Andre Iguodala Tells SI, If You Win a Championship in Philadelphia, “You Can Murder Somebody”

Hmm. Andre Iguodala continues to not quite grasp you, Philadelphia.

In a (very recommended) read in this week’s Sports Illustrated, AI Dos had this to say about Philadelphians:

"In Philly, it's not about who you are, it's about what you do for us," Iguodala says. "You could be the worst person in the world, but if you score a lot of points or win a championship, you can murder somebody." 


Doh. You talk about disconnected. Perhaps someone should tell Iguodala (here, move, I’ll do it) that it’s comments exactly like these that are the reason why Sixers fans are lukewarm (at best) in their feelings toward him. Sure, the Phillies – at least the players who were here in 2008 – get away with quite a bit, precisely because they brought the city a championship. But so does Claude Giroux. So does Scott Hartnell. So does Shady McCoy. So does did Raul Ibanez. So did Rod Brind’Amour. The list goes on. It’s not always about points or a championship– it’s about not being an aloof jagoff who continually wrecks fourth quarters. Maybe if you shut up and produced and won something (seriously, anything), instead of always acting and looking pouty, fans would treat you differently. 

Just a thought, Iggy.

This, however, was funny. Perhaps mean.

"It makes no sense to me why so many good scorers can't defend," Iguodala says. "Like Lou Williams. He's one of the toughest guys to guard in the league, but he can't guard anybody. I don't get that."


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  1. Ummm I actually kind of think he is right. The original AI never murdered anyone but was far from a standup guy or even a good leader/team player but was embraced because of the Sixers success and his tough attitude.
    How many Dykstra jerseys do you still see floating around?
    These guys didn’t win titles but even though Iggy was over the top with his point, it is completely true that if you win a title in this town that we could care less about what kind of a person you are. I don’t really see how that’s a false statement.

  2. Funny, I don’t remember Cole Hamels, Ryan Howard, Chase Utley, Jimmy Rollins, Shane Victorino, Chooch Ruiz or Jamie Moyer getting in trouble, winding up on police blotters or displaying thuggish behavior after the Phillies won it all in 2008, and we appreciated them considerably for being both champions AND being good guys. What an incredibly ridiculous statement Iggy made as he once again displayed how he’s a colossally smacked ass and why we as fans don’t like him.

  3. Something tells me he is looking forward to taking advantage of that part of the bargain if he gets the opportunity.

  4. I don’t get your argument. You can’t say Iggy is wrong to believe what he’s saying by naming great/really good players who score a ton of points or have won a championship in this city. What he’s saying is true, perform well in this city and this city will love you regardless- he may have taken it a bit far with the murder comment but he’s correct.

  5. No Andre, when you’re suppossed to be a great player and your mediocre at best and cant make a foul shot then we get on your case.
    Heat in 5
    See you in October

  6. I’d agree that there is a frontrunners’ mentality to most fans (after 2008, Phillies fans went from bitter/cynical to kittens). It’s rare to reach folk hero status in Philly without winning, but it can be done (Barkley, AI, Hextall, Dawkins)

  7. Iggy didn’t say a championship was the ONLY thing that could get you that treatment in this town, just that it happens (obviously other things gain it for you as well, but it wasn’t a mutually exclusive statement). And it absolutely does happen. Now, he was obviously exaggerating, because we wouldn’t support a murderer, but his sentiment is correct. You win us a championship, you’ll always be gold in our eyes. That’s 100% true, and won’t change.
    Also, Kyle, don’t EVER use the word “jagoff” again. That’s a Pittsburgh thing, and you don’t want to be associated with Pittsburgh or their shitty dialect at all, do you?

  8. Kyle, your opinion is usually pretty good.. That being said, your opinion in this article sucks as many wieners as that damn “Penguins fan from Temple.”

  9. Pretty new here. Love most of the site but your sixers coverage is pretty terrible. I just don’t get the Iguodala hate. He was clearly exaggerating. Philly has given him so much grief cause he’s not a go to scorer, but he’s just not that guy. A smart organization/coach would not have asked him to be. What he is, is one of the best defenders in the league, who also does just about everything else at an all-star level, works/plays hard, and is a great teammate. Let yourself enjoy it instead of looking for shit to criticize.

  10. @Jip – you’re right it is the organizations fault. Basically this guy is Aaron McKie yet he is paid like a superstar. And that is why he gets so much grief. When Iggy is in the huddle and Collins goes, “alright, lets get Iggy the last shot.” Iggy should step in and say, “no thanks coach, I’m probably gonna miss.”
    But what this boils down to now is this, Iggy is basically the Bobby Abreu of the Sixers. He is part of the losing regime that needs to be sent away to play good defense (his defense is overrated in my opinion) somewhere else. Send him away and this team gets better. It doesn’t even matter what we get for him as long as we aren’t the suckers paying 13 million a year for a averaging 13 points a game.

  11. what a clown. did he have a rainbow wig and big red shoes on when he did this interview?

  12. @James – Sorry dude, don’t agree at all. My point is only that he shouldn’t be a go to scorer, and to his and Collins’ credit this season (Finally!!) he hasn’t really tried or been asked to be (we’ve been going to Lou, which isn’t working either, but that’s a separate issue). To me 13 mil isn’t superstar salary, it’s number 2 or number 3 salary, and that’s what he is. I really think you should watch him on D more, he shuts guys down. When we beat the Lakers this season it was because he locked down Kobe in the 4th, entirely. Advanced stats back me up here too. I won’t get into them too much, but he holds his man to less than a 9 point efficiency rating, league average is 15 (Kobe Bryant, 1st team D, holds guys to a 12 – Tony Allen, who’s often cited as the best perimeter defender holds guys to a 10)
    Apologies for geeking out there. Admittedly I’m an Iguodala fan, I just don’t get why he gets so much grief from the city.

  13. Jip: This is just my opinion, but I suspect the reason Iguodala gets so much grief from fans was because the Sixers foolishly put him into the impossible position of being the face of the franchise after Allen Iverson left when it was clear to anyone with two eyes that he was better suited to the role of a complimentary player, in other words, a Robin to a superstar’s Batman instead of being the tallest midget in the circus that’s the Sixers. And when the team bottomed out, Iggy, as the reluctant frontman took the lion’s share of the blame. Fair? Nope, but that’s just the way it is.
    As for the salary issue, with $13 million which represents somewhere near or better than a quarter of the team’s cap number (admittedly, I don’t know all the numbers in that department), I’d say that’s superstar territory.

  14. ThePhillyFlash – Sixers salary is $67,612,213, so he’s a little less than 1/5 of the team’s total. Under the new CBA the max (superstar contract) a player with 7-9yrs can receive is $17,413,200. But when Iggy signed his deal the number was higher than that. Durant makes $16,324,500 (which will get higher, as he gets more years in the league). Carmelo makes $18,520,000. Kobe Bryant makes $25,244,000. Those are superstar deals.

  15. Jip: Thanks for the numbers. Perhaps I should’ve stated in my previous post that on the Sixers, Iggy’s $13 million is superstar territory. I won’t waste anyone’s time discussing whether or not he’s worth said money, I’m sure that dead horse has been flogged more than enough.

  16. Not sure what you mean exactly. I think if the sixers had a shot a signing a true superstar (like Howard, for example), they’d be willing to offer a max contract. I’ve got my doubts about the sixers front office but I think they could figure out to offer more than 13 mil for a superstar.

  17. It’s all about toughness, attitude, taking responsibility when you aren’t good whether you deserve the blame or not, and living up to expectations in Philly. Iguodala still doesn’t get that. He has this tired, too cool look on his face all the time and never shows any intensity. He hustles and defends but he doesn’t really show passion. Great examples above. Iguodala could probably never be fully embraced here because he lacks the talent to ever live up to his max contract but it would go a long way if he didn’t seem so laid back all the time.

  18. couldn’t care less about good guys, it’s about performance, nothing else matters. That’s why they call it professional sports, and since you collect a check in the seven digit range, you get seven digit criticism.

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