Audio: Chris Therien Goes Off On Sidney Crosby

Screen Shot 2012-04-15 at 6.29.03 PMCrosby watches as the real Hulk Hogan appears on video board

Let Chris Therien sum up your feelings about Sidney Crosby (and the Pittsburgh Penguins), following the first period scrum in which Crosby punked around all over the ice:

"You know what, Crosby is the one who started that thing. What is to say someone can't just punch his lights right out? Concussion or no concussion. Punch him in the face as hard as you can. He went after Timonen, so you drop a bomb right at his beak, and you let him know, "I don't care about your head, kid, if you're going to pull this stuff in our house." He's going to whine all night and cry all night for penalties, yet he goes after Kimmo Timonen."


I’m trying to set homerism aside… but it’s hard – for anyone – to not see what a bunch of whiny, dirty, disrespectful, cheap shots the Penguins are. It's almost mind-boggling.

Audio courtesy of WIP

UPDATE: Therien didn't let up. He continued in on Crosby in the third period:

“What is Crosby doing with Hartnell?! Crosby is an absolute joke right now.”

“This is Crosby’s fault! It’s a joke! The whole thing is Crosby’s fault.”

“Look at Crosby and Schenn. Come on Sidney, drop the gloves. Don’t hide behind the linesman. Why’s Crosby…. Crosby is giving it to Schenn behind the linesman. Get out in the open and drop your gloves. Go! Go ahead Schenner, take him.”

“He has caused more teammates and opposition to fight because of him today than I’ve ever seen one player in my NHL career, the history I’ve been involved in this league.”

“They should put one of those little nuks in his mouth. What do you call those things there? Those little baby soothers.”

Tim Saunders:

“In my day we called them nipples.”


That's poetry right there.

You're going to need to hop over the jump to listen to audio of that one.

Thanks to WIP's Adam Reigner (@adamreigner) and Kenny Brock (@KbrockJR) for the assist here


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  1. Would love to hear what Temple fan has to say..
    Love to hear him try to defend this classless piece of shit team.
    What a bunch of fucking pricks. Neal and Asham should be suspended. Headhunting assholes.

  2. What a hypocritical organization!!! They are the biggest whiner about head shots. Yet they had at least 3 CLEARLY targeted head shots, and Crosby was taking cheap shots all game. AND WHO THE HELL GOES AFTER KIMMO TIMONEN?!?!?

  3. What a game, 70s style hockey mother fuckersfg. Some1 needs to step up in game 4 & knock tha pussy whiny bitch Sid out for good. End his career in our house.
    – on another not u should have seen all th slamming pussy at xfinity live. Girls are putting out tonight. House was right abt that fucking joint.
    Chirp that pens temple pusdy don’t want none mother fulkkker

  4. Crosby went after Timonen because he is well aware that Timonen poses the least threat to him of anyone on the ice. I don’t like to associate myself with the whole “the league is on their collective knees to the Penguins” theorists, but enough is enough. Neal took a run at Couts, then purposely tried to hit Giroux in the head. Crosby was holding Hartnell, only for Adams to come in and start punching Hartnell in the back of the head. Asham has always been a goon, even when he played here. It’s nice (for once) to hear National broadcasters calling out their cheap shots, instead of just saying we are whining.

  5. Wait…wasn’t it the Penguins who were whining to the NHL about cracking down on headhunting and head-shots?
    I’m confused. What I just witnessed in the 3rd of that game was one of the most disgraceful, candyass displays from a “professional” hockey team I’ve ever seen in my life.

  6. I love how crybaby calls G a pu**y….he’s the biggest one in the league…it’s ridiculous and if Shanny drops the ball on any of the crap that went on in this game today, he should be fired! The Penguins are a disgrace to the NHL…period…

  7. Did nobody else see when Briere was driving, Crosby was riding his back and elbowed his head into the ice well after the puck was gone? I can’t believe that hasn’t been mentioned as an uncalled cheapshot anywhere.

  8. This is where you miss Pronger the most, I’m sure he’s got a few nasty illegal checks left in him

  9. If the NHL doesn’t crack down and suspend at least one penguin. Then God help any penguin fan on Wednesday night at the wells Fargo center. And everyone gives flyers fans a bad name..HA if you can’t take care of business the right way in the NHL offices, then WE take care of you off the ice in our office.

  10. I want to see this kid carried off the ice. What a fucking sum bag.
    Asham and Neal need to be suspended, if not then we need to go head hunting on Wednesday.

  11. I’ve been watching hockey since 1979 and I’ve never, EVER seen such an assemblance of dirty, cheap shot scumbags like this Penguins team. No heart, no spine. I can’t wait to see us smoke them again Wednesday.

  12. @ Lenny – I told you. Did you get it wet today?
    Crosby is a joke. Always cheap shotting people behind and look at when he went after both Hartnell and Timonen, they weren’t looking. Slashed the goalie after the whistle. That pu$$y better hope I don’t see him out in the city. He needs a razor too.
    you won’t be hearing from pens fan from temple anymore, I handled him. Banned from my site

  13. Crosby coming back from injury hurt the Pens. When Malkin was their Alpha-Dog they played hockey. When Crosby is dressed he whines and bitches and rubs off on the team. He loses his composure quicker than Dan Carcillo ever didn. He is very clearly a terrible leader and I bet that what Giroux was telling him when he poked him directly in the C.
    What a fucking chump.

  14. House why do you keep acting like this site is yours and xfinity live is yours? Do you really think that makes you cool?
    Also how come you refuse to answer me when I ask who your favorite team is? Cause the Rob House I know is a Rangers fan…
    You also picked the Penguins to win in 6…

  15. Chris, I picked penguins to win in 6 and that is clearly wrong. Which is great! Unlike you, I am a man who likes pu$$y and who admits that he is wrong when he is wrong. I was wrong, thankfully. Chirp, this is a flyers blog, not a rangers blog. If you would like to talk about them go on a rangers blog and talk to me there.
    I am a legend at X live and this site is mine as well as guys like 3 finger lenny and captain jack. I have ejected Iron Balls, J.T., Amy and Pens fan from temple. do you want to to be next? Why didn’t you show up today when you got called out

  16. Penguins suck ass…who the hell was Letang shushing when he came off the ice…real tough guy fighting Kimmo…What a bitch! As for Ashem, that penguins skirt he wears is fitting well. Neal will get his…hopefully that bitch boy Crosby will get it too. Coburn should have put his ass through the boards in game 1 when he had the chance.

  17. @House lol…starting to think you might be a Pens fan considering how classless you are. So how old are you? 12? Calling people out to fight on a blog? Wow what a grown up.
    Rob House…are you a Flyers fan? You continue to avoid the question and not answer it. Your statement does not say your a Flyers fan. So you are a Rangers fan trying to make nice with Flyers fans?
    This is not your site, you dont own xfinity. Your a wannabe. I love how you throw some other guys names up on the list that post a lot so that they will start liking you and take your side…
    You are a loser dude, you have no friends. If it helps you sleep at night knowing your a cool cat on an internet blog then by all means keep it up big guy.
    Ill leave you alone so you can try to act like your important…

  18. Hey their Sidney crosby I Watched your hockey game today I think you should win the next hockey game next Wednesday I hard someone got their hair pulled from some one. I dont want you to get in to a another fight again because you got hurt the last time when you came back on the team I hard you guese got 4 goals today but you musted been mas about that I hard that Ferry got out of the net why was that did he do something wrong.

  19. How am I classless? ugly f*ck
    I am a die hard flyers fan Sabol, obviously.
    Basically you just admitted to being a little b*tch

  20. Hmmm..I wonder what mark madden has to say about all the class and poise his penguins are showing.
    Dirtiest, most unclassy team in the league, lead by a dirty, whining, hypocritical cunt. Shanny should throw the fuckin book at this team..Asham and Neal should be done for the series and Adams, according to the rules, gets an automatic 1 game for instigating in the last five minutes. And finally…. FINALLY, Crosby has lost a lot of respect from around the league: Fans of other teams, NBC analysts, and writers all over are slamming him and his penguins for their shitty scumbag conduct.
    Hartsy said it best: “They were going after a couple of our guys’ heads. It’s scary when it comes down to that level. You ask the best player in the world, Sidney Crosby, what they’re thinking over there: ‘That’s playoff hockey?’ For me, that’s not playoff hockey, that is dangerous hockey. They were just trying to hurt people.”

  21. Glad I can entertain you Steve. He is a little b*tch who can’t just enjoy a huge win and a dismantling of the pens like the rest of us. Notice how he stopped loven Bryz who has played like Chirp did in college and how he hasn’t said a word about Briere who has done what he does every year. Dominate with the lights on the brightest. All year we had to listen to him bad mouth Briere. What now?

  22. I am Laughing at all of you saying about the headshots and how the Pens whine about it alot, and crosby is a baby. But who is crying now? Who is doing the whineing now? The Cryers are. That’s what you wanted a good hardcore hockey game, and it was one hell of a one. Course my pens didn’t Win ,But Letang was kicking some ass and taking names. And as far as crosby, he’s not taking the shit no more from the cryers. Maybe their will be suspencions i am sure. But stop being a hypocrite Cryers and Cryer fans. Here is a Tissue for your Issue LET’S GO PENS!!

  23. Great grammar “tiffaney”. Go back and take 2nd grade English so that you don’t come off as an illiterate moron.

  24. Tiffaney, whose names was Letang taking, the fans in the stands on his way to the locker room? You obviously don’t understand that whining is when you piss and moan about people doing the same things you do to the other team.
    And, House, any woman with a shred of self-respect wouldn’t let you within a mile of her. But keep telling yourself that you’re a cool guy. You might even convince someone besides yourself.

  25. I have a few things to say:
    1. I can’t decide if todays game was more entertaining than Rob House vs. Chirp
    2. The comments on this blog are better than the posts.
    3. Xfinity Live is an open market of hot totty. And I love it.
    4. Crosby smokes cock.

  26. Dude when i am speaking about the whine and cry, you all are now doing it about what the penguin players done today. Right or wrong. The cryers and cryer fans are bitching on calls that should have been made ( well as they feel) Oh btw i don’t need to convince anything to no one. I simply don’t care what you or others think of me 🙂 But let yourself feel the accomplishment that your opinon matters. And with Letang I wasn’t speaking about the crowd, i was speaking of him punching a Cryer player. On another note i seem to have seen cryer fans mention of wishing some Players from the penguins and even my friend Malkamania get cancer. WOW now that there shows some Respect huh? Do you still need the tissue? Anyone?

  27. She has a fine pittsburgh area education.

  28. (Pittsburgh) – “Hockey is a tough, physical game, and it always should be. But what happened Friday night on Long Island wasn’t hockey. It was a travesty. It was painful to watch the game I love turn into a sideshow like that.
    “The NHL had a chance to send a clear and strong message that those kinds of actions are unacceptable and embarrassing to the sport. It failed.
    “We, as a league, must do a better job of protecting the integrity of the game and the safety of our players. We must make it clear that those kinds of actions will not be tolerated and will be met with meaningful disciplinary action.
    “If the events relating to Friday night reflect the state of the league, I need to re-think whether I want to be a part of it.”
    – Mario Lemieux in the 2010-11 season

  29. Dear Pittsburgh Trolls,
    It is very hard to be insulted when all of you use sh***y grammar. Work on that first, then maybe we’ll flinch a little just to humor all of you.
    Stay class-oh wait, I guess Crosby and Asham totally destroyed that for you all,
    Flyers fans everywhere.

  30. I don’t think the bush-leagueness of Dan Bylsma should go un-noted. Him and his stupid glasses sit behind all of this and encourage it and then whine when the slightest thing happens against them, meanwhile he is getting his pants coached off by the guy on the opposite bench. This series has officially pushed the pens ahead of the cowboys as my most hated team.

  31. Troll?
    K here’s the thing,but please first excuse me trying to type and laughing so hard makes it difficult. I will and can insult you with my shitty grammer or not 🙂 Plain and simple. Please from now on , place your msg’s in the I DON’T GIVE A FUCK THAT I AM A CRYER FAN mailbox. I am sure Jagoff, Maxipad, and Fartnall will appreciate it 🙂 lmao gawd i am actually having fun!!

  32. We have a right to “complain” about this issue because for years now the rules haven’t applied to Criesby or the ugliest player in hockey. NHL needs to put on their big boy pants and do the right thing and stop trying to immortalize these guys. It’s not right and not fair to the other 29 teams in the NHL

  33. LOL at Therien and Saunders audio clips.
    Therien was more wound up than normal there. Sounded like he was about to jump out of the announcer’s booth and start laying a few on the jawbone of The Golden One.
    Love it. Sweep this trashy team out of the playoffs on Wed night and move on to the next challenge.

  34. >>>Troll?
    K here’s the thing,but please first excuse me trying to type and laughing so hard makes it difficult. I will and can insult you with my shitty grammer or not 🙂 Plain and simple. Please from now on , place your msg’s in the I DON’T GIVE A FUCK THAT I AM A CRYER FAN mailbox. I am sure Jagoff, Maxipad, and Fartnall will appreciate it 🙂 lmao gawd i am actually having fun!!
    Posted by: Tiffaney | April 16, 2012 at 12:31 AM
    OK, this has to be a Flyers fan trolling. Well played.


  36. Farewell FLYER FUCKS!! I had my fun,but now i am done, perhaps one day i shall return to Filthadelphia one day we will see. Oh and LisaR get your ass in the kitchen bitch, it’s your turn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Alright Bite Me!!

  37. Seriously fuck the Penguins and any fan who actually tries to justify what they did today and all of the cheap shit they have done in the last 5 or 6 years

  38. How can you be a legend at a place that just opened like 2 weeks ago?
    Just want the flyers to play a clean game and coke out of this first series healthy. I’d rather see G raise the cup then punch Sid in the face, wouldn’t you?

  39. There’s only two things Crosby needs:
    Big boot. Leg drop. Courtesy of Scott “Ginger Hulk” Hartnell.

  40. @Crosby’s Empty Tissue Box LOLOL. Flyers have Dave Mustaine and now Hulk Hogan. Can’t wait for Molly Ringwald to come out and say she’s Scott Hartnell’s sister.

  41. NHL Corporate offices NY 212-789-2000
    Why the double standard NHL?
    Why does Crosby get protected but other bright young talent and superstars do not?
    Why was Neal allowed to stay on the ice?
    The game was over and Neal ran Couturier with a purpose that can been seen when he left his feet to blind side a defenseless player with the puck no where near him.
    Then Neal head hunted Claude Giroux who has already had a concussion this year.
    Where is the protection?
    Why is there a double standard for the Penguins?
    Why did the league allow the Penguins to go back to back to back games with knee on knee hits at the end of the season?

  42. Gonna be so fun to see Crosby’s career ended on Wednesday night. Poster boy for punk. Nice job by the NHL hitching their wagons to this piece of trash. I hope we get the whole twitching and fetal position layout at center ice. Then the nice pan of the Shittsburgh bench in tears as he goes out like he should, on a stretcher. The game has been just fine all year as he nursed his yeast infection, it’ll be fine when he’s gone.

  43. @Rob House…looks like i struck a nerve there.
    Funny how you are talking mad shit about being at xfinity live yet you live in Virginia…but work in philly? Hell of a commute every day…3+ hours…
    I cant keep your stories straight man…maybe because you make everything up to try and be a cool guy?
    Also love that your favorite teams are listed as “NY Rangers, NY Yankees and San Francisco 49ers”
    House your a fraud. Thats what I enjoy doing, I love making you look like an ass. It really is not hard to do either.
    You havent talked all year about any flyers, ever notice how none of your posts are about any of the actual games, or any of the players. Your on here trying to make friends cause you have none…You have not made one good hockey point…ever…
    Its okay though. As of this post house, ill let you win, i feel bad for completely exposing you as a fake, so continue on.
    Sorry guys no more Chirp vs house fights…

  44. @Hawksfan
    Amen brother. Would love to interview Mario and ask him what he thinks about his team after that performance.
    That Pens Islanders game was pretty crazy too. I think Trevor Gilles just went after someone with a high crosscheck then started pounding on them…sort of like Asham but didnt stop at one haha.

  45. That’s a lot coming from a big bitch like Therien who probably would have stood there like Coburn another big bitch. If you are over 6’5″ and don’t drop the gloves ever then I have no use for you on my team. Not saying Therien is wrong, I totally agree with him but in my eyes him and Coburn are bigger pussies than Crosby.

  46. Frank, you’re an idiot, Coburn has fought and destroyed Steve Downie, Brian Boyle and Ryan Malone. Go check out Youtube if you don’t believe it.

  47. >>>1975 you stupid fucks. you are just going to choke later too.
    flyers fans are all pieces of shit.
    Posted by: your mom | April 16, 2012 at 10:29 AM
    Troll harder.
    That cup is getting further and further in the rear view mirror, isn’t it?
    Go home and get your f*cking shine box.

  48. I love the *New* Pens fans…you know the ones that showed up post crosby when the team was winning…
    The ones that think the Penguins actually won a stanley cup…something had to keep the Pens in Pitt right?
    It must really be killing Pens fans knowing not only are they getting embarrassed by giving up 20 goals in 3 games, but they are getting beat down in fights, being shut down by a bunch of young players and they are also being out classed.
    Tables have turned now…Penguins are the dirtiest team in the NHL.

  49. what was that Lt?? I cant hear you over our 3-0 slaughter of your team
    you blow leads almost as much as you blow crosby’s little dick

  50. “We, as a league, must do a better job of protecting the integrity of the game and the safety of our players,” Lemieux said. “We must make it clear that those kinds of actions will not be tolerated and will be met with meaningful disciplinary action.” – Mario Lemieux, Feb 2011
    Ball’s in your court, Mario.

  51. dennis,
    i know three fights in all of his years here. two of them happened by accident and the third was a solid one that I actually cheered him for. where was he yesterday when his teammates were getting run? Standing around telling people to stop is the most likely correct answer.

  52. I thought Berube was gonna jump the wall and pop this little dousche-bag/kid himself…..sure wish someone like a Frank Bialowas style was still around, cant skate well or pass or shoot but when the gloves come off…here comes the pain, they need an enforcer to step up and end his minor league kiddy games, this is the NHL play-offs….start a fight and hide….just plain cowardly….Mario’s got some real decision making to have towards this little punk…youd think he would have learned his lesson with his little scrambled brain concussions..
    just dont get involved at all..but to start it and run…hes lucky he didnt get jumped in the parking lot….I love living in Philadelphia

  53. Everyone talking about the Penguins and loving them… realize that you are down 3-0 in the series AND WE BEAT YOU AT HOME TWICE. So seriously shut the fuck up cause your team as well as their little bitch leader crosby is a huge pussy.

  54. @Chirp ur the man but one thing is and still holds true Pittsburgh is a disgrace to the nhl haha

  55. What about that cheap shot shenn gave to ashem’s hand when ashem popped him in the helmet? Pen’s are getting a bad rap here. Neal was also an innocent bystander. More cheap shots in game 4 baby! Let’s go Pen’s! PS flyers fans are pansies.

  56. chris therian was a goon and couldn’t hold crosby’s jock! real professional and unbiased journalism there.

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