Bryzgalov’s Sick Glove Save on Kris Letang


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  1. “They’ve gotta look at that puck. That puck might be across the goal line…” Typical Pierre McGuire…

  2. The absolute best part of that was watching the crowd stand up and start cheering before the puck was even caught… and then having to sit back down.

  3. I got Pantie puddles too aye. That’s why I dove after that save aye. My convulsing Vaginal walls rendered my legs useless.

  4. hahaha, look at all those shitsburgh douches jumping out of their seats, like it was a slam dunk. pierre was making some lame ass excuse that he was a right-handed shot. it was right on his tape you fucking penis head! it would have been harder if he was left handed. thats when i turned to Comcast, NBC jackoffs sound disappointed when Flyers did something good. also loved pierre swinging from blysmas dick after the pp goal, like he was some kind of genius. it was great watching the sullen genius standing with dick in his hand while granato got the team together during timeout. nothing to offer.

  5. Can we get a slo mo clip of Letaint’s dive? It’s karma from that crap that has them down 2 games. That and the Flyers are amazing.

  6. I was like the doosh-burgh fans last night – thinking oh shit 3-0 – then HOLY EFFING SHIT – he got it – WOW – still don’t have a clue on the NHL diving rule – what the FUCK did Reed get a penalty for?

  7. One thing that is well documented that I know is goaltending and that was a sick save that clearly changed the momentum of the game.

  8. Jim in AC, also Kyle: yes, we did see Simmer making fun of Letang and it was seriously the highlight of the night. Besides, I mean, winning 2 away, two shorties, Giroux making even Malkenstein cream his panties with moves, and … winning. Kyle, please, please post the video. It should’ve made every highlight reel!!!!

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