uterus are gonna be giving him a lot of cramps and blood this week

  13. Penguins fan who goes to Temple is the type of guy that gets out of the shower just to take a piss

  14. Hey everyone let the pens fan that goes to Temple alone, it takes a lot of courage to talk shit on the Internet.

  15. the pens are gonna look like a used tampon when we’re done with them.
    Fuck each and every single person associated with that organization down to the god damn janitor. Let’s Go Flyers!!!!

  16. i secretly wanna suck schenn’s dick. and when he crossed checked me across the back like that, it felt soooooooo good

  17. I had a circle jerk with Penguins fan who goes to Temple and Sidney while watching pro wrestling ;P

  18. the giroux ‘because its the cup’ video makes me wanna bang him harder than i normally do on a daily basis. just sayin.

  19. did the penguins move to kansas city yet?!? no??? come on!!! they weren’t suppose to have any more fans who supported them and brought in nothing to the city!! gosh darnit….

  20. Well, you posted the one video twice but I’ll let it slide. I can watch the Knock Knock video all day. Hartnell with .9 seconds left makes me wet.

  21. I’m in MegaSlapshot’s preview. 0:21, behind the guy in black is me! And my dad is the fan with the skull mask at 0:22.

  22. Dear Lavs,
    If you do not summon the Broad Street Bullies Weds night, I fear I may no longer be able to call myself a Flyers fan. Please put a bounty on the head of those two Shittsburgh faggots who will undoubtedly suck off every official on the ice for a two minute power play. I will even donate every dime of my paycheck this week to whomever concusses one of them first. Without sending a blood-laden physical message, you are already one foot in the grave in this series. I’m not asking for a cup– I gave that up years ago; in time, it will come– all I’m asking is for you to give us a chance. Let’s show these Pittsburgh fucks what Philly is all about: “Get him a body bag, yeeeeaahhh”
    Get Flyered UP!!

  23. I love these bitch ass Penguins fans who think their team wins the cup every fucking year. Motherfuckers you haven’t won shit in 4 years so shut the fuck up!

  24. Pens fan at temple….love how you take an ass reaming and then try to throw my name in hoping people will leave you alone…dope.
    by the way you didnt win a cup…you were handed a cup because Bettman did not want the Penguins to move and they had to find a way to get the fans to come back and care about a team that you couldn’t pay people to go see. Pretty sure the Pirates were more popular then the Pens for a good period of time and when was the last time the Pirates did anything relevant? Lemiuex used a threat of moving and Bettman got on his knees and gave him whatever he wanted.
    Flyers have not won a cup since 75 yet every year we sell that building out…thats a real fanbase.
    Pittsburgh is a bunch of stupid fucking fair weather fans who probably cant even name more than 4 guys on their team without googling it.

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