Screen Shot 2012-04-15 at 6.29.03 PMCrosby watches as the real Hulk Hogan appears on video board

Let Chris Therien sum up your feelings about Sidney Crosby (and the Pittsburgh Penguins), following the first period scrum in which Crosby punked around all over the ice:

"You know what, Crosby is the one who started that thing. What is to say someone can't just punch his lights right out? Concussion or no concussion. Punch him in the face as hard as you can. He went after Timonen, so you drop a bomb right at his beak, and you let him know, "I don't care about your head, kid, if you're going to pull this stuff in our house." He's going to whine all night and cry all night for penalties, yet he goes after Kimmo Timonen."


I’m trying to set homerism aside… but it’s hard – for anyone – to not see what a bunch of whiny, dirty, disrespectful, cheap shots the Penguins are. It's almost mind-boggling.

Audio courtesy of WIP

UPDATE: Therien didn't let up. He continued in on Crosby in the third period:

“What is Crosby doing with Hartnell?! Crosby is an absolute joke right now.”

“This is Crosby’s fault! It’s a joke! The whole thing is Crosby’s fault.”

“Look at Crosby and Schenn. Come on Sidney, drop the gloves. Don’t hide behind the linesman. Why’s Crosby…. Crosby is giving it to Schenn behind the linesman. Get out in the open and drop your gloves. Go! Go ahead Schenner, take him.”

“He has caused more teammates and opposition to fight because of him today than I’ve ever seen one player in my NHL career, the history I’ve been involved in this league.”

“They should put one of those little nuks in his mouth. What do you call those things there? Those little baby soothers.”

Tim Saunders:

“In my day we called them nipples.”


That's poetry right there.

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